PC Repair Clinic PUP - How to Remove It from Windows

PC Repair Clinic PUP – How to Remove It from Your PC

This article has been created in order to explain what is the PC Repair Clinic software and to show help you remove the PC Repair Clinic PUP completely from your computer.

The PC Repair Clinic is a potentially unwanted program which aims to display problems with the registry entries, startup programs, updates, privacy settings and other applications on the user’s computer. The software does this by running an auto scan which always results with problems displayed on it’s interface. The detections however are likely fake and the main purpose of the program may just be to get users to buy the licensed version of this software. If you have PC Repair Clinic on your computer and want to know more about it and how you can remove it, we recommend that you read this article thoroughly.

Threat Summary

NamePC Repair Clinic
TypeHoax PC Optimizer
Short DescriptionA hoax optimizer software. Pretends to detect errors in order to convince victims to purchase it’s full version..
SymptomsYou may see PC Repair Clinic to automatically run on your computer and start scans that display a lot of detections each time they are ran.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by PC Repair Clinic


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss PC Repair Clinic.

PC Repair Clinic – Distribution Methods

For this program to land on your computer, it is very likely that It may have been added to it as a result of software bundling, the idea of which is to present it as a free extrea to theinstallers of free programs. Such free programs are often downloaded software from the likes of torrent downloader programs, media players, etc.

The PC Repair Clinic may be added to those programs in one of the installation steps of the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation modes. Such installation step may appear similar to what the image below shows:

In addition to bundling, the program may also be presented on your computer as a result of you seeing a web page that claims your computer is at risk and you should download a tool to fix it. Such redirects are often caused by unwanted programs, like adware or hijackers and they appear similar to what the image below shows:

PC Repair Clinic – More Information

Once the PC Repair Clinic software is installed on your computer, it immediately creates te PCRepairClinic folder in the following directory:

→ %Users%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

Then, according to Symantec Security Center’s report, the software creates it’s program files and shortcuts in the following locations:

→ %UserProfile%\Public\Desktop\PC Repair Clinic Upgrade.url
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\camera.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\cookies.dat
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\database\main.cvd
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\database\mirrors.dat
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\Eula.rtf
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\files.xml
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\freshclam.conf
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\freshclam.exe
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\images\call.bmp
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\images\full\tollfree.bmp
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\images\tollfree.bmp
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\ISLAdEngine.dll
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\ISLEventAnalyzer.dll
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\ISLSecurityScan.dll
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\ISLUpdater.dll
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\ISLUpdaterUI.exe
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\libclamav.dll
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\minipc.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\PCBooster.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\PCHelp.exe
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\pcshowbuzz.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\prc.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\prcupgrade.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\program.ico
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\program.xml
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\reg.log
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\unins000.dat
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\unins000.exe
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\unins000.msg
%ProgramFiles%\inKline Global\PCRepairClinic\updater.dll

But the program does not stop there. It also heavily modifies the Windows Registry Editor of the affected machine, setting a lot of it’s program files to run with administrator privileges and run automatically on the user PC.

The following registry entries are created:

PC Repair Clinic - Registry Entries Created

The program then runs and starts to scan the victim’s computer and after the scan is complete it finds what appears to be a lot of problems on the affected computer. The program may display fake errors of the following types:

  • Privacy compromising issues.
  • Microsoft Update problems.
  • Invalid DLL files.
  • Registry entry issues.
  • Startup issues.
  • Low risk application problems.

The program then asks victims to pay ransom in order to fix the problems and it has even added a tech support number (+1-(877)-340-9256) in order to get victims to call “tech support” guys that also are likely to convince victims into purchasing the software. The number is believed to belong to scammers who may ask you to pay for the software and it is not recommended to call it because it may not even be toll-free.

Remove PC Repair Clinic from Your Computer

Removing this potentially unwanted program from your computer may be trickier than it sounds. First of all, in order to make sure that it’s gone from your computer, we recommend that you follow the removal instructions underneath this article as they have been created to help you remove this software from your PC either manually or automatically. And since, removing PC Repair Clinic may not be as easy as it sounds, experts often advise to use a specific tool for this job – an advanced anti-malware program. Such software is fully capable of safely and automatically removing PC Repair Clinic from your computer and making sure that your computer remains protected against any infections that may occur in the future as well.

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