Archive Manager PUP - How to Remove It from Mac

Archive Manager PUP – How to Remove It from Your Mac

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This page is made in order to help you understand what is the Archive Manager program and how to remove this unwanted software from your Mac.

If your Mac has been affected by the Archive Manager PUP, then you will likely see the program as being a legitimate tool to help optimise the files on your computers by compressing and securing it. In reality however, the program is classified by security experts as a questionable, mainly because it aims to get users to pay for it’s licensed version in order to actually work. This practice is commonly used by unwanted programs and their end goal is to only get users to pay while they may install browser hijackers and other adware to show ads and slow down your Mac. If you see Archive Manager PUP on your Mac and want to remove it, we would suggest that you read this article thoroughly.

Threat Summary

NameArchive Manager PUP
TypeHoax Archive Manager Tool
Short DescriptionPretends to be a useful program, but in reality aims to perform unwanted activities and may display misleading information that will convince victims to purchase it’s licensed version which is usually very expensive.
SymptomsYou could see Archive Manager displaying annoying pop-ups to upgrade to the full version plus other notifications as well.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Archive Manager PUP


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Archive Manager PUP.

Archive Manager – Distribution

The main methods of distribution of Archive Manager PUP is believed to be conducted via what is known as software bundling. This tactic is often used by adware distributors who aim to advertise their program as a free download but on it’s setup, they may also add another program in the installer as well, like Archive Manager. This program may be advertised “as a free extra” to the current installation process and in addition to this, it may also be downloaded from a website, where Archive Manager is advertised as a useful tool that is able to effectively manage space on your Mac and improve it’s security, but the situation may not be as it seems.

Archive Manager – Activity

Archive Manager is a program that is made to compress files on Macs and hence free up space without having to use external hard drives and other methods to store your data. In reality, however, once this program is installed on your Mac, it may perform the following suspicious activities:

  • Showing ads.
  • Installing browser add-ons and plugins.
  • Collecting online browsing data.
  • Starting automatically.

Once you run it, the Archive Manager PUP may appear like the following:


The program may also begin to advertise multiple different types of programs that are affiliate to it or are made by the same people. And more to it, to use it, the ask you to pay $9.99 for the full version and there is no Free version of the program.

Not only this, but the software is likely made by the same people who are behind the Bilabordnet Browser Hijacker, which could also mean that it may also end up being installed as well. And these browser hijackers often aim to change your web browser’s settings in order to track your:

  • Online clicks.
  • Online searches.
  • Pages you’ve clicked on.

This is done with the main idea to show you ads that specifically target your interest. While this is used by many, the advertisements that may be shown by the Bilabordnet hijacker may lead you to scamming or even malicious websites, the outcome of which may be that you Mac may become compromised along with all the information you may have in it. So instead of securing your data by archiving it, Archive Manager may indirectly lead to exactly the opposite and these dangers makes it potentially unwanted on your Mac.

Remove Archive Manager from Your Mac

If you want to remove Archive Manager thoroughly, we would suggest that you follow the removal instructions that are underneath this article. They have been made with the main idea to help you either manually or automatically delete this PUP from your Mac. If the manual removal manual does not seem to provide any results, we would advise you to download an advanced anti-malware software, which will scan for all of the files related to Archive Managed plus all of the programs installed alongside it and will remove any unwanted apps from your Mac effectively.


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