Redirect - How to Remove It
THREAT REMOVAL Redirect – How to Remove It

remove redirect you are the chosen fake pop-up

This article provides detailed instructions how to remove from an affected Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or Safari browser and the Windows system.

The domain displays several pop-ups one of the main states “YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!”. You may see this dubious website in your browser due to installed potentially unwanted or harmful software on your computer. The website pushes a message in attempt to fool you that you have the chance to win a new iPhone X. However, you should be aware that this is a fake message that aims to trick you into installing yet another risky program or rogue software.

Threat Summary
TypeScam, PUP, Redirect
Short DescriptionThe domain can appear in each affected browser. A scamming pop-ups claim that you have the chanve to get a special reward.
SymptomsYou may be redirected to website while browsing the net. Many redirects and advertisements can occur during browsing sessions.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss – Methods of Distribution

There are several methods that may be used for the distribution of redirect. The most probable one is that the redirect unnoticeably infiltrated your system via the installer of third-party app. Such installers have additional components that are not appropriately disclosed by the developers. These components are usually potentially unwanted programs that cause infections like redirect. To prevent them from accessing the system without your knowledge you should always choose the Advanced or Custom install options. There should be mentioned all additional components that get installed by default. Look for options to deselect them and make sure that only the primary app will be installed.

The redirect may occur after a visit of compromised advertisement. Visiting the websites promoted by such advertisements can result in an automatic download of the potentially unwanted app that causes constant redirects to domain.

The redirect is believed to affect almost all commonly used browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. – Detailed Overview

The domain displays several fake pop-ups that aim to scam you. Below you can see this dubious website and several pop-ups on its main page: redirect scam pop-ups iphone x

One of the main scam pop-ups states “YOU ARE THE CHOSEN!”. It is trying to convince you that “You have the chance to get a special reward!” and make you click on an “OK” button: browser hijacker you are the chosen pop-up

It appears that the website pushes such messages in attempt to fool you that you have the chance to win a new iPhone X. Thus, it may ask you to provide sensitive data like email address, credit card details, and telephone number so you can receive the reward. However, you should be aware that this is a fake message that aims to trick you into installing yet another risky program or rogue software. So there is no chance to get any iPhone but only provide crucial data to malicious intenders.

Once they obtain your credentials they may find a way to withdraw the money from your credit card or cause other privacy related issues.

What’s more after compromises your system and browser it is likely that it will generate a lot of nasty advertisements. For the purpose the PUP may modify essential browser settings. The ads provided by the redirect may be extremely intrusive and annoying. Be advised to avoid clicking on the ads generated by as they may cause additional privacy issues or serve as a gate for some severe malware infections.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker

Below are listed all the steps that will help you to remove redirect completely from an affected Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, or Safari browser. There are steps that reveal how to remove the nasty program from the Windows system as well. You can choose whether to follow a manual or an automatic removal. If you select the manual instructions to eliminate the infection some leftovers may remain on the system. Thus, can continue to appear in your browser. Maximum efficiency can be reached after a scan with anti-malware tool as it can easily locate all leftovers.

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