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If you believe your system has been infected by a ransomware, this category can help you learn more about your infection. The category contains daily updated, illustrated removal guides about the latest strains of crypto ransomware that encrypts users’ files and demands ransom payment. Here you will find instructions on how to remove each ransomware, and what steps to take to try and restore your encrypted files.

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Remove Ransom:Win32/Threatfin Completely

Ransom:Win32/Threatfin is classified as a ransomware that is usually installed via other malware through a backdoor. Ransom:Win32/Threatfin displays a full-screen message that blocks the desktop and makes it inaccessible. Certain files may also be encrypted. The displayed message contains information…


Remove Ransom:HTML/Crowti.A

Ransom:HTML/Crowti.A is a ransomware from the Ransom:win32/Crowti family. Once activated, the threat will encrypt certain files on the system and will demand a fee in order to decrypt them. Security experts from Microsoft recommend not paying the ransom. Paying is…

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