OnlyFans Redirect – What Is It + Should You Remove

OnlyFans Redirect – What Is It + Should You Remove

OnlyFans is a well-known adult portal that allows amateur content creators to offer images and videos of themselves to prospective buyers. It is a very popular platform as it is spread on social media profiles and other places where such content is advertised. To access the contents the users need to register on the site and pay the shown price. It can be categorized as an online contents marketplace and as such hackers have created numerous redirects, scam pages and virus-infected counterfeit sites.

OnlyFans Virus Redirect – How Can I Get Infected and What Does It Do?

The OnlyFans redirect pages and scam sites can be spread using a variety of tactics depending on the chosen scale of targets. The most common tactic is to send out social engineering emails and host such websites. The criminals will host them on addresses that sound very similar to the real OnlyFans page and will attempt to confuse the users to interact with them. Hijacked contents an design layout can be found in them, as well as self-signed security certificates or other security signs. The hackers can create fake versions of all important pages including login pages, registration prompts and payment gateways. The phishing email messages will contain links or virus files that will trigger the redirect and scam pages.

The other major infection type is the creation of malware files — they are usually documents (of all popular formats) or hacker-created setup packages. They are made by taking the legitimate app installers from their official sources and adding in the necessary code.

A very effective approach is to create brower hijackers which are dangerous extensions made compatible with the most popular web browsers. They are often uploaded with hacked or hacker-made developer credentials. These plugins will promise feature additions or performance enhancements.

Note that all malware data can be easily uploaded to file-sharing networks like BitTorrent where users frequently upload both legitimate and pirate files.

Using fake or hacked credentials the hackers can also post it on various social networks and blogs. The links or the files themselves can be poste either publicly, in group chats or sent in private messages.

The OnlyFans redirect has the main goal of impersonating the legitimate OnlyFans site or individual parts. All user interactions will be recorded by the hackers. The shown pages will impersonate the official OnlyFans site to the best of their ability. The consequences can be categorized into several major categories:

  • Identity Theft — By faking the registration prompts the criminals will be able to acquire personal information that can expose the identity of the visitors.
  • Financial Abuse — The payment pages can acquire the payment card information of the victims.
  • Malware Redirects — The fake OnlyFans redirect pages and associated scams can lead the visitors to other dangerous sites. This is particularly useful in cases where the hackers want to mask the final “endpoint”.
  • Additional Malware Delivery — The OnlyFans scam pages and associated redirects can be used to lead the visitors to all kinds of malware. The most common ones are cryptocurrency miners which are run inside the web browsers while the pages are open. They will download a sequence of resource-intensive tasks that will be run and will take a heavy toll on the CPU, memory, hard disk space and network speed. When one of the tasks is reported as completed the hacker operators will receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency.

Serious infections can lead to the deployment of ransomware. These are among the most dangerous types of viruses as they will encrypt sensitive user data and then request a decryption fee from the users. The blackmail and extortions will happen via various scareware tactics — ransom notes, wallpaper changes, warning messages and etc.

We advise every reader to actively use a secure and trusted anti-malware tool in order to protect themselves from redirect infections and virus deployments. The OnlyFans redirect and all associated scam pages and threats can change at any time and be spread by multiple hacking groups.

OnlyFans Hack Scam — All About It

The numerous search queries for “onlyfans hack” are related to fake and dangerous sites, scripts and computer viruses. The greater number of them are malicious redirects and sites that will ultimately lead to numerous infections if the users interact with them. The onlyfans hack that web users search for is a utility or program that is assumed to “unlock” paid contents available on the official OnlyFans platform. No such thing exists and anyone promising that there is as such an option will be after your personal information. The onlyfans hack scam can be performed using several popular scenarios:

  • Image Links — The hackers will send out instructions information into images presented in small sizes. The hackers will manipulate the victims into clicking on the thumbnails in order to access more information about the onlyfans hack. This will lead to them into one of the malware redirects.
  • Text Links — A large part of the onlyfans hack infections are done by posting text links on social networks and other places where the users can look for information. In most cases they can be shortened (using such web services) or hosted on sites that sound similar to onlyfans or other related services.
  • Malware Apps & Software — The hackers that want to infect users at a larger scale can easily create malicious “onlyfans hack utilities” — programs that are advertised as being able to bypass the paygate and access locked content. They can be advertised as Android/iOS mobile apps, command-line tools or standalone software. When downloaded and executed they will most likely infect the victims with a malware threat — common ones are Trojans, ransomware and cryptocurrency miners.
  • Landing Pages & Optimized Content — A significant number of the hosted sites will be designed with familiar looking and legitimate looking text layout, multimedia elements and “nice sounding” domain names. This is done in order to trick the search engines into ranking the hacker-controlled pages high in the results of “onlyfans” queries. Additionally the hackers can also focus on other similar keywords including ones related with “hack”, “free”, “unlock” and more.

Remove OnlyFans Virus from Redirect and Stop Such In the Future

Scan your computer now, to see if it is virus free after experiencing OnlyFans redirects:


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