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Heimdal PRO Version 2.2.6 Software Review


Heimdal PRO version 2.2.6 by Heimdal Security is a second-generation security solution that is cloud-based and is complimentary to an anti-virus program already running on your computer. Heimdal PRO provides a second layer of protection for your system, specifically guarding it against financial and data stealing threats and ransomware.

App Profile

Name Heimdal PRO Version 2.2.6
Type Second Generation Security Solution
Developer Heimdal Security
Official Website HeimdalSecurity.com
Operating System 32- and 64-bit Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7
License Price € 34 per year
Free Version Yes. Heimdal FREE
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Why would you need additional protection? Information stealers and crypto viruses (also known as ransomware) take advantage of security holes, known as zero-day and zero-hour vulnerabilities. Many users are unaware of the dangers of malicious links, e-mail attachments and executables sneaking in through such loopholes and carrying malware. Due to the success of these attacks and the overall increasing malware infection rates, a standalone antivirus program is not enough for a thoroughly protected system.

Heimdal PRO: Technical Features

As mentioned previously, an application like Heimdal PRO increases your security against zero-day malware and shields your personal and banking information by providing crucial updates whenever they are available.

Heimdal PRO System Requirements

  • The program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. If it’s not available on your system, Heimdal will automatically download and install it for you.
  • The program is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit systems, and runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

The security solution implements the following features that can be switched on and off depending on your preferences:

Traffic Scanning and Traffic Filtering


Once installed, the program will start scanning your Internet traffic in order to block malicious websites and content distributing zero-day exploits.

When traffic filtering is enabled, Heimdal PRO will apply a filter on the network adapter. This filter will scan for compromised websites, servers, advertisements, typically used for malware distribution or as gateways for cyber-attacks.

Malware Engine and Malware Scanning


How does Heimdal PRO’s malware engine work? It analyzes suspicious code to timely detect spyware, Trojans, financial malware and harmful scripts. To do so, the engine compares the signatures of all the files on your system to a regularly updated database. The good news is that this process doesn’t affect the performance of the operating system, as it runs silently in the background without interrupting your routines.

Patching System and Software Updates


Currently, Heimdal patches the following software:

7-zip, CCleaner, Firefox, Filezilla, Skype, Adobe Shockwave, Chrome, VLC, WinRar, Adobe Flash Plugin, Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, Gimp, Libre Office, Thunderbird, Notepad++, Pidgin, Jitsi, Google Drive, Java, Adobe, Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Plugin, Adobe AIR, QuickTime, iTunes.

The patches for these software products are downloaded directly from the official server. Heimdal adds specific code to install the updates silently and timely.

Heimdal PRO is designed to scan your system every 2 hours for software that is out-of-date, which are exposing users to zero-day and zero-hour exploits. Thе frequent update system takes care of security holes in your system abused by cyber criminals in 85% of all attacks.

The program also features RSS feed where you can get hold of information regarding the latest security threats out there in the wild. You can also track the infections detected on your system, and the websites that have been blocked. Just navigate to the green button in the top right corner of Heimdal PRO’s main windows.

To summarize:

  • Heimdal PRO installs updates once they are available in a silent, unnoticeable manner.
  • Heimdal PRO scans your system every 2 hours and improves your protection against zero-day and zero-hour exploits.
  • Heimdal PRO doesn’t get in the way of the system’s performance.
  • Heimdal PRO adds another layer of protection and can run alongside antivirus programs.
  • The developers of the program have provided useful information about their product and its functionalities – just click on the small blue icon next to the program’s features.


Heimdal PRO is a security solution that will improve your online protection against currently active malware targeting your finances and personal information, without draining your system’s resources. It runs in the background silently alongside “classic” antivirus products, providing additional layer of protection and applying security patches to your vulnerable applications.

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