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Which Are The Most Secure Smartphones

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Which Are the Most Secure Smartphones You Can Buy?

This post was originally created in January 2019, but we gave it an update May 2021.

With the cloud coming into our daily lives, and with mobile devices being relied on for shopping, e-banking and payments, it is essential to have a device that you can trust.

In this review, we have selected the most secure smartphones for 2021. Since there are different smartphones for a wide variety of purposes (cryptocurrencies, communication, safe apps, payments, etc.), you should first ask yourself several questions to help you establish the level of security according to your needs:

  • What types of security-sensitive activities are you going to be using your smartphone for?
  • Are you going to be using the smartphone only for private communications over the web?
  • Are you going to use a SIM card that belongs to a carrier tracking online data and other information?
  • Are the apps you use going to require you to share revealing permissions?
  • Do you need biometric security?
  • Is your smartphone going to be used with a higher focus on privacy or on anti-malware security?

What Types of Mobile Threats Are Out There?

In the volatile and dynamic days of the 21st century, we are constantly fighting against millions of cyber threats on a daily basis. With dark net markets that connect crooks, now it is way easier to hack a smartphone. This dynamic environment has formed several types of threats that attack smartphones, and has also increased the need of the most secure smartphones:

  • Privacy-invasive apps, that collect sensitive data from your smartphone.
  • Trojans, that directly steal files and passwords.
    Mobile Ransomware viruses.
  • Invasive Adware apps, that also obtain information on what you tap on and can take control of your camera and other hardware.
  • Big conglomerates and companies and government agencies that have invasive privacy policies and use them to track absolutely everything you do all the time “for research purposes”.

How to Choose the Right Smartphone for You?

There are different smartphones that provide various levels of secure solutions at variable prices. So, you need to pay attention to several categoris before you actually buy a phone:

  • Your budget.
  • Your security requirements.
  • How comfortable you feel using a certain mobile OS.
  • Which apps you need to use.
  • What specs will suite you.

Based on those, you can choose among the most secure smartphones which are reviewed in detail in the article below.


Created by DarkMatter, the company that advertised one of the most secure smartphones in its early prototype stages back in 2017, the KATIM phone has been in development and testing for over 2 years time and has the best security technologies you can have on a phone to date. According to DarkMatter, it has become quite clear that threats are most likely rapidly expanding and a secure smartphone that is made by none other than cybersecurity professionals can help repel prying eyes. This is why DarkMatter has made a phone that will allow you to have self-destructing messages and even self-destruction of the device itself if tampered with. When we reviewed this phone, we were stunned by the sheer amount of security technologies it is packed with to secure your communications as well as internet usage, guaranteeing it the first spot as a newcomer in our 2019 security comparison.

KATIM’s Specs

KATIM’s most secure smartphone has a Precision machined 7000 series aluminum housing and features a Carbide Gray colour. The device is 74.6 mm wide and 151.2 mm long with a 8.5mm thickness and is ran by KATIM™ OS, a hardened version of Android. The display of the phone is 5.2 inch IPS LCD with a capacitative touch screen and 16m colors. The device has Corning® Gorilla® glass 5 with diamond-like carbon, also known as DLC. KATIM’s shooter is a 12 MP main camera with 6-lens structure and a Dual-Led dual-color flash. For it’s front shooter, you will get a 5 MP front camera, which is quite decent for one of the most secure smartphones. The connectivity protocols are all standards of 802.11 Wi-Fi plus the MU-MIMO protocol. The memory of the KATIM phone is 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 64GB UFS 2.0 storage. It has external memory card support for it’s crypto card, which is ran on microSD technology. The phone has an ok battery for it’s price, meaning that with average usage, the 3800mAh li-ion accumulator can last you up to two and even three days, and when it runs out, you have the power of the Qualcomm® Quick Charge™. If you have Buttons and Connectors fetish, the KATIM phone can help satisfy it, having a combined lock and power button, capacitative Home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor, a shield mode switch, that automatically shields the device from prying eyes, capacitative buttons for Back and Recent apps, and a 3.5 mm audio connector. What surprised us is that this phone is quite rugged as well, with an IP67 certification, making it waterproof and dust-proof, but do not go ahead and throw the phone in walls and do not try running it over with your car.

KATIM’s Privacy

To guarantee the privacy of it’s users, DarkMatter has tested a new type of technology, calling it SHIELD MODE™. It’s main goal is to secure top-secret meetings and it works together with the device’s LOCKED MODE, which disables Microphones, Camera, motion sensors and Bluetooth to enable you to have a piece of mind. Another interesting feature that is added towards privacy are the Secure Boot with a protected bootloader, which is a must for security smartphones. In addition to this, the Device has encrypted storage for keys, that further boost eavesdropping protection by encrypting all data on the smartphone, even the IN and OUT data. But this is by far not all, since the device has remote management as well, which allows you to monitor it, provision it, audit the device, de-activate it from distance, wipe it, lock it and white and blacklist apps which you do not want running in order to allow you to retain full control of this device. To keep you private, KATIM has also set its mission to educate you and train you on how to use your phone, not just hand it to you and expect you to know everything. They also offer an optional service to operate your KATIM phone from a Dark Matter Command Center in order to keep its privacy top-notch all the time, without you having to waste your time worrying about it.

KATIM’s Security

Besides platform integrity, DarkMatter has also set up Two-Factor user authentication using advanced secure fingerprint verification. And to boost the security from smartphone spyware, they have added End-to-End encryption that encrypts transit data as well as fixated data on the device. The encryption continues with the adding of security certificates that are unique for the specific KATIM device and they authorize only the device to boot-up and operate the policies and software by trusting only the authorized root with this certificate. These roots are not on the smartphone as they are given to you or a secured Crypto Card which is bound to your smartphone platform. This crypto card can be removed from the device and when this happens, it makes the device unusable. This is the core competence that makes the KATIM smartphone the best in terms of security in our informed opinion, or in other words, a top choice in the search of the most secure smartphones.

