+ 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam — How To Remove It

+ 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam — How To Remove It

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This article has been created in order to explain what is the Microsot Technical Support Scam scam and how you can remove it from your computer and stop such redirects and fake errors from appearing in the future as well.

A new scam has been reported by security researchers to lock the web browsers of the computers it has been installed on. The scam has one and only purpose – to display a fake message which is basically a pretext for the victim to call a fake tech support number, which is very likely to be a tech support scam aimed at getting victims to call and pay insane ammounts of money in order to get the scammers to pretend to fix issues on their comptuers that may not even exist. Nonetheless, security researchers often outline redirects, like the Microsoft Security Warning to likely be caused by potentially unsafe programs that display redirects and advertisements on victimized computers by them. If you see the Microsot Technical Support Scam , it is urgent that you read this article as it aims to show you how you can remove it from your computer effectively.

Threat Summary

Name+ 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam
TypeTech Support Scam/PUP
Short DescriptionAims to scam victims over the phone for their information or money.
SymptomsYour web browser is redirected to a web page that locks you in it and claims that your computer is under threat.
Distribution MethodThe scam is likely introduced by a suspicious site or as a result of having a PUP installed on the victim PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by + 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam


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+ 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam – How Did I Get It

This is a generic technical support scam that uses the Microsoft name in order to confuse and coerce them into thinking that there is an immediate danger for their devices and privacy. There are several primary methods of distribution, depending on the hacking colllective and the chosen targets. Usually the end result is a web site with a pop-up that will spawn a warning message.

Common distribution tactics include the sending of a email SPAM messages containing malicious body contents. In this case the messages are designed to appear as being sent by Microosft.

The redirected sites will be hosted on multiple domains that may contain strings related to the company and/or their products. Upon visiting the site scripts can make it run a full screen and load various intrusive pop-ups containing the warning message.

Another popular medium is the configuration of browser hijackers which are malicious web browser extensions. They are frequently uploaded with fake user reviews and developer credentials to their associated repositories. As soon as they are installed a redirect to the malicious + 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam page will be made.

+ 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam — More Information

The + 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam is a typical example of malware into this category. A web browser-based notification, sounds and optional other elements will be used to showcase a pop-up window reading the following text:

Trojan.worm! Ransomware! Infection!

Call Microsoft Technical Support
Immediately at + 1 (888) 512-5801

Serious danger of data stealth!
If you will continue, following information can be compromised:

1. Passwords history
2. Browser history files
3. Your Credit Cards Data

The usual tactic of scamming the victims into believing that their computers have been infected with a malware, quoting some of the popular categories (trojan horses, worms and ransomware). A faux Microsoft support number is displayed which is operated by the criminals. If the victims call the line they will be instructed into paying large sums of money to fake agents. In fact interaction with them can cause even further damage to the computers as the victims will be instructed into executing commands and/or downloading software from suspicious sources. It is very possible that this behavior can lead to infections with Trojan Horses — this will allow the operators to continue to cause system issues and require more money from the deceived users.

Paid software, bundles and low-quality system restore tools may be offered for an additional fee. Other web elements that can carry the + 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam include the following:

  • Pop-Ups
  • Web Site Banners
  • Online Browser Redirects

Remove + 1 (888) 512 5801 Microsot Technical Support Scam from Your Browser and PC

If you want to remove the Microsot Technical Support Scam from your computer, we recommend that you follow the removal instructions that are underneath this article. They have been created with the main idea in mind that if manual removal does not stop the pop-ups and redirects to suspicious pages of the Microsot Technical Support Scam kind, an automatic approach should be taken. According to security experts the best approach towards removing the software causing the Microsot Technical Support Scam redirects on your computer is to us an anti-malware program, capable of automatically scanning for and effectively getting you rid of thse types of unwanted applications.


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