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How to Remove Cool Browser

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What is Cool Browser?

The program Cool Browser is yet another piece of adware. If you are not familiar with the term, this means that it will start generating advertisements while you are surfing the web. This program is nothing short of annoying. What is more, it is a potential threat for your system’s security as it will make it vulnerable to infection. This browser promises to that it is fast and will protect your privacy, but you should not trust it. Its only purpose is to present you with advertisements, so it will do you more harm than good.

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Where Did Cool Browser Come from?

While Cool Browser does have its own official web page, downloading it from there is impossible. Still, it has methods of entering PCs. The worst part is that this has probably happened without your knowledge. Adware programs are notorious for sneaking onto PCs. They use bundling to accomplish this. Said plainly, Cool Browser is attached to installers of free applications. If you are not careful while installing such software, it is extremely likely that you will get potentially unwanted applications on your computer, as well.

What Does Cool Browser Do?

Usually adware programs are browser extensions that are attached to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Cool Browser, however, is a standalone program. If you try to use it, it will display sponsored links in your search results. It will also display pop-up and banner advertisements regardless of the websites you are surfing. The browser will also collect data on your browsing and use it to display relevant ads. It is very likely that that data will be disclosed to third parties. They will use it to find out what users are interested in and feed those ads to the browser

What Is Dangerous about Cool Browser?

The problem is that there is no way to guarantee that the adverts shown by the browser are reliable. Some of them may very well belong to cyber criminals and lead to malicious websites. If you click on an ad that is offering you some huge discount for a smartphone, for example, you can be transferred to a web page belonging to scammers. Then the system will immediately be targeted. And you do not want it to get infected as any personal and financial data you store on it will be in danger of being stolen.

Removing Cool Browser

Cool Browser itself is not malicious. So a simple uninstall should take care of it and remove it permanently. Keep in mind though that there may be other potentially unwanted software on your computer. What is more, it is not out of the question that malware has managed to infiltrate it because of Cool Browser. This is why it is strongly advised by security specialists that you have reliable antimalware software on your computer that will prevent any potentially unwanted programs or malware from entering it. Although such software is paid, it is well worth the investment to keep your system and data safe.

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1. Remove/Uninstall Cool Browser
2. Restore the settings in your browser
3. Remove Cool Browser automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

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