Furthermore, to additionally boost the security of your Smartphone, KATIM has a Multilevel Tamper Protection and Intrusion Detection , which guarantees that no break-ins happen on your smartphone. KATIM has also made several private applications that allow KATIM devices to communicate most securely – it’s own messenger for voice, video and chat, it’s own Engage™ app for sharing content and it’s private E-mail service for encrypted e-mail communication to even external e-mails. And all of this for the price of around $800 makes us say “Good job, KATIM”.

Security Smartphones – KATIM Phone – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Advanced Security Features.
Unique Crypto Card, without which the phone cannot run.
OK price for one of the most secure smartphones you get.
Encrypts communications.
Has a Shield button that shuts down camera and other security features.
The company behind it is a security partner with several governments.
Why Avoid
The phone is more suitable for extremely paranoid business users, who do not use social media and other mainstream apps often.

Blackphone 2

Our 2018 winner, the BlackPhone 2 is one of most well-known security smartphones that are extremely suitable for business users. Having multiple security layers, the Blackphone 2 is the type of device that Is completely capable of running multiple operating systems and has already gathered several awards for its security-oriented design.

Blackphone 2’s Specs

The Blackphone 2 is powered by an 8-core processor, with a 1.7 GHz clock speed. The device has a 3060 mAh battery that cannot be removed and has only 1 SIM card slot. The Blackphone 2 has 3 GB of RAM storage and 32 GB of internal storage. The device also features a larger than KATIM 5.5 inch display, running at 1080×1920 resolution. The camera of the Blackphone is better than it’s the first most secure variant and is currently 13MP with its front shooter being 5MP. Blackphone is currently worth around $600 dollars and the device is a tad more expensive in Europe.

Blackphone 2’s Privacy

When it comes down to how safe your important data is, the Blackphone 2 has got you covered, you can rest assured. The device has a hardened Android, called Silent OS or PrivatOS and it is made from the ground up to be privacy-oriented by design. This Android-based OS has several privacy features, the main of which aims to encrypt each single text message and communication app. The privacy feature also encrypts e-mails, calls and other transfer data, making it almost impossible to trace any data back to the user. In addition to this, it allows the users to make a decision on what to allow to be gathered from their phone as information.


The OS of Blackphone 2 is made in order to be one of the most secure smartphones by design. It has pre-loading of applications directly embedded in it, meaning that the software has the capability of running apps in an isolated environment, enabling you to use the app before it actually started to obtain data, so you remain in control of your information at all times.

Furthermore, SilentOS also has a built-in technology, referred to as Spaces. It allows for a virtual type of environments that can be created separately from each other and work in a divided manner, so you can still use your Social Media and important sites on one Space while you access websites with low reputation on the other Space without them having to do nothing with each other. You can also use a separate Space for your files, where you can save photos, important documents and other data, which can remain on this Virtual OS. This way, if one Space is compromised, there is no possible way to compromise the other one, although compromising a Blackphone may not be something that can be done at all, except if you have all the passwords and access codes to the device, since it is encrypted.

Furthermore, the company also has extended support, promising a 72-hour deadline to patch absolutely any form of vulnerability, which can compromise your device. And they have an outstanding reputation of being extremely tech-savvy in terms of networking and cyber-security, so they can act quickly to solve any issues that might occur very fast.

Security Smartphones – Blackphone 2 – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Strong Encryption.
Virtual Drives, that help you use any app you want.
Privacy monitoring.
Encryption of communications.
Why Avoid
The Blackphone 2 is a phone from 2018 and rumors are that it is to be replaced by a new and better version in the near future.

Sirin Solarin

Naturally, being in the market of the most secure smartphones, one thing should be realized – the competition is huge and there are always companies who are trying to diversify their product and make it oriented towards a specifically targeted customer segment. The Sirin Solarin Smartphone is exactly such a device. It aims to target people who are willing to spend thousands on one of the most secure smartphones that is exquisite. Sirin Solarin is here to answer this specific demand, costing just above $16,000 USD and if you are not willing to give that much for a security smartphone, just skip reading this review.

Sirin Solarin’s Specs

The Sirin’s most secure Solarin smartphone is powered by an 8-core processor with an average clock of 2 GHz per core. The device is powered by a 4040 mAh Li-Ion battery and has 4 gigabytes of RAM. For its internal storage, Sirin Solarin has added 128 gigabytes of space, where you can store images taken with the 24 MP back shooter at 4K quality. The front selfie camera is 8 MP and it makes outstanding photos as a camera from a phone, costing that much should. The display of the Sirin is a 5.5-inch display, running at 2560×1440 resolution and feels bright and smooth when used. In fact, the phone is so smooth that it got Hollywood actors Tom Hardy and Leo DiCaprio’s attention and the actors reportedly got Solaris for themselves as well:

All the gossip aside, the Sirin Solarin is a high-end luxury device for the most wealthy people who can afford it. The device is long 159.8 mm and is 11.1 mm thick, which is a bit too much than most of the phones today. And while this makes it a bit difficult to navigate in the menus, the phone also weighs a bit more too at 243 grams. The device is powered by Snapdragon 810 which was supposedly taken down from Samsung’s devices due to overheating. The materials of the phone are as premium as they can get and the device feels very premium in the hand.

Sirin Solarin’s Privacy

The privacy features of Sirin Solarin are focused on providing the most custom and active protection to each Sirin Solarin device. The phone has something that is known as Security Shield. This service is prpvided by the company KoolSpan and it is the technology that guarantees you the following:

  • Private VoIP (Voice over IP) phone calls.
  • Sending messages that are AES-256 encyrpted.
  • FIPS140-2 encryption on communication.

The encryption used in the Sirin Solarin is extremely sophisticated and difficult to break as it is also used by governments to lock “eyes only” types of files and all of this is at your disposal each time you send a text message. This mode can also be activated and deactivated with a simple switch on the back of the phone – simple as well as secure.

