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Beware the “Email Deactivation” Scam

We’ve detected a new scam that’s currently being spread in the wild, which is using the “Email Deactivation for [recipient’s email address]” subject line.

Email Deactivation Scam: More Details

The scam appears to be sent from an alleged Email Administrator, using the accountsecurity[at]one-email.com address. Some email providers may have already filtered the scam email as spam, but if you see it in your inbox, you should delete it immediately.

This particular Email Deactivation scam isn’t of the sextortion type which has been the primary spam in recent months, and instead of extorting the user, it includes two links that may redirect you to potentially malicious pages. This means that you shouldn’t trust anything the alleged Email Administrator says and you shouldn’t interact with the links provided in the text body.

Here’s the content of the “Email Deactivation for [recipient’s email address]” scam:

Dear [recipient’s name]

We received your request to close down your Email account,

We will process your request shortly, Click here to proceed termination immediately,

(Note: All mails in your inbox, spam, draft, and sent items would be deleted, and access to your account would be denied.)

but if you have no knowledge about this request Click here to cancel this request now to continue using our services.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive this message in your spam folder kindly indicate not spam to complete this exercise to secure your account.

Mailbox Team
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How to Avoid Scams in Your Inbox

A simple thing you can do to avoid email harvesting (where scammers and third parties harvest email addresses in bulk) is the so-called email address munging, or simply changing the “@” sign into “at” and the “.” into “dot”. This is especially valid for individuals with business emails that are visible to the entire internet.

In the article linked below you will find more reasons revealing why scammers have your email address in their lists:

Related: [wplinkpreview url=”https://sensorstechforum.com/4-reasons-receive-sextortion-email-scams/”] 4 Reasons Why You Receive Sextortion and Other Email Scams.

And once again, no matter how persuasive the scam email you received sounds, don’t fall for it because it is a scam.

If you receive a bogus email that you believe is a scam, you can send us a word using our website contact form, comment section or on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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