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Good Christmas Gift Ideas for IT Professionals in 2016

Since Christmas is coming, we at Sensors Tech Forum have decided to change it up a bit and introduce to you several cool ideas of gifts that someone working in the IT industry would really enjoy. When it comes to a gift for an IT person, it is important for this gift to be attractively appearing, extremely useful, hopefully not “cut-your-head” expensive and very trendy. This is why we have summed up some tools that can help you make your IT friend an idea happier during Christmas. Let us begin!

A Powerful Portable Battery Bharger

If your IT person loves mobile devices but keeps making your head bigger by ranting about his battery getting drained very quickly even though he (most likely) chose a mobile device that is powerful, we advise you to use a powerful portable charger. These amazing devices eliminate the issue for constantly having to worry about mobile devices during travelling and they are not expensive as well. Their price usually varies somewhere in the $20 to $100 dollars for decent ones. Of course you can find even more powerful devices for higher price too.

A Fitness Tracker

There are many fitness tracking devices out there and if your IT person is very keen on sports, you should simply add the technology segment to his sports hobby, which will increase the level of happiness of this individual surely. There are trackable devices that will count steps, distances traveled and even sleep time. But they can also be interconnected with mobile apps to set specific fitness goals and alert the user constantly how close is he or she to those goals. Cool and smart IoT solution for your average tech geek that is not very expensive too. And the prices for decent ones of this range vary in the $10 to $200 dollars as well, making them a very attractive gift for someone close to you in the IT sector.

Bluetooth Speaker

Already a very trendy gift for quite some time now, Stereo Bluetooth speakers are being released with more and more features making the travelling IT geek who cannot live and work without music, get rid of headphones and listen to some nice, portable stereo sound. Not only this, but average life of the batteries of those devices has dramatically increased and some of those can even last you for days, it really depends on how much you are willing to spend. Decent Bluetooth speakers can be found in the $20 price range, but if you want a really beastly one, we recommend looking for ones in the price ranges above $50.

VR Headset.

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more widespread and everyone is using it. It has pushed the “big players” in the market to release headphones for hundreds of dollars that are extremely well synchronized with different operating systems. What is more, specific VR games have been released and YouTube VR videos have started to become more and more popular. This makes this trendy focus a very good 2k16 gift for Christmas, especially if the IT geek you want to make happier is into VR. Along with the new Windows VR support in it’s update, it is a good future investment as well. And you do not have to look for any specific high-range devices tool. In fact, Google’s cardboard VR headset, which can be used with most smartphones is just $15, but there are many other stand-alone VR devices that are ranging in the tents to hundreds of dollars and are almost as good as the expensive VR headsets, made by HTC, Sony and others. We recommend to look for good and standalone VR headsets in the price range $70 to $500.

Gift Cards

IT geeks love the power of choice. And let us face it, it may not be polite to say the price of a gift, but if you give choice, the price won’t matter, because well, choice is more than price. This is why, if you do not understand what exactly your IT buddy wants, because you are not an IT person yourself, simply buy him or her a gift card. This will allow for them to choose what type of IT gift they would get for themselves and make them very thankful you did not screw up their gift. Also, there are plenty of vouchers to choose from – Amazon, Apple, Steam and many other companies that support trading platforms offer such vouchers. This is why this is our personal favorite if you do not exactly know what someone really wants and don’t have the time to figure it out too.

Car Heads-Up Display

A very modern gift for the tech-geeks who love adding gadgets on their cars, the HUD is a very interesting addition to a car and also very safety oriented as well. Given that most drivers are distracted nowadays from smartphones and other devices, car makers increasingly focus on adding tablet-like devices. Well, here is where the HUD becomes very useful, allowing to project it’s own or your smartphone’s screen on your front windshield. Cool and futuristic, here are several suggestions to begin with.

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