“Firefox requires a manual update” Scam Message – How to Remove

“Firefox requires a manual update” Scam Message – How to Remove

This article has been created in order to help you by explaining how to remove the “Firefox requires a manual update” scamming message from your computer and secure it.

A new web page, claiming to be update for the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (57.0) has been reported to harass users, asking them to type their username and password to authenticate. So far malware researchers believe that this suspicious web page is introduced to victims’ computers as a result of having a potentially unwanted program on their computers which has interacted with their web browser. If you see the “Firefox requires a manual update” message on your computer, it is strongly advisable to focus on reading the following article to learn how to be able to remove the “Firefox requires a manual update” message and the unwanted software that may be associated with it.

Threat Summary

Name“Firefox requires a manual update” Scam Message
TypeBrowser Redirect
Short DescriptionUnwanted browser redirect, adding a suspicious browser extension to Firefox.
SymptomsDisplays a fake Firefox Update message, asking for username and password. Prompts to install a suspicious browser extension after displaying the message and the victim clicks “Cancel”.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers, fake setups or via other PUP that has already been installed on your PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by “Firefox requires a manual update” Scam Message


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“Firefox requires a manual update” – How Does It Spread

Since this is a suspicious web page, there may be more than one ways to come in contact with it. One method is if you visit the web page by coming into contact with a browser redirection web page, which is set to insert JavaScript that causes your web browser to open a new tab. Such web pages are usually low reputation sites from the likes of porn sites or other suspicious sites that offer fake software updates, cracks, patches, etc.

In addition to this, another method by which this web page may have been introduced to your computer is if you have adware directly installed on it. Such PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) may be spread via a multitude of ways, including software bundling. Software bundling is a method by which the adware application comes standard with a free program you may be trying to download, like driver for your PC, a torrent downloader program or the setup of any other free software. Such programs usually come embedded with adware programs that pretend to be “free extras” in the “Custom” or “Advanced” installation steps of this software.

“Firefox requires a manual update” – More Information

As soon as the unwanted software is on your computer, you may experience the initial pop-up of the program:

The pop-up aims to get you to either enter your information or click on CANCEL. As soon as this is done, the web page may ask you to add suspicious browser add-on to Firefox:

In addition to this, the “Firefox requires a manual update” pop-up may also come from more than one domains, as the ones detected by us so far are the following:

  • Webcaretool.xyz
  • Coveruploadext.xyz
  • Guardwebext.xyz

When all of the domains, associated with “Firefox requires a manual update” have been analyzed, multiple different types of cookies were detected plus other tracking technologies, like:

  • Pixels.
  • Tags.
  • LSOs (Locally Shared Objects).

Such different forms of trackers may be used for different information, including obtianing what is in the fields Username and Password which the pop-up presents to you when visiting this software.

In addition to this, the “Firefox requires a manual update” message may also be associated with an unwanted software, which may additionally be displaying advertisements according to information which has been obtained by it, such as:

  • Your web browsing history.
  • You online clicking history.
  • Search history.

Such advertisements may be under different forms, like browser redirects, pop-ups as well as taken over banner spaces on the websites you visit.

In addition to this, the “Firefox requires a manual update” has also been reported by researchers to introduce to your computer multiple different browser extensions on the Firefox web browser. These extensions may additionally worsen the browsing activity by also displaying the previously mentioned types of advertisemens and further collecting information.

How to Remove the “Firefox requires a manual update” Redirect

In order to make sure that the “Firefox requires a manual update” redirect and the software related to it is fully gone, reccomendations are to follow the removal instructions down below. They are specifically created in order to help you by explaining how to delete this software manually or automatically. But it is also important to know that the “Firefox requires a manual update” may be associated with more than one suspicious program currently residing on your PC, which is the main reason why experts advise using an advanced anti-malware software to scan for each of the potentially dangerous and intrusive programs and clean your computer automatically to prevent “Firefox requires a manual update” pop-up to return in the future as well.

Ventsislav Krastev

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    Mi era comparsa questa pagina, ho cliccato su annulla, ma il riquadro continuava a comparire, impedendo la chiusura della pagina. Ho continuato a cliccare lo stesso, anche su ripristina e poi mi è venuta l’idea di chiudere la pagina con gestioni attività. Ha funzionato. L’unica cosa è che non mi è comparsa nessuna richiesta di aggiungere nessuna estensione. Il mio computer peggiorerà lo stesso?

  2. santmo

    ninguna de las soluciones funciona. Ademas no se puede desinstalar el programa porque no apreceen la lista de progrmas instalados. La unica forma de eliminar la pantalla es reiniciar.


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