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Remove Gravity Space Ads?

What Are Gravity Space Ads?

If you keep getting Gravity Space Ads while you are browsing the web, then the adware application Gravity Space is definitely present on your PC. The program claims that it will “open up your possibilities across the internet expanse”. It is unclear what that actually means. And it surely will not offer you any useful services. It is not recommended that you keep this program on your computer. Not only will it constantly present advertisements, but there is no way to know whether the ads themselves are genuine. It is possible for some of them to lead to harmful web pages. Because, of this we strongly recommend removing this program right away.

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How Did I Get Gravity Space Ads on My PC?

Gravity Space has probably entered your computer without your permission. It can do this via bundled downloads. When you download freeware, most of the time there are additional programs attached to the installer. These will be set up for installation by default. So unless you decline the option, you will get unwanted programs such as Gravity Space on your PC. To avoid this, we recommend selecting the Advanced/Custom installation option. This gives users the opportunity to decline installation of any additional software.

Gravity Space Ads

Why Are Gravity Space Ads Harmful?

After Gravity Space is installed, it will start presenting advertisements. It can do this on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The ads can show you different discounts, promotions, and coupons. They can even show ads that are relevant to your interests as the adware is able to collect information on your browsing.

Now, the ads themselves are not harmful and neither is Gravity Space. The real danger comes from the fact that the program’s developers do not check whether the ads lead to safe websites. Cyber criminals can take advantage of this and use the application to lure users onto their malicious websites. Then, your PC is immediately going to become a target for infection. If some intruder manages to get transferred onto it, then it can send all of your personal and financial information to cyber criminals. A phishing scam can also be attempted, where scammers will try to get you to disclose your information willingly.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that Gravity Space’s official website is extremely similar to that of another adware program called Wander Burst. Both of them are reported to belong to SuperWeb LLC. This company is infamous for distributing clones of the same adware program; all that they change is the name. This should immediately alert you that Gravity Space should not be kept on the PC.

How Do I Remove Gravity Space Ads?

Getting rid of the program is a piece of cake. Go to Control Panel, access the list of the programs on the PC, find Gravity Space, and uninstall it. Keeping your computer safe from all intruders is not as easy, however. This is why it is best to have a powerful security tool installed to protect it. This way, you will not have to worry about any unwanted programs or malware infiltrating it.

Spy Hunter scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the anti-malware tool.Find Out More About SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool / How to Uninstall SpyHunter

1. Remove/Uninstall Gravity Space
2. Restore the settings in your browser
3. Remove Gravity Space automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

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