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Combo Cleaner Anti-Malware for Windows Review [2023]

What Is Combo Cleaner for Windows?

Combo Cleaner anti-malware for Windows is the latest product developed by RCS LT, designed to help Windows users clean up malware from their computer systems, free up junk, and help keep it safe in the future.

The company claims that their software is able to effectively scan and delete all types of files that are harmful for your windows computer and in the same time clean it up from files that make it slower and are bad for its health. In this review we have decided to check how good this software exactly is and how you can use it to optimize and clean up your device.

combo cleaner for windows software review

Combo Cleaner for Windows – Is It Good in 2023?

Combo Cleaner for Windows is very similar to Combo Cleaner for Mac, developed by the same company. The software is capable of detecting the latest malware threats.

The installation of the software on our test PC went smoothly, without any complicated instructions and steps. The software ran fast, without delays, welcoming us with a user-friendly interface:

combo cleaner anti malware scan

The interface of the software features a lot of different information and also quick access to selecting the type of real-time protection elements you want to switch on and off in case you’re doing something important on your device.

Combo Cleaner Anti-Malware Scanner Review

Combo Cleaner has a deep scan feature that looks into malware archives and detects threats. While this may not seem like a big deal, it could save you from opening an infected archive before you are even able to compromise your computer.

combo cleaner anti malware scanner

The scanner is able to cope with detecting and remediating threats of all types, ranging from the low-level type of suspicious software, such as PUPs, browser hijackers, adware, all the way to dangerous malware, like Trojans, Rootkits, Ransomware and others:


The scanner was able to cope with more sophisticated threats, like backdoor Trojans and was able to detect all of the related files and objects of those threads on the infected computer, plus remove all of the registries that are set by malware, which is important as it may prevent additional infections.

The anti-malware features of this software include the following:

  • An on-demand scanner, which allows you to select the files to be scanned for a virus in them.
  • Real-time scanner, that will detect a virus upon execution, preventing your PC from being compromised.
  • Anti-ransomware scanner that incorporates a module, tasked with protecting your files from being encrypted by a cryptovirus.
  • Web-protection feature, which stops malicious web links from causing an infection from your web browser.
  • Regular updates by security experts that add new malware to its definitions base.

Duplicate File Finder Feature

The Combo Cleaner software incorporates more than just an anti-malware scanner. It can also speed up your PC by freeing up space and eliminating junk duplicate files.

combo cleaner duplicate files finder

This is where its duplicate scanning feature comes in. What is good about it is you can also run a scan that will detect duplicate and junk files on external drives and other memory carriers. What is important is that this program is capable of detecting duplicate files that have different names, just by scanning them, based on size and file structure, which is great as it is very effective.

Big Files Finder Feature

This feature is also very important, as it has the capability to help you select the files that are taking huger chunks of drive space and allocate them accordingly. It is a decent tool if you want to free up some space on your System Drive, because it assists with scanning and detecting files over 100 MB, also making sure they are ordered by their type. Such files can be movies, images, audio files, etc, and this gives you a clear oversight of each file.

combo cleaner big files finder

An interesting feature about the big files finder is that it can detect files more than 5 GB really fast.

What We Like

  • Smart and quick scanner that detects unwanted files and objects.
  • Scans within archives.
  • Decent malware detection rate on our test.
  • А user-friendly control panel to allow you quick access to all features.

What Is Missing

  • This app could include more features for PC health and optimization, like in the Mac version.
  • Only two price plans available.

Combo Cleaner Profile

Name Combo Cleaner
Type PC Anti-Malware
Developer RCS LT
Operating System Windows
License Price €8.99 per month for 1 PC
User Experience Discuss Combo Cleaner In Our Forum

The Bottom Line

To summarize, Combo Cleaner for Windows uses the same definitions as the software for Mac. While the program could incorporate more PC health features as seen in its Mac version, like privacy scanner, app uninstaller, disk cleaner and others, it does retain the good and slick design. We also liked its on-demand scanner and real-time protection that can really save you when you least expect it.

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