Furthermore, to boost private communications, the phone has software that is part of a contract with Protonmail who are pioneers in encrypting e-mail communications. This basically means that each time you go in your personal e-mail, you get one password to login into the e-mail and one password to decrypt your Inbox, meaning that even if someone knows your original password, they still end up locked out of the service itself and that is if they get their hands on the smartphone, which is highly unlikely in the first place.

Sirin Solarin’s Security

So besides the original security features and encryption that come in many security smartphones, you also get something, called Zimperium, which is basically a private army of specialists who provide the following services for you 24/7:

  • Detecting threats and immediately handling them via security administrator personnel.
  • Detecting unknown threats by using one of the most sophisticated threat intelligence.

These teams of security administrators always work around the clock to not only update your device in real-time but also shield it each time an attack takes place. They use mechanisms for detection that will likely alert these teams each time someone tries to perform some type of cyber-attack and they can work to make the impenetrable Sirin Solarin one of the most unhackable. So by paying this much, you guarantee yourself a long-term service, kind of like “cyber-bodyguards” that repel unwanted visitors. So while this phone is indeed amazing in terms of security and technology, it’s the price that’s the reason why it is on this position on our list, regardless of the fact that if you have the money and the will, this is the phone you should go for.

Security Smartphones – Sirin Solarin – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
You get a private army of security administrators that work around the clock to protect your phone.
Beautiful screen and expensive materials used in the design.
Ideal for the segment users, with the funds and the will to buy it.
Why Avoid
Similar level of security can be available for you for much less than 9,500 British Pounds.
You may not be able to use some privacy invasive apps.


Called by Sirin “The First Blockchain Smartphone”, this unique $1000 device is set out to be specifically for the Blockchain user. That having said, it also has sufficient features to turn it into a very good smartphone for daily usage with high-end security, provided by the company behind Solarin. So you get a very good product that is sort of a mix between a Blockchain wallet and an exquisite piece of technology that is their newest invention that can be ordered in 2019.

Sirin FINNEY™’s Specs

The FINNEY phone has an outstanding 18:9 ratio display that is 6” in size. The display is Notch Design as they call it and it features a smooth and crisp experience. The front camera of the FINNEY phone is 8 MPX and you can take selfies without worrying about quality problems. The main shooter of the phone is 12 MP and you can take photos and store them in the 128 GB system storage of the FINNEY™ phone. And if that is not enough, you also get to have an SD memory card slot to expand your space.

The FINNEY phone also has something known as a multitouch safe screen that is 2 inches in size. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC processor, which runs together with more than enough 6 GB of RAM.

Sirin FINNEY Privacy

For privacy, you have the power of SIRINOS that has a lot of built in applications that are extremely privacy oriented, like the VoIP (voice over IP), text and e-mail communications being encrypted, just like with Sirin Solarin and also a Three-Factor authentication, that includes the following privacy locking mechanisms:

  • Biometric.
  • Lock Pattern.
  • Behavioural Lock.

The last feature, called Behavioral-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is created to increase the security based on identifying abnormal behavior on your phone.

In addition to this, with the SIRINOS you also get your cryptocurrency and blockchain features, such as built-in cold storage wallet, dCENTER (decentralized app center), and a private Token Conversion Service.

Security Smartphones – Sirin Finney – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
One of the most secure smartphones if you are a blockchain user.
16 times Cheaper than the Solarin Smartphone.
Has all the passive security and privacy features that are also embedded in Solarin.
Why Avoid
Not the best pick for an overall and multimedia usage.
Suitable mostly for blockchain users..

BlackBerry Key2

Created by a company with tradition in mechanical keyboards, security and well-built devices, the BlackBerry Key2 is the type of phone which can impress security experts with ease. The device is an updated version from its predecessor – KEYone, which it is set to replace. The new device is slightly thinner, smaller, and narrower than the old one, but it is secure as they come. BlackBerry Key2 comes standard with an Android 8.1 and also has Google Assistant. Aside from the usual Android, however, the device has several apps that are installed by BlackBerry and they are focused on securing different aspects of the phone.

BlackBerry KEY2’s Specs

The Android 8.1 Oreo is the standard operating system and it runs smoothly on a 4.5-inch 1620×1080 IPS LCD display with a rather unique 3:2 aspect ratio. The reason for that is the mechanical keyboard, which is the main idea why you would get a BlackBerry as your secure phone over another device. Furthermore, the smaller display allows for a longer battery life of the 3500 mAh non-removable battery the device has. When it comes down to the power of the KEY2, you are covered with one of the best CPUs in the business – Snapdragon 660, which is Octa-Core and clocked at 2.2 GHz on it’s first 4 cores and on 1.8 GHz on its other 2 cores. The graphics processor of the BlackBerry is Adreno 512 GPU. For the storage, you have two 64 GB versions and one 128 GB version that is available only in black color. The device can expand storage up to 256GB however, so we would suggest that you go for the cheaper 64 GB version that has more color choices available as well. The Dual Camera, which is dual 12 MP shooters also has dual-tone LED flashes, supports HDR and 4K video recording at 30 FPS, and has Scanning and Private Capture features – quite an impressive device. For the front camera, you have 8MP Fixed Focus and a flash for selfies with a 1080p video as well. For connectivity, you have a wide range of technologies, such as OTG, USB-C, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, 5GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Beidou, Galileo, OTDOA, and even an FM Radio. The dimensions of the Blackberry KEY2 are 151.4mm by 71.8 mm and it is only 8.5 mm thick.

