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How to use Microsoft Office on Tablets and Smartphones?

Many critics question Microsoft’s lack of a decent platform for its MS Office suite on iPad tablets and different smartphones. Actually, Microsoft has numerous options of MS Office suitable for cell phones. They are just not completely featured versions of Office. There are some noticeable versions of Microsoft Office for different adaptations of Windows, and also Office Mobile, Office Online and Office 365. Every one of them has many functionalities and separate installment structures.

Full Microsoft Office – Windows 8 and Windows

It is quite easy to utilize Office on Windows 8 Tablets. The complete desktop version of Microsoft Office can be easily purchased and used on a Windows 8 tablet or Windows 8 smart phone. In order to exploit Office on your tablet you just need to utilize the desktop of your tablet. Although it is probably not the ideal interface for a touch screen, it is still the complete Microsoft Office version that can be used on a desktop computer. As the majority of Windows 8 tablets do not actually incorporate Microsoft Office, you will have to pay for it separately. Some of the tablets that for some unknown reason do incorporate Office are:

  • 8-inch tablets
  • 10-inch tablets, like ASUS T101
  • Windows RT tablets – they incorporate a version of Office that is free, but a bit restricted.

MS OFFICE 365 – Android and iPhone

Microsoft offers “Office Mobile to Office 365 supporters” applications for Android and iPhone that are introduced to the user from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Office 365 is the membership administration for Microsoft Office. For $100 per year, the user can download the newest desktop versions of Office for Windows and Mac computers. The user also gets OneDrive storage room and the option to utilize the Office 365 apps for Android and iPhone. These apps allow the user to create and change archives in his One Drive stockpiling.

These applications cannot simply be purchased and used forever. Their utilization requires a membership.

MS OFFICE OFFLINE – Android and iPhone

The Office Mobile for Office 365 applications was specifically meant for cell phones. The applications are quite basic and do not look like the ones for Microsoft office for desktop PCs. The full versions of Office cannot be locally utilized on Android tablets and iPads. What users can do is try to utilize the Office Mobile for Office 365 endorsers’ applications on Android tablets and iPad. But this off course cannot substitute Office on Windows or Mac OS X.

Earlier, Microsoft has recommended using Office Online as a part of a web program on the user’s tablet in order to utilize a more desktop-like interface. Office Online is a program based adaptation of Microsoft Office, which can be accessed inside OneDrive. Although it is not as prominent as the full desktop version of Office, it still has a comparative interface.

Office Online is free of charge and can be utilized even on a Windows PC.

OFFICE MOBILE – Windows Phone

Windows Phone supports a free version of Office, which is also known as Office Mobile. Unlike the version of Office Mobile for Android phones and iPhone, the one for Windows Phone is absolutely allowed ti utilize. You also do not need an Office 365 membership.

Clearly, Office Mobile is a streamlined version of Office meant for smartphones. It is created so the user can view his Office archives and complete basic tasks on the move, without having to install the complete version.

And how do you prefer to use Microsoft Office?

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