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Stop Cortana from Auto Searching Via Edge Browser and Bing

Ever since in April 2016 Windows 10 has updated Microsoft Edge browser and Cortana voice service, the online searches via the AI assistant open Edge browser and perform a Bing search when you request a search.

Before the update, there was a choice between which browser to be the one which defeautly searches via Edge and Cortana. However, with Microsoft’s aggressive marketing strategy, the situation changed and now it only displays Edge and Bing searches. Do not be worried, however, because thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen, the creator of the software, called EdgeDeflector, this can now stop and the search can be opened in the browser of your choice, if you are used to this. And we have the instructions on how to do it.

How Do Use EdgeDeflector to Stop Cortana from Opening Edge and Bing

There are several simple steps that you have to follow to perform this successfully.

Step 1: Create a folder, somewhere where you can easily find it, for example in C:\(System) drive.

Step 2: Press Windows Button + E key. This will open Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Go to My Computer(This PC).

Step 5: Open the C:\(System) drive and create a new folder. Name it something recognizable, like “EdgeDeflect”, for example.

Step 6: Download EdgeDeflector from this web link.

Step 7: Save the program in the folder which you have previously created.

Step 8: Run the program as an administrator.

Step 9: Ask Cortana to search something for you and it will open a window which will ask you to choose which program do you want to search with. Simply choose “EdgeDeflector”.

Step 10:
Change the default search from Bing that Cortana redirects to search in your default web browser with a browser extension. There are many browser extensions out there that redirect you to search from third-party search engines.

And that is it, we hope these steps help you to perform a search properly from the search engine you are used to, if you search by voice.

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