Safe Finder Mac Virus Removal (Update March 2020)

Safe Finder Search Virus Removal (Mac Guide)

Have you been wondering why Safe Finder sneaked into your browser without your consent? Are you trying to find out why you are seeing ads associated with Safe Finder on your Mac?

This article will provide you information about Safe Finder and will help you to remove this browser hijacker efficiently. To delete Safe Finder Search on Mac, follow the removal instructions given at the end of the article.

Safe Finder Virus on Mac

Safe Finder Search is a browser hijacker pushed by potentially unwanted programs. The website will redirect you to its own search engine and could push advertisements. While using its services, you can find yourself on unfamiliar pages with lots of pop-ups and sponsored content that go through this hijacker. The hijacker might change the start page, new tab, and search settings for the browser applications you have on your computer device.

Threat Summary

NameSafe Finder
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionEach browser application on your computer could get affected. The hijacker can redirect you and will display lots of advertisements.
SymptomsBrowser settings which are altered are the homepage, search engine and the new tab.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Safe Finder


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Safe Finder.

Propagation of SafeFinder Virus

Safe might be delivered through different ways. One of those ways is through third-party installations. Those installer setups come from bundled applications and freeware that could be set to install additional content by default on your computer system. Usually, that could happen without any notification. You might have tried installing a media player or free software and got your browser settings modified by the hijacker. To avoid unwanted programs from affecting your Mac is doable if you find Custom or Advanced settings. There you should be able to deselect what you do not want on your Mac.

Safe could be distributed via other methods, like add-ons or browser extensions which install on your browser. Other distribution ways use advertisements, such as banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, and redirect links. Sponsored advertisements, including targeted content on suspicious websites could distribute the hijacker, too. These websites might also be partners or affiliates of the Safe website and services. These browsers could be affected: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Safe Finder Browser Hijacker – Is It Malicious? is the main domain address for a browser hijacker redirect. The name Safe Finder is often related to a computer virus. However, the term SafeFinder virus is not quite accurate as it is a hijacker or also a potentially unwanted program. Programs of this type are not designed to cause serious damage to Mac operating systems. So they are not considered malicious.

Despite Safe Finder Search is not a virus, it still causes a significant impact on systems it affects. The moment this program is started on a Mac operating system, it triggers lots of changes that affect both system and browser settings. The undesired program alters main browser preferences without your permission. Additionally, it may create a system profile in order to have a better control over installed browsers and make its removal harder as well.

When the program is running on your Mac, your affected borwser will be redirected to Safe Finder services. Beware as links to questinable websites, ads and corrupted pages may load from the search results. The main search page can be viewed from the screenshot given below:

safefinder website main page

Safe will show up in your browsers’ home page immediately after you have installed an unwanted software bundle. The bundle will most likely contain Safe as a redirect in your browsers and also other malware.

What is Safe Finder Powered by Yahoo?

The so-called Safe Finder virus is a browser hijacker that generates search results powered by Yahoo search. If you use its services and interact with Web links, advertisements and other content from its search pages, you risk visiting bogus and potentially dangerous websites.

Be aware that each search that you do on its pages will be sending information to servers connected to this Safe Finder browser hijacker. The pages displayed in an image further below can replace the homepage, new tab and default search of every browser that you have installed.

The photograph that you see underneath this paragraph shows a clear example of what the results of a search query might look like when you open up your browser and you see the Safe Finder browser hijacker to load up. Here the search engine looks like the one for Yahoo! and you can spot lots of sponsored results and adverts. Every query in the search will get filtered and sent to servers connected to the hijacker. Thus, everything that you give out as information will be gathered by the browser hijacker in question. yahoo search results man with white hair

The website can push advertisements and lots of redirects that can put browser cookies on your Mac system, and they can track your online activity. Other, more advanced tracking technologies could have been used, too. Be wary of the information you provide on such search pages, especially on ones, associated with the Safe Finder browser hijacker. Refrain from clicking on suspicious advertisements and links that can pop up.

Oftentimes, users whose Mac systems got infected by Safe Finder face hard times removing it. Unfortunately, this is an extremely invasive program that cannot be removed unless you complete a thorough removal process.

Safe Finder Search Engine – Privacy Policy

Here is how the Privacy Policy of Safe Finder looks:

safefinder browser hijacker privacy policy page

According to the policy of Safe Finder, the information which can be collected is:

  • Browser (type and language)
  • Operating System (type and language)
  • Your name and address
  • Geo location and IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Your time zone
  • Advertisements viewed
  • Offers and services that interest you
  • Default search
  • VPN and Proxy services
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Interaction with social networks
  • Screen Resolution
  • Search quires and browsing history
  • Pages browsed and content viewed

You should be wary of what information you give out to search engines and websites. In case you do not like the idea of any information to be acquired about you by this browser hijacker redirect or its services, you should consider removing it.

Safe Finder – Latest Information

New information regarding Safe Finder indicates that it may sneak into your computer and make a web page, called your home as well as default search page. This can now be one on Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and even some other browsers. If you start using the page, you may immediately notice that it will show a lot of sponsored search results. Besides those, this hijacker may also display a lot of banners and ads. The Safe Finder page will also work in combination with the software to allegedly keep collecting data on how you browse while on your Mac. They may or may not share this data with third parties.

Also, new information has been brought to attention concerting multiple security risks that may be associated with Safe Finder. These risks could be because of sponsored web links which are shown and that may lead you to sites that are unreliable. The same strategy goes for advertisements that may not even be shown. It is very important to not click on those ads, since they may transfer you to a site that is managed by hackers or cyber-criminal enterprises, that may infiltrate your Mac and then steal all your sensitive information stored in it. Not only this, but sites that may trick you into typing your personal, as well as financial data, could also be tricking you into thinking you have won a prize. Be advised not to trust these pages as they are not with good intentions.

Remove Safe Finder Browser Hijacker

To remove Safe Finder manually from your computer or any unwanted software from your Mac device we recommend that you use a specific anti-malware for Mac machines. The main goal of such a program is to scan your machine and terminate the files with malicious behavior and also clean up any malicious code in your repositories. In addition, with a specific anti-malware program, your machine will remain with better protection and stay healthy performance-wise in the future.


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