Facebook Scam "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" — New Scam

“Secret Sister Gift Exchange” on Facebook — New Scam

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The Facebook Scam “Secret Sister Gift Exchange” has been identified on various social networks offering a gift exchange wherein the users will need to send money. In return they are offered many lucrative gifts which are are never received. The practice is considered illegal in many states and countries as gambling and participating in it can lead to many fraud issues. Our overview shows the indications of the scam and how potential targets can protect themselves.

Threat Summary

NameFacebook Scam "Secret Sister Gift Exchange"
TypeScam Message on Facebook
Short DescriptionThe Facebook Scam “Secret Sister Gift Exchange” coerces the targets into sending money and gifts.
SymptomsFraud financial transactions and malware infections
Distribution MethodFake or hacked Facebook messages, current infections are done via Facebook
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Facebook Scam “Secret Sister Gift Exchange” – Overview

The Facebook Scam “Secret Sister Gift Exchange” is being distributed mainly through social networks — Facebook in particular. The criminals make use of hacked accounts or ones specially created for the occasion.

The main concept of the hackers behind it is that this is a modified version of the “Secret Santa” gifts exchange, popular in Facebook groups and Reddit communities. Participating users will need to send a gift to an anonymous user and in exchange they will receive many times more an item. The scammers will coordinate the process on Facebook. However in this case the participating users are coerced into sending out money ($10). The links sent through the social networks redirect to a landing page or a payment gateway.

Such actions are considered gambling and in many states in countries is illegal.

It is very possible that these scams can be distributed via email phishing messages as well. They are conduits for many types of scams and can be designed as being sent by a legitimate and trusted source. Examples might be charities, well-known companies, online services or representatives of celebrities.

Successful scams can lead to crimes such as identity theft and financial abuse. The information can be harvested in databases and used at later stages with blackmail intent. Further troubles comes with the fact that the landing pages can lead to dangerous virus infections. Depending on the acquired infection the users may be able to partially restore their computers. In other cases only advanced anti-spyware solutions will remedy the affected hosts. Refer to our in-depth instructions for more information.

Future versions can make use of scam calls and other phishing tactics. They can have a higher chance of infecting users.

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Remove Secret Sister Gift Scam

To remove the Secret Sister Gift Exchange scam you should simply delete the email message. However, if you are truly breached and you recognize any of the listed passwords, you should see the step-by-step removal instructions provided below. In case you can not get rid of files related to the scam or find out other malicious ones, you should search for and remove any leftover malware pieces with an advanced anti-malware tool. Software like that will keep your system secure in the future.


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