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Cryptocurrency Support Scam Bot Targets MetaMask, TrustWallet

Cryptocurrency Support Scam Bot Targets MetaMask, TrustWallet
A cryptocurrency support scam bot that was discovered in May has now evolved. As a result, more cryptocurrency users are targeted.

How Does the Cryptocurrency Support Scam Bot Operate?

How does the scam operate? Scammers closely monitor all tweets that contain requests for support on MetaMask, TrustWallet, Phantom, and Yoroi. Other words that are monitored include “support,” “help,” and “assistance”. Once such are located, the scammers quickly respond to them with scam links, offering fake assistance and urging the potential victim to click a link.

If the user clicks, the scammer uses social engineering tricks to obtain the recovery phrase for the victim’s crypto account. Once the phrase is obtained, the scammer has access and can steal the victim’s cryptocurrency assets.

Crypto Owners at Constant Risk of Attacks and Scams

Cryptocurrency users have been targeted with phishing scams, too. A recent example includes a scam related to the Doge coin. Called “Doge giveaway,” the scam is promoted on bogus pages, promising to double the volume of Doge cryptocurrency of users. Users are urged to send the cryptocurrency with the promise that the amount will be doubled and sent back to them. The scam has been available on the following address: https://musk-in.com/doge/. However, there may be more pages promoting it.

Since cryptocurrency has become a favorite target for both scammers and scammers, crypto users should be extra vigilant. Another malicious threat trying to steal crypto assets is Panda Stealer.

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