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Get Rid of Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam In Google Analytics


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New web links have been detected to have several associations with massive referral spam campaigns. They are believed to be related to a domain known as Veerotech(.)com or Veerotech(.)net and may advertise a variety of suspicious third-party websites. The domain itself is observed to provide a website building and hosting service and may be legitimate, however, many spammers take advantage of legitimate services to spread their suspicious hosts.

NameVeerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam
TypeReferral spam web links.
Short DescriptionOnly some links associated with the domain may be dangerous to the users and the spam may quickly corrupt Google Analytics statistics.
SymptomsCorruption of traffic data in GA, infected users of the site. Sudden traffic spikes.
Distribution MethodVia Ghost Referrals or Spiders (Web Crawlers).
Detection ToolDownload Malware Removal Tool, to See If Your System Has Been Affected by Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam
User Experience Join our forum to discuss Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam.


Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam – Distribution

When it comes to automated referral spam, two main methods exist:

Web Crawlers

Crawlers are also known as spiders because the crawl the web looking for a suitable location to spam. Usually, they are pre-programmed to look for hosts based on different criteria. Examples may be the lack of spam defenses such as captcha, Alexa ranking below a value and others. As soon as websites are designated, the spam bot begins to spam with automated messages leading to the questionable site, in this case, Veerotech(.)net. They may spam as soon as they have discovered a website or to all the sites that are being discovered and designated simultaneously. Usually, this spam method is less aggressive since the spammers tend to back off after they have been warned, reported or their accounts are banned from the site.

Ghost Referrals

The name “ghost” is there for a reason – this type of spam is way more effective than the spiders because it tends to remain invisible on a site it spams. This is because it uses mechanisms to connect remotely via special scripts or software and spam without even being visited the website. The spam is so sophisticated that it may take advantage of the free HTTP (protocol) if it is not properly secured and can affect specific website statistics.

Both of these spam methods are extremely dangerous for websites that do not have the minimum spam protection, which is underdeveloped and have low traffic. Negative side effects for the site may vary from simply corrupting its Google Analytics data to even infecting the website users with spammed web links that may redirect to third-party websites with malicious character. The risks for users, connected with links that may have the word “Veerotech” in them may be various:

  • Users may be redirected to phishing retailer sites that are copycats of big online stores such as AliBaba, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay and others that aim directly for their financial info or passwords.
  • They may be transferred to scamming sites that show fake BSOD alerts and scare inexperienced users into calling a fake “customer support” number.
  • Redirects may occur to sits that inject malicious scripts or malware onto the user PC, such as HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen.

Stop Referral Spam Associated With Veerotech(.)net(.com)

The bottom line is that both users and website publishers should be aware of the actual risks that referral spam causes and learn not only how to block it once. Instead, it is important to keep constant track of the emerging spam hosts and block them via several different methods for maximum effectiveness. This is why we have suggested several methods to get rid of referral spam by Veerotech(.)net plus we have provided databases for other sites that have been reported as hosts related to referral spam.

1: Filtering Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam in Google Analytics
1: Block Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam from Your Server.
3: Stop Veerotech(.)net(.com) Referral Spam via WordPress.

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