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Decrypt Files Encrypted by Crypt888 (Mircop) Ransomware

decrypted-crypt888-ransomware-sensorstechforumAlso known as Mircop ransomware, Crypt888 has recently been released with a newly updated version that pretends to be another notorious ransomware virus – Petya. The crypto-malware is very specific when it comes to file encryption, using the “lock” string in the hex code to identify itself. The ransomware also has the capability of stealing credentials such as login details on widely used web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Skype, etc. The ransomware virus targets primarily folders that are often used by users and encrypts all widely used file types. All users who have become victims of the virus should know that recently, AVG security researchers have released a decryption tool for the malware which gives the opportunity to restore your files for free.

Crypt888 Ransomware More About The Threat

In it’s first version, the ransomware used a Guy Fawkes theme, featuring the mask in it’s ransom note which it later on sets as a wallpaper. The virus also demands the insane amount of BitCoin payoff of 48.48 BTC which equals to approximately 30 000 US dollars.


Since October the 11th researchers have discovered a modified version of this virus that aims to resemble another notorious virus – Petya ransomware to induce fear into users:


This variant demands the approximate sum of 0.8 BTC as a ransom payoff. There were many other “faces” of Crypt888 ransomware, such as an Italian, a Czech and a “Business Card” variant. All of these suggest to the fact that the virus may be uploaded for sale in the markets of the deep web.

Thankfully a handful of researchers at AVG have developed a decryptor allowing you to decrypt your files for free so If you still have the enciphered files, now is the time to decode them. Below, we have prepared instructions that will help you remove Mircop (Crypt888) and after this safely decrypt your files for free. Let’s begin!

Crypt888 Removal Instructions

To remove Crypt888, please guide yourself by following the removal instructions below. In case you are having difficulties in following the manual instructions we strongly advise you to use an anti-malware program that will assist in the detection of all the files and registry entries associated with Crypt888 automatically and swiftly.

Manually delete Crypt888 from your computer

Note! Substantial notification about the Crypt888 threat: Manual removal of Crypt888 requires interference with system files and registries. Thus, it can cause damage to your PC. Even if your computer skills are not at a professional level, don’t worry. You can do the removal yourself just in 5 minutes, using a malware removal tool.

1. Boot Your PC In Safe Mode to isolate and remove Crypt888 files and objects
2.Find malicious files created by Crypt888 on your PC

Automatically remove Crypt888 by downloading an advanced anti-malware program

1. Remove Crypt888 with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool and back up your data
2. Restore files encrypted by Crypt888

Crypt888 Decryption Instructions

Before beginning to use the decryptor, it is always good to perform a backup of your files, just in case they become corrupted, because of the software tampers with their structure. There are several ways to back them up; you can copy them to a flash drive or use a cloud backup software, such as SOS Online Backup or similar.

Step 1: Download AVG Crypt888 decryptor from the button below:

Step 2: Open the decryptor and click on “Next”.


Step 3: Select the drive you with to decrypt files in and click “Next” once more:


Step 4: Click on “Finish”.


Wait for the decryptor to decipher your files. After the job is complete, they will be saved on your computer. Bear in mind to backup your files since some of them may turn out corrupt.

Crypt888 Decryption – Conclusion

As a bottom line, Crypt888 Ransomware is a virus that is decryptable but keep in mind that some of the files may turn out corrupt and this is why you should create multiple copies of the encrypted files so you can attempt once again if you failed the first time. Also, bear in mind that while this ransomware is decryptable there are still many other threats out there that are not. This is why we suggest you to follow the instructions in the article below to help you learn how to store your important data securely:

Safely Store Your Important Files and Protect Them from Malware

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