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Evil Corp Hackers that stole $100 Million Indicted by US DoJ

Over the years there have been constant attacks with various malware, one of the main culprits appears to be a Russian hacking group called Evil Corp.

The are reported to have hijacked more than $100 million in various campaigns focusing mainly on using the Dridex malware. The larger campaigns have focused on financial institutions such as banks. The US DoJ has carried out an investigation that has resulted in their indictment.

Dridex Malware Attacks Are The Main Weapon of The Evil Corp Russian Hackers

Over the years one of the most popular hacking tools used by different hacking groups is the Dridex malware. This is a specialized malware designed to infiltrate target computers and steal conduct financial crimes such as funds and identity theft. One of the reasons why it is so successful is the fact that the threat is distributed using a very common mechanism — infected documents. The way this works is that the criminal group will embed the necessary code into the most common file formats used by documents and send them to the intended victims by using phishing campaigns.

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The Dridex malware can also be installed by other existing viruses — this means that ransomware and Trojans which have been able to infect the systems can install it. Usually they will perform some kind of a system manipulation and will bypass the existing security measures in order to deploy the malware threat.

Evil Corp Russian Hackers Charged by the US Department of Justice

The Evil Corp hackers have been running one of the most successful Dridex malware operations having being able to infect whole computer networks with the dangerous code. Over the years they have been able to gain access to banks and financial companies in over 40 countries which have caused more than $100 million theft. After a widespread investigation the DoJ has issued a reward for information regarding the capture of Evil Corp members. This has resulted in a large-scale operation with the intention of shutting down the group.

The aftermath of the operation resulted in the indictment of members that are suspected to be belonging to the hacking group. The investigation reveals that the collective is run by their leader Maksim Yakubets from Moscow. Reports indicate that is also associated in working with Evgeniy Bogachev who is responsible for spreading other banking Trojans such as Zeus and custom versions of it. Other Evil Corp members have also been put under indictment. Further information is available from the Treasury’s press release posted online.

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