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Cclaw.exe Process Identification and Removal

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computer_fixedCclaw.exe or just Cclaw is defined as a legitimate process that originates from the Norman Virus Control and Norman Virus Control Plus published by Norman ASA. Norman ASA is a legitimate software company located in Lysaker, Oslo, Norway. The cclaw.exe process acts like a hooking component of Norman Virus Control’s On-Access Scanner. The executable file is not classified as essential for the Windows operating system. It may cause several problems.

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Cclaw.exe Location and Description

Cclaw.exe is found in a subfolder of C:\ Program Files. Registered sizes on Windows 7, 8 and XP are estimated at about:

  • 126,976 bytes.
  • 142,392 bytes.
  • 120,136 bytes.
  • 76,776 bytes.
  • 130,104 bytes.

The executable file can be uninstalled with the help of Control Panel. However, some researchers warn that the process should not be terminated, as security-related issues may start happening.

Cclaw.exe Process Removal

Note that non-system processes similar to cclaw.exe come from software the user installed on his PC. Since most programs store data in the system’s registry, it is possible that the registry endures fragmentation and compiles invalid entries. Such entries may affect the computer’s overall performance.

Users are advised to check their systems’ registries so that such issues are identified timely. On the other hand, if cclaw.exe stems from a malware program, the user should scan his entire system so that suspicious software is detected and removed timely.

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