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Club Calendar iPhone Notification iPhone Virus Removal

Club Calendar iPhone Notification which is otherwise known as “Notice iPhone Club virus” is an intrusive redirect for iPhone devices. Once it appears on the screen of your iPhone or Mac device, it attempts to convince you that there is an important notification.

There are multiple forms of this threat which can change their name and domain, but reflect the same malware: notification cleaner club for example which is a derivative redirect. Malware of this category can change important settings, install viruses and have a negative impact on the performance of the devices.

Our research indicates that currently this scam is using the notice-iphone.club site to distribute its suspicious notifications.

Threat Summary

Name Club Calendar iPhone Notification
Type Browser Redirect, PUP
Short Description An invasive scam message that is probably pushed by an active potentially unwanted program or browser hijacker.
Symptoms An annoying pop-up shows up claiming you have won a prize.
Distribution Method Freeware Packages, Software Bundles
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by malware

Combo Cleaner

Malware Removal Tool

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Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus (Notice iPhone Club) – What is It All About?

The Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus is an annoying redirect for iOS used in iPhone and iPad devices. In the last few month of 2020 a lot of infections have been made in France and other parts of Europe. The notice iphone club can be found using a lot of alternative names, many of them may be created by different hacking groups. There are several main distribution techniques which can be used to spread the suspicious website:

  • Phishing Emails and Sites — The criminals can take advantage of various social engineering strategies and attempt to manipulate the victims into believing that they are viewing legitimate notifications and messages.
  • Hijacker Plugins — Malicious extensions for the mobile browsers can lead to this infection. These are dangerous plugins which are often uploaded to the official repositories or other third-party sites using fake developer credentials or user reviews. When they are installed the browser and system changes will be modified so that the virus will be deployed.
  • Script-Infected Files — The Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus can be embedded across different type of files — popular examples are macro-infected documents or app installers. These files can be spread using file-sharing networks, applications, social networks and etc.

Once deployed onto a given device the Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus will perform different malicious actions. One of the popular consequences is the insertion of multiple malware entries in the Calendar app of the infected iPhone device. The other option is to install its own application which can spam the victims with notifications and intrusive pop-ups. The end goal is to manipulate the victims into open the links in the messages.

In most cases the displayed ads will be ad-revenue supported — for every viewer or click the hackers will receive a small fee. Many of these infections could also include cryptocurrency miners — a small script-based engine which will download a sequence of resource-intensive tasks. They will be downloaded automatically and will have a negative impact on the performance — the most important components that are affected will include the CPU, memory, hard disk space and network speed. In the end the hackers will receive a cryptocurrency reward directly to their wallets.

The Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus infections can be used to deploy other threats to the devices. They can range from dangerous Trojans which can overtake control of infected devices, down to ransomware which will encrypt user data.

To remove Club Calendar Notification Virus from Mac -> Check out a guide on how to remove a PUP from Mac

Remove Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus from Mac

In order to remove the Club Calendar iPhone Notification Virus “virus” along with all associated files, you should complete several removal steps. The guide below presents all removal steps for Mac in their precise order. You could choose between manual and automatic removal approach. In order to fully get rid of this particular undesired program and strengthen the security of your Mac we recommend you to combine the steps. Have in mind that files associated with this PUP may be detected as general threats like adware, browser hijacker, rogue program, deceptive app, etc.

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