Disney World Facebook Scam — WHAT IS IT + How to Remove

Disney World Facebook Scam — WHAT IS IT + How to Remove

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This article has been created in order to explain to you what is the Disney World Facebook Scam and how you can remove them as well as all potentially unwanted programs delivered through them.

The Disney World Facebook Scam is a newly reported issue by users of the Facebook social network. The hackers behind the ongoing campaign are orchestrating it because the Disney World resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A targeted approach is being used in order to attract as many victims as possible.

Threat Summary

NameDisney World Facebook Scam
TypePhishing email scam
Short DescriptionThe Disney World Facebook Scam is a recent example of the scam tactic that extorts the targets into interacting with a scam site.
SymptomsVictims will be shown fake ads for the Disney World resort that contain the phishing instructions.
Distribution MethodFacebook users, profiles, pages and apps.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Disney World Facebook Scam


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Disney World Facebook Scam – Distribution Ways

The Disney World Facebook Scam at the moment is primarily distributed on the Facebook social network. Malware operations of this type are primarily spread using one of these mechanisms:

  • Fake or Hacked Profiles — Most of the scams that are operated on Facebook are orchestrated via fake or hacked user profiles. Depending on the ongoing campaign the profiles can post or send malicious messages to the intended victims for a certain time.
  • Scam Pages — Hundreds of fake pages can be created in an automated manner that will look like the legitimate Disney World profile. The scam information can be posted on them. To make them appear as more legitimate the criminals can make the fake user profiles to post positive reviews and comments on the page.
  • Browser Hijackers — These are dangerous plugins which are made compatible with all popular web browsers. They can usually be found uploaded to their official repositories with fake user reviews and developer credentials. The posted descriptions will promise the addition of new features or performance optimizations which will lure the victims into installing them.
  • Malware Apps and Games — The criminals can create various games and apps that may sound similar to well-known or popular ones. They can be placed in ads and other mechanisms such as posts in profiles or groups.

As the coordinated attack of the Disney World Facebook Scam grows further links to it or other derivatives can be used.

Disney World Facebook Scam – In-Depth Overview

One of the main goals of the Disney World Facebook Scam is to redirect the victims to a scam landing page or site. They are usually made to harvest user credentials by requesting personal information that can be used in later attacks to blackmail them.

What’s particularly dangerous to this is that in many cases scams like this one are used to deploy viruses and malware scripts to the systems. As a result these actions can be started:

  • Data Retrieval — The Disney World Facebook Scam and the associated malware code and programs can be used to hijack sensitive information which can be used both to identify the victims and create an unique ID that can be assigned to each infected host.
  • Windows Registry Modifications — The engine can create new strings for the infection or modify existing ones. This can lead to serious performance issues, data loss and unexpected errors.
  • Boot Options — In certain situations the hackers may also make the scripts to automatically start as soon as the computer is powered on. This can also be used to make it more difficult to remove the active infections by blocking access to the boot recovery options.

We advice that all users remove the malware associated with the Disney World Facebook Scam to protect their computers from further damage.

Remove Disney World Facebook Scam from Windows and Your Browser

If you want to remove the Disney World Facebook Scam from your computer, we strongly suggest that you follow the removal instructions posted underneath this article. They have been created with the main idea In mind to help you delete this virus either manually or automatically. Be advised that according to experts the best way to try and remove the software that is causing the Disney World Facebook Scamming pop-ups is to use an advanced anti-malware software. Such program is created with the idea in mind to fully scan your computer and try to eliminate any traces of unwanted programs while protecting your computer against future infections as well.


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