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World of Warcraft Fans Targeted by Free In-Game Pets Phishing Scam

Researchers have uncovered yet another phishing scam which involves World of Warcraft. Being one of the most popular games in the world it should come to no one’s surprise that scammers have decided to exploit its fans. The phishing campaign in question attempts to trick players by promising them free in-game pets.

The phishing scheme was discovered by researchers at Malwarebytes Labs who reported two variations of it. Unfortunately, it’s highly possible that more alterations of the scam are circling around and luring fans of the game. The end goal? Stealing game credentials.

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One of the emails spread by the phishers reads the following:

You are receiving this e-mail because Your friend has purchased World of Warcraft In-Game Pet: Brightpaw for you as a gift!
Claim Your Gift
To claim your gift, enter your Gift Key on the Battle.net? Account Management. You’ll be sent to the download page afterwards, if needed.

The Battle.net Website No Longer Associated with Blizzard

The emails sent out by the phishers are using Battle.net as a lure. However, active and careful players are probably aware of the fact that Blizzard’s online gaming service is no longer using this domain, and is now using Blizzard as its platform name. Nonetheless, the scammers have carefully copied everything from Battle.net, making their emails look believable.

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The user tricked into clicking will be asked for their credentials (email and password). It’s needless to say that entering credentials this way is never safe. It’s an alert for phishing attempts that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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