“Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” Scam - How to Remove It

“Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” Scam – How to Remove It

This article has been created with the main goal to help you remove the “Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” scamming redirect from your computer.

SIDENOTE: This post was originally published in August 2018. But we gave it an update in October 2019.

A new ad-supported redirect has been detected on users’ web browsers to display different types of pop-ups on the computers of Mac users. The notification is extremely similar to the Your Computer is Infected With (4) Viruses! scam which we detected back in February. The scamming page displays a fake pop-up message stating tha the victim’s computer is at risk. The message aims to get users to download an app that aims to deal with an issue on their Mac machines. Such software may just be one of those hoax antivirus type of programs that aim to show fake detection of malware on your computer system in order to get you to purchase it’s full version for a large sum of money. If you see browser redirects on your computer which state “Notice: Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!”, we recommend that you read this article as it aims to show you how you can stop these pop-ups by deleting the unwanted software that might be causing them.

Threat Summary

Name“Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” Scam
Short DescriptionUnwanted software that causes browser redirects and pop-ups on your browser, like the fake “Your Mac is Infected” error message.
SymptomsYou may start to see browser redirects to a web page, saying that your device is at risk and you must download a fixer program to clean it.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by “Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” Scam


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss “Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” Scam.

Update October 2019. A similar scam which is currently circling the web is called A website you visited today has infected your Mac with a virus. Note that this type of messages are displayed by bogus websites. Your browser can be redirected to such a website after a visit to another rogue site. On the other hand, it may be a potentially unwanted program that is running on your Mac that is causing the appearance of fake virus alerts. The texts of fake virus alerts may differ from scam to scam but the approach is always the same, and so are the scammers behind them.

Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found! Scam – Spread

In order to be introduced to the computers of victims, the Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found! scamming page has to be displayed with the help of a script or a program. If by script, this redirect may be caused as a result of you having to visit an unwanted website that should not be trusted. The most likely method via which such redirects appear however is if you have a potentially unwanted program also known as PUP that may be installed on your computer. These programs often find their way into your computer via the installers of other free apps you may have added to it. Such installers often aim to get users to add third-party apps as a form of a third-party promotion, whose primary goal is to advertise the unwanted app “as a free extra to the current installation”.

The bad news here is that these apps can easily be missed since they are often concealed well within the the installation steps, usually in the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation modes.

Notice: Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found! – More Information

Once on your computer, the adware installed may display the browser redirect directly on your web browser and alognside it, a pop-up may also be introduced which may make the whole page more difficult to close, because the pop-up may reopen automatically each time you try to close it. The message looks like the following:

Text from image:

Notice: Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!

Your Mac device has been infected by the latest unpatched malware. This virus is highly dangerous and can cause severe damage to your machine.


The message is extremely approximate to another scam which was also displayed for Mac OS systems and stated “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!”. After thorough research of these types of scams, we have established that they can be seen on variety of devices, including iPhones and Android devices:

These scams often advertise the two same programs for Windows and MacOS:

  • PC Smart Cleanup (Windows).
  • MacKeeper (MacOS).

Once installed on your Mac machine, MacKeeper may start to conduct automatic scans of it in order to demonstrate that it has detected what appears to be fake detections. The scary part however comes when the user is fooled to trust this software and choose to remove the threats. MacKeeper then displays what appears to be a purchase form where the user is asked to enter his or her personal and financial information in order to pay a lot of money to purchased the licensed version of MacKeeper. Be advised that it is not advisable to do so, since the malware may not even exist on your Mac machine and the end goal of this is to scam you into paying the scammers.
But money is not the only thing you should be worried about in case you paid the scammers, because seeing the web page and installing MacKeeper can result in the scammers to employ various types of scamming technologies, like:

  • Pixels.
  • Flash Cookies.
  • Web Cookies.
  • Session cookies.
  • Tags.
  • Geo-locators.

These tracking technologies may not only obtain what you do online, but also track our account registration information, the language that you are working on, your location and language, your financial credentials, the data you enter each time you login into Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

The data that may be extracted to you may serve those who aim to aggregate a lot of information from a lot of people and this aggregated data may be sold in the dark web markets to people who may fake your Identity to perform crimes and other scams or even use your fake ID’s with your name and number to apply for banking loans.

Remove “Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found!” Virus

If you want to remove this unwanted software which is causing the Your Mac is Infected. Virus Found! scamming pages to appear on your Mac machine we recommend that you use a specific anti-malware for Mac machines. Such program’s main goal is to scan your machine and eliminate the files with the malicious behaviour plus clean up any malicious code in your repositories as well. In addition to this, with such specific anti-malware program, your computer is sure to remain protected and healthy permormance-wise in the future.


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