BlackBerry KEY2’s Privacy

To address Privacy concerns, BlackBerry have added Firefox Focus, which is Mozilla’s privacy browser that blocks trackers and deletes the browsing session of users after they have used their browser. In addition to this, like most BlackBerry devices, the KEY2 also has the latest DTEK version, which is BlackBerry’s security toolbox to keep the device safe. DTEK essentially lets users see in real time which apps are using what features on their BlackBerry to access their private information. Some apps might access certain device technologies, like camera, microphone and other features to work properly, but other apps might access features that do not require them to work at all, meaning that they are privacy invasive. DTEK makes sure to monitor those apps each time they use your features, so DTEK monitors apps when they:

  • Take a picture or record a video.
  • Access your calendar.
  • Read, create, edit and delete a contact.
  • Send a text message or an MMS from your phone.
  • Turn the microphone on or off.
  • Access your contacts.

Furthermore, with DTEK, you can also set the app to be stepped from running and uninstall it or to set up notifications on each app you want to keep an eye on. This is particularly useful for users who are very social, use a lot of apps, but also want to stay safe.

BlackBerry Key2’s Security

When it comes to security, DTEK also has it covered. The app evaluates your security technologies in order to report your security level to you and advise you where you can improve. It monitors screen locking, factory reset defenses, remote device security, and most of the security-related features in general. Based on that you receive either poor, average or good security ratings with recommendations on how you can improve your settfings. This is very good for users who are not experts on security but want to learn “on the go”, since the device not only adjust the security for you but also shows you what you can change to better your security behavior. Quite smart. Generally, DTEK presents three security levels for the user:

Good – your device are at low security risk.
Fair – your device have a medium security risk. Tap the warning icon to improve.
Bad – Your device is at a high security risk – tap the warning to learn how to improve.

Security Smartphones – BlackBerry Key2 – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Powerful hardware, that can run latest games and media and shoot quality images.
BlackBerry’s DTEK secure suite, having all you need to stay safe against hackers and malware making it one of the most secure smartphones.
Good value for money – Price approximately $650.
Great for business users who do a lot of e-mailing and private communications.
Why Avoid
Not for you if you are not keen on mechanical keyboards.
No water protection.

UnaPhone Zenith

The UnaPhone Zenith is the type of device which is not just your average startup company. It has the backing of the tech giant LG, which stands behind the production of these devices. The smartphones run a specifically hardened Android 6.0, known to be a bit older but extremely low on bugs. The OS is known as UnaOS. It turns the otherwise regularly looking slim phone into a secure beast, by providing advanced security features and in the same time offering accessibility by providing dual-sim connectivity and in addition to it also has advanced network connectivity, making it ideal, if you are an IT professional, who wants something way more secure than your average smartphone.

UnaPhone Zenith’s Specs

The UnaPhone Zenith features a rather ordinary, but beautiful and slick design that has a 5.5-inch display with a 1080×1920 LTPS OGS screen and a narrow side bezel that is 1.6mm. The Double Color Flash takes images in combination with a powerful 13 MP Sony IMX Camera at the rear. For the front camera, a shooter of 8MP is chosen. The device also has a USB-C type of connectivity and is powered by a 3000 mAh Li-Pol battery. For the performance of the UnaPhone, a powerful 2.0 GHz octa-core CPU is set, which works decently in combination with the 4GB or RAM that the device has. For storage, you have a 32Gb available, and all of this plus quick charging is available at one of the lowest prices on this list, so if you are in the market for a mid-range device that is extremely secure, keep reading.

UnaPhone Zenith’s Privacy

As far as Privacy goes, the UnaPhone delivers updates via an encrypted OTA channel and in addition to this, the phone comes with pre-installed apps for almost everything you would require from the device. This is achieved by ripping out all of the Google apps and services so that you cannot be tracked and your data cannot be sold. Furthermore, the device features strong encryption, a custom secure boot feature, and several device protection mechanisms that wipe the device if someone tries to tamper with them. The bad news here is that these smartphones do not really allow you to install any Facebook, Twitter, or as a matter of fact any other app. Furthermore, UnaPhone also embeds several secure functions, like biometric security and a Black Screen Wake Up function. You also have an AppLock which uses your fingerprint in order to unlock the apps you want to yous. And not only this, but the OS also has several important features that prevent any data leaks plus crypto mining. In combination, these features allow for better privacy and they can stop any attacks and hijacking attempts, resulting in increase security.

Another strong privacy feature of these is the implementations made to restrict connection to suspicious IP addresses when you browse the web. And not only addresses with low reputation, but addresses, related to DoD are also banned by default from the UnaPhone Zenith, meaning that you are also protected from the government to some extent.

UnaPhone Zenith’s Security

The security of the UnaOS is very strict. In fact, it is so strict that it has a downside – you cannot add any Google Apps from the PlayStore, since all relations to google are removed, which can be forgiven, given that security is important. Furthermore, the UnaOS™ also does not have any traditional Android device technologies, since they have concluded that some of the Android perks are an area that is desirable to crooks in order to apply their exploits to conduct attacks. In addition to this, if new vulnerabilities appear, like FakeID, Certify-gate, installer hijacking, Stagefright, and Master Key, the company aims to patch them rapidly so that the device is secure before an attack occurs. They also look for vulnerabilities that are not so popular with the goal to patch them as well. And not only this but also the custom OS of the UnaPhone Zenith is also configured in a way that prevents privilege escalation that is done by third-party applications and also malware intrusion. And the phone also prevents third-party apps to be installed as well, since they can not be enabled.

Security Smartphones – UnaPhone Zenith – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Very cheap price for high grade secure smartphone.
High performance.
Long battery life.
Decent camera.
Why Avoid
You cannot install any third-party and Google apps.
You are obliged to get used to the pre-installed apps on the phone.
Not appropriate if you use social media to communicate a lot.

Turing Phone

The Turing phone is not a cheap device, but it has remained to be among the best security-oriented smartphones we have ever seen. It has several features that provide it to deliver security that is very difficult to match by its competition, even though the phone is becoming a bit outdated.

