Windows Protected Your PC Scam Page - How to Remove It

Windows Protected Your PC Scam Page – How to Remove It

What is Windows Protected Your PC web page? How to remove the Windows Protected Your PC tech support scam from Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or other browsers?

Windows Protected Your PC is the name of a vicious tech support scam, whose primary goal is to convince you that Windows Smart Screen has activated and you should call Windows Tech Support to fix your problem. The end goal of the scammers, behind this fake screen is to get you to call the numbers and pay hundreds of dollars for the scammers to enter your computer and fix a problem that does not exist. Furthermore, the Windows Protected Your PC scam can bring a lot of other viruses on your computer if you have called the scammers. If you have seen redirects to Windows Protected Your PC, this suggests that your computer might be causing it due to adware installed on it. Read this article to learn how to remove the Windows Protected Your PC from your computer effectively.

Threat Summary

NameWindows Protected Your PC Scam
TypeTech Support Scam/PUP
Short DescriptionCauses redirect to a fake/scam page, pretending to be Windows Smart Screen..
SymptomsYour browser may experience a lot of redirects, including the fake Windows Smart Screen redirect..
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Windows Protected Your PC Scam


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Windows Protected Your PC – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

Windows Protected Your PC is a tech support scam. Just like others of it’s kind, such as Microsoft Detected Malicious Virus, or the Computer Blocked Virus. These are scams that are likely caused by an unwanted program, like adware or a hijacker that is added on your computer. Such unwanted software likely enters your computer as a result of pretending to be a legitimate helper app that is added to the installers of other programs or advertised online.

Once Windows Protected Your PC is in your browser, it may lock it out and ask you to call a fake tech support number, which in our case was +1-888-365-4348. The scam, when compared to the original looks nothing like it:

Text from Scam Page:

Windows protected your PC

Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. For technical support call on +1-888-365-4348
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
App: windows10manager(1).exe

When calling the scammers, users have reported that they are asked to give not only their information, but also grand the scammers access to their personal computers via TeamViewer or another app to “fix” the problem. For this scam service, victims are asked to pay hundreds of dollars and what is worse is that many fall victim to it, without realising that there is no virus, but merely an adware or a browser hijacker, causing ads on their computer.

If you see the Windows Protected Your PC scam, then there is a good chance that it may be caused by an adware installed on it. Such unwanted programs can cause the following advertisements:

  • Redirects.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Banners.
  • Highlighted text ads.
  • Online ad-supported searches.

The bad news is that the ads caused by such programs can also lead you to virus-infected sites that could compromise your PC with dangerous malware strains.

Remove Windows Protected Your PC Scam

In order to stop seeing redirects, such as the Windows Protected Your PC scam, then we strongly recommend that you follow the removal steps for your browser and computer below. If you want faster and more effective removal method, then we recommend that you skip right ahead to downloading an advanced malware scanner and removal software. Such professional anti-malware tool will make sure to be able to remove Windows Protected Your PC scam and the software causing it fully plus protect your computer In the future as well.


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