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Hidden Menu Android Virus Removal

What Is Hidden Menu?

Hidden Menu Android Virus Removal Hidden Menu is a suspicious application that targets Android users. Once installed on your device in a covert manner, Hidden Menu could compromise your device’s security by obtaining your passwords and generating intrusive browser redirects to scamming pages.

Other capabilities may range from taking control over your camera to stealing your passwords and financial details, suggesting that this is a very dangerous malware.

This article will help you understand the nature of the Hidden Menu threat and how to remove it from your affected Android device.

Hidden Menu Threat Summary

Name Hidden Menu
Type Android Virus
Short Description May enter your device and steal crucial information from it.
Symptoms You may see slow downs and other activities on your device.
Distribution Method Via fake third-party apps or adverts.
User Experience Join Our Forum to Discuss Hidden Menu.

Hidden Menu Virus – How Did I Get It

This is a malicious app that may enter your device through Android vulnerabilities or opening suspicious links or email attachments.

Infection methods include the following:

  • In case it is downloaded as some type of a third-party application that is outside Google Play Store.
  • If your Android device has had a malicious script being injected on it as a result of tapping on a malicious link or a browser redirect.
  • If an otherwise legitimate application has pushed a dangerous advertisement on your Android, that has redirected to a virus script page.

Hidden Menu Virus – What Does It Do?

The malware could get permissions over your Android from its settings, while pretending to likely be some kind of a legitimate application. It may have components that are installed in a hidden way after getting those permissions, and these components are responsible for its malicious actions. Based on what its initial purpose, the software may perform the following malicious activities:

  • Regular checks of the phone.
  • Obtaining the phone’s contacts.
  • Complete control of the SMS services.
  • Complete control of the phone’s phone calls.
  • Changing the malicious web server from which virus files are downloaded.
  • Creating a lock screen on your device and showing a third-party web page.
  • Running scripts that accumulate password and username info for different purposes.
  • Switching off and or restarting a device.

Removing Hidden Menu from your Android device is high advisable.

How to Remove Hidden Menu Malware from Android

Hidden Menu can be removed effectively from your Android if you follow the steps below. They have been created with the primary purpose to help you uninstall this application manually by resetting your device. One advise that we will give you is to backup all the data on your device and change all of your passwords from a safe computer or phone.

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