Turing Phone’s Specs

Turing phone can communicate via a single Micro SIM card and it delivers performance with a powerful 2.5 GHz quad-core CPU, which is enough for most people. The device has 3 GB RAM and it can last you up to two days with an average use with it’s 3000 mAh battery. The OS powering it is called Sailfish OS and is a completely custom OS that runs smoothly on a 1080×1920 resolution. For storage, you are a bit limited with only 16 GB, but these phones compensate with the 8MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera as well. Not what we have hoped for a price of around a thousand bucks, but the phone is security-oriented after all, so we can easily forgive it and proceed to explain about the awesome security features this device has hidden in store for you.

Turing Phone’s Privacy

Created by Turing Robotic Industries, the brave device started out with a modified Android, but they did not believe that the phone was secure enough. So they have went ahead and improved their security with the Sailfish OS. It originates from a Finnish tech company, called Jolla. The phone uses a MicroSIM and it can establish a connection via GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G technologies securely without lagging. The Turing phone has also been made in order to be focused primarily on protecting information that is stored in the device from any possible cyber-attacks that may occur. This is where their custom Sailfish OS comes in. It is Unix-based and it takes its roots from Linux, but the OS is also combined with something known as Mer core stack. This makes the smartphone secure by design since this is also the sole principle of Linux as an operating system as well. And since the company aims to have long-term customers, they have focused on creating their devices to be rugged, but also light. Furthermore, for privacy, they have also chosen their own custom connector, which significantly reduces the chances of the device being hacked even if you have physical access since all of the connections pass through this port.

Turing Phone’s Security

In terms of security, the phone has Sailfish OS on its side – it is Linux-based and the operating system also relies on gestures instead of buttons which is a unique approach in terms of being secure. Furthermore, the UI of the phone is closed source and cannot be easily accessed so that coders can learn it, whereas the Sailfish OS itself is an open-source one, making it available for programmers to find bugs and fix them. Another security feature is that you can use your Turing phone for porting as well, since you can achieve porting via a virtual drive with the help of which, you can implement the SKD of Sailfish OS and conduct port activities. This SKD and the software for porting can be installed on a range of third-party devices which means that business users are the ideal customers for this device.

Security Smartphones – UnaPhone Zenith – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Suitable for porting.
Extremely unique and secure Sailfish OS.
Why Avoid
Much more powerful security smartphones for such a price.
Not recommended if you are not a business user and you want to use the device for social media.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

most secure smartphones

Being the flagship of the company, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is sure to not disappoint when it comes to being secure because it has quite high expectations to meet. The phone is the main focus of support by Samsung and the corporation aims to always update it with the latest software for its Android variant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Specs and Features

Probably the most notable feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is it’s display, which is a Bezel-Less 6.9 inches 120hz screen with the best screen to body ratio in the market at the moment. The screen has 1440×3088 pixels resolution with a 496 ppi density and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. It also has 3D touch function for its a home button and HDR technology, plus a function that keeps the display on all the time.

Since it’s a flagship, Samsung have put the Exynos 990 (7 nm+) octa core processor to power it and the other version has the Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ (7 nm+), and both are available as variants. The CPUs are as follows:

  • Octa-core (2×2.73 GHz Mongoose M5 & 2×2.50 GHz Cortex-A76 & 4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55) – Global
  • Octa-core (1×3.0 GHz Kryo 585 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 585 & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 585) – USA

The Qualcomm Snapdragon is mostly used when the device is sold in the USA and Latin American countries as well as in China and the Exynos processor is available for the rest of the world. The same goes with the Mali-G77 MP11 graphics chip (rest of the world) and the Adreno 650 chip (USA/China/Latin Americas).

In addition to this, one of the most secure smartphones has storage up to 512 GB which can also be expanded with a MicroSD memory card with up to 512 GB space for the dual SIM model. The RAM of the phone is 12GB and the cameras are
An 10 MP, f/2.2, 26mm (wide), 1/3.2″, 1.22µm, Dual Pixel PDAF front shooters that are capable of shooting panorama and super slow-motion videos. The front camera is 10MP in total and it can perform 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30fps recording plus dual video call at a high frame rate and HD which is enough for most people.
The one in the rear is the big triple surprise with 108 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/1.33″, 0.8µm, PDAF, Laser AF, OIS 12 MP, f/3.0, 120mm (periscope telephoto), 1.0µm, PDAF, OIS, 5x optical zoom, 50x hybrid zoom
12 MP, f/2.2, 120˚, 13mm (ultrawide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm
cameras that have AI, Super Focus, live filters, Wide Angle shooting, and so on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Privacy

When we talk about the privacy of the Note 10 plus, the first thing that springs to mind is the Knox technology implemented by Samsung that offers security and a chip-level which reinforces several protection layers of your Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. This works on both hardware and software levels and strives to ensure that privacy is guaranteed via virtualization zones, also referred to as TrustZones. So you can choose a separate virtual drive (TrustZone) for the different levels of activities you do. This will allow you to separate the privacy-invasive apps which you trust less from the actually important ones and still be able to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G to the full extent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Security

The Note 20 is secured by the IRIS scanning feature, which recognizes your Iris to unlock your device. This unique approach to biometric security strongly decreases the chance of someone being able to unlock your device, even if they have a picture of your eye from close by since the phone has been heavily tested to be able to differentiate an actual eye from a simple image of an eye. In addition to this, the phone is very advanced when we talk about the choice it offers to users when security is involved. Samsung will quickly patch any security flaw that they encounter as it happened with the Iris scanner that was previously tricked by hackers to unlock the phone via contact lenses and a photo. They have quickly answered with a new update that makes the Iris scanner significantly more advanced and harder to be tricked since it follows a unique pattern of the iris that seems as if it is a unique key only for the user’s phone.

