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Android 7.0 Nougat Everything You Need To Know

android-nougat-sensorstechoforumThe next version of Google’s Android has been revealed and many are anxious for the answer of questions, like “What’s new?”, “What has improved?” and others. The new mobile operating system is expected to be dramatically optimized and in addition to that to be very well appealing to users. Many who tested it, already love it and we are yet to inform what features can it offer to you in this article.

In general, the operating system for mobile devices has been visually improved. And by improved we mean that the changes made to it were more incremental than radical. This may be very good news for users, since the many of the functions of the Android Nougat may be similar to the older version with which many are familiar.

The goal of Nougat is very clear when you first take a look at the operating system. It feels shiny and very user friendly. And this is not all. Researchers at AndroidAuthority.com who have tested the operating system also report that there is a significant improvement in terms of how stable it is as well as it’s lightness. It was also reported to have fewer bugs as well.

The Home Screen and Menus

The default home screen of Android 7.0 has the same app drawing feature, just like Marshmallow, but also has new features in it. Many of those features include the redesigned Settings menu and the refreshed area that is responsible for the notifications.

Multitasking was also on the focus of the developers, who have made the Android with a split screen, allowing users to perform activities, like duplicating manually a text from a website or another document. This extremely nice, because that split-screen is also very convenient in landscape mode as well. The only drawback from this is that it is not modifiable in this Landscape mode, meaning that you cannot make one half of the screen wider than the other. Given how bit smartphones have become, users should, have a problem with that either way.

Another feature of the interface is also the quick switching between different applications. It allows for users to shuffle very fast between apps which were closed in the past. You can also choose on which screen of the device to add an application, based on your requirements. There is also a very nice shortcut – by simply double tapping what is known as the app overview key, you can switch between the recently used applications.

The downside of this split screen mode is that when tested, it lacked several features that could have been there, like copying a certain text and dragging it to paste it on the other screen. There were also some minor bugs while working with both screens as well. But overall and all the benefits of it greatly exceed the small things which we dislike and will probably be fixed soon enough.

Another improvement is the lockscreen notifitcations. They appear a lot clearer and with significantly more details, if you set them to provide such. They also feature something that is really convenient – a feature that enables you to quickly reply once someone writes a message to you.

Android did not become less customizable as well. Users are able to design a custom settings menu that allows them to have quick access to often used settings, such as turning on hotspot, etc.


There are also quite the improvements in terms of speed as well. It is very good to see Android’s development team focusing on improving speed in key moments, such as booting an app, for example. IOS devices are much faster when it comes to booting apps, but with this version of Android, things may soon change with some devices.

Not only this, but the reboot speed of this software has also dramatically improved as well. While previously users had to wait a lot for the system to even get to the loading screen, now these activities are extremely fast. This is because Android developers have created a system which pre-loads some applications, making the boot process significantly faster.


There are many features of this operating system and it is promising to be a very good one. However, only time will tell about it’s security, how buggy it is and how well it interface feels to users.

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