Remove "Proof attached" E-mail Scam

Remove “Proof attached” E-mail Scam

proof attached

The “Proof attached” scam has been the latest entry in a series of sextortion scams, trying to scare people that hackers made a fake video of them watching pornographic content and masturbating. People receiving the message are demanded to pay a ransom fee in Bitcoin (the sum varying around 310 US dollars). Do not pay the money in any case as that will not help you. Read on what you must do in case you are truly breached, but keep in mind that in most cases this is a total scam.

Threat Summary

Name"Proof attached" E-mail Scam
TypeEmail Scam Message
Short DescriptionA scam that tries to scare you into paying a ransom fee for a supposed breach of your email account credentials.
SymptomsYou receive an email message that tries to trick you into thinking that your email account got compromised, plus that your password is leaked and exposed to hackers.
Distribution MethodEmail Spam Messages, Suspicious Sites
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“Proof attached” Scam – Distribution Tactics

The “Proof attached” scam is mainly distributed through e-mail messages that may even be filtered as spam by email providers by now. It could also be using targeted attacks to aim for a bigger payout by companies or rich people. Different distribution tactics may exist, too. For instance, there are mentions of the “Proof attached” scam over Facebook, and the scareware tactics and doxing may be successful there, just as well.

“Proof attached” Scam – More Details

The “Proof attached” scam is a type of sextortion. The message is sent over email and is trying to scare users into sending money to cybercriminals. The extortionists want to blackmail you into paying around 310 dollars in Bitcoin. They claim they have recorded you while visiting an adult website and that they have made a fake video of you watching porn. Also they claim to have your IP address and geographic location so they will use those to make it look like you bought drugs over the internet.

The email message looks like the following:

Subject: Re: #68585942 You can panic ñ 07.04.2019 11:44:14


Camèra rèady,N0tificati0n: #68585942 ñ 07.04.2019
Status: Waiting for Reply 56xuTaYy5A4f98wJnMmIkM3XrT4Ey95Bu0_Priority: Norma]l

Hi there.. .

This email will not acquire a lot of time, so direct to the issue. I obtained a movie of you buffing the banana when at the pornweb site youíre stopped at, due to a good arse software program I have been able to put on several sites with that type of content.

You press play and all cameras and a mic begin their work it also will save every fucking element coming from your computer system, just like contact info, account details or crap like that, guess where i have this e-mail from?) Therefore now we all know who i am going to deliver that to, if you not necessarily gonna negotiate this with me.

I am going to place a account wallet address under for you to send me 310 usd in Three dayz maximum through bitcoin. See, it isnít that big of a total to pay, guess this tends to make me not that terrible of a guy.

Youíre welcome to try and do whatever da fuck you would like to, yet if i wonít find the total in the period of time mentioned above, clearlyÖ u by now understand what can happen.

So itís under your control now. I am not gonna undergo all the info and shit, simply donít have time for this and also you most likely know that net is filled with mail similar to this, so itís as well your decision to trust in this or not, there is only a proven way to find out.

Hereís the btc wallet address- 16fSXe21QhnmhvZskmtrWnvoRWFbAeAVG3

Proof attached!

Password in the video >>

Come up with a new password for your email …

There are a number of possibilities, but in most cases this is an absolute scam. You should ignore it. Do not reply to it. Do not pay the cybercriminals behind it. Change your email password, but first make sure your computer is clean from viruses. Also, check if you are changing it from the real URL address of your email provider and not a phishing page.

The Bitcoin address listed down below is given by the criminals for paying the fee they demand:

  • 56xuTaYy5A4f98wJnMmIkM3XrT4Ey95Bu0 Bitcoin Email Scam

You are demanded to pay 310 US dollars to allegedly not spread your personal pictures and files to family and friends. However, you should NOT under any circumstances pay any sum. No guarantee exists that your “data” is not going to be leaked even if you pay. This is known as doxing – an extortion involving the threat of releasing personal information, photos or videos which might be embarrassing or otherwise unwanted by the person being extorted. Adding to all of this, giving money to cybercriminals will most likely motivate them to create more ransom-based scams, “viruses” or commit different criminal activities. That may even result to the criminals wanting more money after payment.

Related: 4 Reasons Why You Receive Sextortion and Other Email Scams.

Also, keep in mind that your password may have been leaked from an older password breach database. You can check using the Have I Been Pwned? service. If you have any accounts still using a password that’s been breached, be certain to change it and make sure you use a different password for each account. If you can, enable two-factor authentication on the accounts. Stay safe and ever vigilant.

A simple solution

Since all recent extortion-based scams are relying on purported recordings of the recipient watching adult content, simply cover up your laptop’s camera. This may sound silly but knowing that your camera is covered leaves no place for you to worry, regardless of the scammer’s claims.

Another simple thing you can do to avoid email harvesting (where scammers and third parties harvest email addresses in bulk) is the so-called email address munging, or simply changing the “@” sign into “at” and the “.” into “dot”. This is especially valid for individuals with business emails that are visible to the entire internet.

And once again, no matter how persuasive the email you received sounds, don’t fall for it because it is a scam.

If you receive a bogus email that you believe is a scam, you can send us a word using our website contact form, comment section or on our Facebook or Twitter page.

Note. If you have previously interacted with a phishing message where you clicked a suspicious link or email attachment, your accounts may have been compromised, email accounts included. Your financial details may be at risk, as well. So it may be a good idea to scan your system for spyware or malware.


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