Samsung has also done a lot of research when it comes to using your phone to pay for stuff. They have made it so that you can have sophisticated and advanced encryption plus they have added many locking and security features that lock files and data on the device at hand. In addition to this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is the type of smartphone that is one of the few which have a Secure Folder feature, that grants access only to the user who has the access key for it:

Security Smartphones – Samsung S20 Ultra – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Very rapid support when a bug is discovered.
Massively used, so they get a lot of feedback about security.
Very powerful chips.
The best screen in one of the most epic security smartphones at this point.
Why Avoid
You could still be tracked if you use privacy invasive apps, so some modification might be required if you want the phone to vanish from the radar completely.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

It is time to address the elephant in the room – the newest iPhone. With its latest budget variant, the iPhone 12 Pro Max proves that Apple is the type of company that strongly believes in privacy. They have not gotten in court with the FBI because of nothing, after all. And when we consider the always up to date iOS, which can run to it’s the newest version even on older iPhones, Apple is one the brands that has the best overall support of their complete range of phones, which does make them a very security-oriented company. And since the iPhone is the most famous phone in the world, they have offered very big bug bounty rewards for those who find bugs and can break into their phone. And even though some Israeli companies have successfully managed to unlock an iPhone, Apple is constantly changing encryption and other security protocols and constantly adding new unlock features, like the extremely advanced Face Unlock technology.

iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Specs

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has an almost bezel-less design with a 6.7″ screen that has Super Retina XDR OLED 1284×2778 pixels resolution and is able to achieve ~82.9 screen-to-body ratio. The 228g Pro is long 160.8 mm and is wide 70.4 mm with an 8.1 mm thickness. Probably the best about it is that the phone is IP68 certified, with a dust and water resistance of up to 5 meters for up to 30 minutes time. The display of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a Super Retina capacitative touchscreen display that features the latest technologies and has 16M colors. The glass in front of it has an oleophobic coating and is also scratch-resistant.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is running iOS 14, which can easily be upgraded to iOS 13.3. The OS is running smoothly on the 6-core Apple A14 Bionic processor that is 5nm. The CPU is what Apple calls the first Bionic chip and it is running Hexa-core (2×3.1 GHz Firestorm + 4×1.8 GHz Icestorm) with an added Apple GPU that has 4-core graphics. For storage, you are ensured with three versions based on your requirements – 64, 256, and 512 GB of space. Furthermore, contributing to the iPhone is the 6 GB of RAM that is configured to run apps in a preloaded memory so that you do not experience any slowness while starting a chosen application.

Probably the most impressive feature of the iPhone is the device’s quad-camera, which has been created in a very specific way, that enables triple 12 MP shooters which have slow-motion recording and can shoot 4k 60fps videos and TOF 3D LiDAR scanner for depth. The front selfie camera is a dual 12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide), 1/3.6″ camera plus a SL 3D, (depth/biometrics sensor) that is able to record 4K at 30 or 60 frames per second.

iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Privacy

If you have an iPhone and it is locked, you can rest assured that as long as nobody knows your Apple device’s password, your privacy is guaranteed. The IOS software has a very advanced sandboxing feature that is built from the ground up to be secure by design. It includes sandbox encryption, which isolates each app and allows you to run an app while preventing it from taking advantage of some permissions you do not want it to track. And even if the app is compromised or malicious, it cannot compromise the iPhone 12 Pro Max itself, because the virus cannot run in an offline manner. So it is all leveled down to the permissions apps request from users. So you are in control of what apps want from you.

iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Security

When it comes down to the security of the Pro, you have an advanced Facial recognition feature, that according to Apple has been tested with millions of Faces and has been proven to work. The device also has one of the best support out there regarding security, since Apple has offered jobs to a lot of crackers to try and break the device and look for vulnerabilities. And since the software of the Pro is the same as it is with the 11 and older iPhone models, you get the same security patch for the complete range of supported iPhone, so even if you go with an older and cheaper model, you will still be extremely secure, although only the newer devices have the Face Unlock feature.

In addition to these features and the active support, Apple has also made it possible so that you as a user can choose between which security features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max you wish to use. Not only this, but you can also choose among the encryption tools that provide full encryption for aspects of the iPhone and also encryption of the messaging services done via iMessages. And on top of that, the IOS is very easy and intuitive to use, making it the perfect choice for most non-tech-savvy users who want a good phone that is on a competitive price, unlike its predecessor and more powerful X, which was way too expensive. And if you want to be secure to a paranoid level, you can also opt-in for the more expensive K iPhone modification, which is a custom and specifically designed version of the iPhone that costs about $5000 USD, but is secured bt KryptAll®, who have been designign security modifications of iPhones for quite some time now.

When it comes to smartphones, Apple’s iOS is a bit more security and reliable in terms of software compared to Android. Interestingly enough, privacy is a bit of an issue, as Apple marks your Unique Device ID and can target you specifically at all times, so have that in mind when purchasing an iPhone device.

Security Smartphones – iPhone 12 Pro Max – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Perfect for non-tech savvy users.
Amazing display.
Top quality cameras
A lot of unique features.
Advanced Face Unlock feature.
Why Avoid
The phone is not appropriate if you are an IT expert and want to use it to store files, create archives and perform dual-screen multitasking activities.

Google Pixel 5

It may come as a surprise to you that the Pixel 5 is listed as a secure smartphone and is part of the list of the most secure smartphones, but since it is supported by the corporation that is behind Android itself and has by far the most powerful resources in this field, you can rest assured that your security is guaranteed with this phone. If you can get over Google’s rather invasive Privacy Policy, that is.

Google Pixel 5’s Security

The company has come up with the most security features for the Pixel 5, primarily related to the latest Android OS – the Oreo. Google has implemented what many refer to as an FBE – file-based encryption. It is not known what type of algorithm is used, but the working of this encryption is very similar to the RSA cipher which generates a unique key. The same way this works is with the files used by the Google Pixel device. These files are encoded with a different key for unlocking, corresponding to the specific file. The company has also combined security with convenience, meaning that they have inserted different features of the phone that are often used, like alarms, phone calls, and other that can be accessed much faster, despite encryption.

