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Remove MySearchDial Permanently

MySearchDial is an adware that comes in the form of an add-on or a browser extension and is compatible with the most-used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. MySearchDial can be downloaded from its official website, or it may land on the user’s PC bundled with freeware.
Although MySearchDial aims to enhance the user’s browsing experience by offering various services that might seem very useful, it also may display third party advertisements, modify browser settings and store personal data for advertising purposes. MySearchDial may change the user’s default search engine and homepage to The company does not assume liability for any harm that may be caused by the webpages it suggests or redirects the user to.

MySearchDial – Your ‘Yes’ Turns Into a Lot of Stress

Just like many other add-ons, MySearchDial suggests a variety of beneficial features, though the potential risks that may be involved, are often not considered or are being fully ignored. The user may install MySearchDial by downloading it from its official webpage or along with other free of charge programs downloaded online.
Once installed MySearchDial may perform the following actions on your computer:

  • change the current homepage and search engine to
  • display annoying advertisements
  • may redirect you to potentially unsafe websites
  • may install plugins, browser add-ons and widgets

In order to provide the user with better services, MySearchDial keeps some non-personal information, such as IP address, operating system, default search provider and information related to the user’s browsing habits. MySearchDial add-on may also use cookies. The company distinctly states that it does not take any responsibility for the quality and/or the authenticity of the services and software, provided by any of the third party pages the user visits.

MySearchDial’s Removal Manual

All of the above-mentioned information is included in the Privacy Policy, and the End Users Licence Agreement on the official webpage of MySearchDial, so a more careful approach throughout the installation process might save you the trouble of removing the add-on later. Potentially unwanted programs and adware is usually installed when the user does not pay enough attention to the fine print messages or privacy policies displayed.

Most users consider MySearchDial a potentially unwanted program because of its resistance to removal. Reportedly, in many cases the add-on can not be fully deleted even after the browser has been uninstalled. That is why our experts recommend the use of legitimate anti-malware program.

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