Other of the most security features of the Oreo version of Android include the direct boot feature of the phone and as mentioned, the much stronger encryption. A relatively new thing for the Android OS’s is the verified boot security extra that can stop any corrupted devices from booting at all. This may make it a bit more difficult to root through.

Also, the support of the Pixel has been made to be quite responsive, primarily because the company has implemented new technology regarding bug fixing. Imagine you are using your Google Pixel phone and a bug happens. Now, you do not have to send the bug information, but the Google support team receives the bug data and the bug data only, as soon as you get an internet connection on the device. Instead of having to send manually bug info, or being requested to send info, now the process is handled automatically and discretely. And the whole process is privacy-oriented, meaning that only the bug information is extracted and nothing else from your phone.

Google Pixel 5’s Privacy

In terms of privacy, Google has taken good care of this device. It gives complete oversight on any type of permissions that are requested by different apps. The apps are also restricted to make any form of modifications on the device, even if they have some sort of permissions. In addition to this, the company has focused on reducing the amount of data that the device gives away when used by different apps. We believe that this feature is very useful, because there were many reports of malicious apps that were even using malware to obtain permissions and hence different tracking information.

Furthermore, regarding hiding you, the new operating system also features a built-in VPN service which is very suitable for business users, a segment targeted by the previously mentioned BlackBerry device. Good thinking, Google!

Google Pixel and GrapheneOS

GrapheneOS is an operating system that offers a hardened kernel among other options to eliminate the possibility of many serious vulnerabilities and provide better overall security on the lower level of the Operating System. The OS is available only to Google Pixel phones.

Having a modified code of Google’s Android, but intended for security and privacy. Developed by Daniel Micay, who has a reddit statement, revealing that GrapheneOS is aiming to beat the security of the iOS of Apple, and provide it with much more security features.

Alas, the OS is still early in development and lacking features that regular users might want. As most popular applications require Google Play services, it will be a bit harder to implement popular applications while retaining most of the security.

However, if you are not concerned with having Facebook and being tracked by other companies, you should definitely get the GrapheneOS for your Pixel device.

Here is a short list of some of the advantages of having the stock GrapheneOS instead of the pre-installed one on your Google Pixel phone:

  • Free and Open-source code to prevent any potential secret backdoors
  • Hardened Memory Allocator
  • Most robust sandbox for strengthening Applications
  • Stricter SELinux Policies
  • Vanadium Subproject that has a hardened version of Chromium and WebView
  • Permissions review feature for legacy applications
  • Network and Sensors toggles
  • Can revoke full network access to any specific application
  • Apps won’t be asking consent from users for toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and won’t touch these features without the user knowing
  • Has all software and security updates, without having remote access to your device or tampering with any settings or availability of security features

GrapheneOS is not only regarded as the most secure Android operating system, but with future updates, more features will be added and thus the security aspect will expand further. So, Google Pixel phones with the OS will become more and more security and private as time goes by. Your unique device ID is not being tracked by GrapheneOS, so that is another reason for you to implement the system with your Pixel phone. You can read the official GrapheneOS web page for further information.

Be aware, that installing GrapheneOS is just like installing a stock Android and requires no rooting. Just in case, check with the store and phone manufacturer to make sure your guarantee won’t become void upon installing GrapheneOS.

Security Smartphones – Google Pixel 5 – Pros and Cons:

Why Buy
Good if you do a lot of multitasking.
Probably the best experience you can get on an Android device.
Top quality cameras
Why Avoid
The phone may not be appropriate if you do not want to comply with Google’s Privacy practices.

Legal Disclaimer: Be advised that the opinions expressed on this website are solely ours and they are not biased towards any specific software company. The opinions are also based on our research, which includes first-hand data and thorough research. SensorsTechForum.com

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  1. Ali

    Hi.. I have several questions:
    1- Title “You can buy”: Can I buy KATIM for example. I think it is only for Enterprises and givernments. If this is true, then I would suggest to separate the phones into two classes: a. those which is targeted for end users, and b. those for businesses and governemtns.
    2- I wonder if you skipped Armadillophone, Librem 5, Bittium Tough 2, Sikur.. etc intentionally or for other reasons?.
    3- I noticed some of the listed phones in the article, their website do not show how to buy them. Some their Twitter account not been updated for a year or more. To name one, take Unaphone for example.

    1. fargin

      Having google anything on this list is an insult to anyone looking for privacy on their phone. Apple is almost as bad.

  2. Joseph Stallone

    This is a great share, I think I will opt for Galaxy S9 now considering its security.

  3. Steve

    Hey, Blackphone 2 hasnt been on sale for over 12 months. They dont make hardware any more.

    1. Ventsislav Krastev

      We will make sure to update this. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Dave

    Where can I buy the Unaphone?? Their website just talks about what it is. I cant find any information on where I can actually buy one or where one is for sale… Would it even work in the U.S for a phone carrier such as Tracfone? Thanks

  5. Sophie

    I have the same questions and wonder why the link to Katim phone doesn’t work, nor can I find the website. Does the company sell this phone?

  6. Mary

    which mobile could be the best choice when I want to take professional photos and videos (my profession is an artist) and I want my mobile to be as private and secure as possible? (I suppose one of the two excellent programmers & hacking specialists I know has been hacking my Samsung and Lumia mobiles and some of my best photos and videos have been disappeared from my Samsung and Lumia mobiles etc, which is really bad for my professional activities.)
    Any suggestions?

    1. Mary

      Addition: The Samsung mobiles that I´ve had lots of security difficulties with have not been the newest models or the most expensive and uptodate ones. I´m wondering if my photos and videos would stay safe in the newest and the most expensive model of Samsung or in the newest iPhone? Or should I limit the quality of the photos to the quality of Blackberry Key2 for instance? (I have been using smartphone cameras as my primary professional equipment.)

      1. Vencislav Krustev

        And also a security tip – make sure to secure all your passwords and other login information with an advanced password security app, like the one we reviewed recently:


        This app saves your password in an encrypted manner and even if a hacker can hack into your device, they cannot get ahold of your online accounts.

        Another security advice i would give you is: Try to use the cloud. There is no better security than Google Drive or Apple Cloud right now. Yes, in terms of privacy, Apple and Google could track your data, but if you secure your drive account in combination with a password locker, like Dashlane, there is literally no way for the hacker to steal your data. And by secure I mean make sure that you do not auto-login to your Drive, Apple Cloud, Dropbox or any other file upload cloud storage.

      2. Vencislav Krustev

        Also make sure to check the iPhone 11 Pro Max, since it also has quite an innovative camera and as good security device as the samsung. You do not have to limit the quality of the photos, just install the right security apps to secure your device.

        1. Mary

          Hello Vencislav!

          Thank you so much for your precious help!! Thank you so much for the helpful idea of using Dashlane combined with Google Drive or Apple Cloud!!!

          I tested cameras of those mobiles and I noticed that the front camera of Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra is unfortunately basic and too simple. Because I’ve had too many security related difficulties with Samsung mobiles, I think I´d rather try this time another company.

          Do you estimate that iPhone 11 Pro Max is as safe and private as Galaxy s20 Ultra? (-Combined with Dashlane, F-Secure Total and all the security features it has.)

          Do you happen to know about how safe and private Huawei P30 Pro is? According to my camera tests, Huawei P30 Pro has the best/most useful front camera. Would Huawei P30 Pro be safe if I would use it with F-Secure Total and Dashlane?

          Which would be safer for me: Huawei P30 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max? Or should I buy Blackberry Key2 and limit my photo and video shooting to its cameras?
          Would Blackberry Key2 be much safer than iPhone 11 Pro Max or Huawei P30 Pro?

          (My supposed hacker, I know, is an exceptionally intelligent programmer and an expert in hacking, a doctor of nuclear physics and has an own mobile application company. -So he has knowledge, skills, technology etc… Therefore, to prevent future damages, I would need an exceptional security and privacy protection.)

          Is Blackberry Key2 easy to install and use? They sell it in my country only in online shops.

          Thank you so much for your estimation!!

          1. Ventsislav Krastev (Post author)

            Hello, Yes, I Would Definitely go With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is very secure as well. :)

          2. Ventsislav Krastev (Post author)

            Regarding Blackberry Key2, it is a good phone with a decent camera, but its not as good as the iPhone’s and furthermore, the phone is also not so good accessibility-wise. It has limited its access features, due to security reasons, and its no bad thing, but if you want features, transparency and security with a great camera, choose the iPhone or the s20.

    2. Vencislav Krustev

      Hello, I would gladly help. There are several variants if you want to mke sure that your phone is secure. If you are an artist and you want privacy and a decent camera, I would definitely suggest that you try out the following option:

      Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra – features Samsung’s Knox security and has an outstanding camera. Could be a bit pricey, but its well worth the money. You also have a rapid fingerprint login as well as facial recgnition and very good encryption that is challenging for hackers. Here is a video review of S20 Ultra’s camera: youtube.com/watch?v=c8KyjS4r_y4

  7. Ventsislav Krastev (Post author)

    Huawei P30 pro is a great device with the best camera in the business. But, due to recent scandals about them gathering information and spying on citizens, it is not a good idea to get a Huawei device at this point.

  8. Mary

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH Ventsislav for your great help!!! =) =) =)

    You helped me a lot in my decision !

    By the way, can you use VPN in an iPhone?

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Ventsislav Krastev (Post author)

      Ofcourse you can! Everything with internet connection can be VPN-ed. Just find a nice reputble VPN app and work with it.

  9. MS

    “Most secure phones” -> KATIM -> “The company behind it is a security partner with several governments.” XDDDDDDD


  10. Framk

    Salve ma dove posso acquistare KATIM Phone?
    Non lo trovo da nessuna parte

  11. Jedi Knight

    You could still be tracked if you use privacy invasive apps, so some modification might be required if you want the phone to vanish from the radar completely.
    Yes – privacy invasive apps are exactly what I’m looking for in a secure phone

    Not for you if you are not keen on mechanical keyboards.
    No water protection.
    Who cares – I’m looking for security

    This whole page needs to be edited

  12. Larry

    Something dumb writers fail to mention is that all USA cell phones have a back door for the govt; so privacy is pointless being the public private arena is the truest worry.. oh and if you’re a crininal DO NOT get the black phone. You’ll notice their forwatd thinking on the govts who hate encrypted phones and their headquarters by our and our allies spy centers

    1. Ventsislav Krastev (Post author)

      Not every phone. You cannot backdoor a phone that is encrypted either way. Makes the backdoor pointless as everything on the phone being transferred is encrypted and the hacker cannot see anything but scrambled code. And these phones have very sophisticated means of letting you know if you are infected, especially the blackphone which will basically lock itself out if detects tampering. But if you mean that the governments are using pre-installed rootkit technology and are tracking you through SIM cards, then I can agree with some of this statement, for some phone brands. Not the Blackphone, although you never know…

  13. Andrew

    My concerning as nobody motioned in the post is eaves dropping on your phone conversation and even turning your phone into a listening device. What do you recommend to mitigate this annoying behavior. It can be very disturbing. I think it done through installing malware on your phone. I own a droid moto phone.

  14. A

    dude, the iPhone does not have a fingerprint reader! how do you not research that before writing an article on this?

    1. Ventsislav Krastev (Post author)

      Hello, thanks for the heads up, when updating I was using content from an old post about the iPhone version with a fingerprint scanner, called the K iPhone. I will make sure to correct the information.

  15. Robert

    Didn’t see anything about the phone from the e Foundation, the Terracube, a de-googled Android phone running Android 10. If Google is in your phone, how secure could your phone be?


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