Loompasplace Pop-Up Removal from iPhone and Mac

Loompasplace Pop-Up Removal from iPhone and Mac

Update August 2019. What is Loompasplace (loompasplace.com) and why does it pop-up on your iPhone / Mac device?

Loomasplace is an invasive pop-up stemming from a suspicious domain that has been reported to harass Apple users. Once it appears on the screen of your iPhone or Mac device, it attempts to convince you that you have been selected to win a prize (for example, a voucher). The loompasplace.com pop-up may also initiate more unwanted browser redirects. Long story short, the pop-up is an indication of a browser hijacker or potentially unwanted program.

Threat Summary

NameLoompasplace pop-up
TypeBrowser Redirect, PUP
Short DescriptionAn invasive scam message that is probably pushed by an active potentially unwanted program or browser hijacker.
SymptomsAn annoying pop-up shows up claiming you have won a prize.
Distribution MethodFreeware Packages, Software Bundles
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Loompasplace pop-up

Combo Cleaner

Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Loompasplace pop-up.

Loompasplace Pop-Up – What is It All About?

The Loompasplace pop-up may be considered a “virus” due to its sudden appearance. In fact, this pop-up is not a virus at all. Its annoying presence on Mac devices is usually a result of an unattended installation of a potentially unwanted program with browser-hijacking capabilities.

It’s very likely that you may have installed an extra (bundled) app along with a recently downloaded program. A way to prevent installing undesired apps is the Advanced/Custom installer option as sometimes it reveals the presence of PUPs and enables you to opt out their installation.

Another issue that may be a result of the Loompasplace pop-up pop-up is intensive browser crashes. To fix this issue you need to restart the device and relaunch the browser by holding the shift key down. Then you should remove all unknown profiles and bogus extensions. You should also reset your search engine and homepage, if needed.

If the completion of these steps doesn’t solve the problem and the pop-up keeps showing up either on your iPhone or your Mac, have a look at our corresponding removal guides and find out how to fully get rid of the Loompasplace pop-up.

Remove Loompasplace Pop-Up from iPhone and iPad

Option I: Via the device

1.Back up your data using iCloud or another backup method.
2. Go to the Settings menu and go to General.
3. On the bottom, tap on Reset.
4. Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.
5. Confirm it by tapping on the red Erase button and then type your password.

Option II: Via iTunes

1. Connect your device and open iTunes.
2. Click on the device‘s name and model to open the dialog box.
3. From there, click on the button “Restore”

Remove Loompasplace Pop-Up from Mac

In order to remove the Loompasplace pop-up “virus” along with all associated files, you should complete several removal steps. The guide below presents all removal steps for Mac in their precise order. You could choose between manual and automatic removal approach. In order to fully get rid of this particular undesired program and strengthen the security of your Mac we recommend you to combine the steps. Have in mind that files associated with this PUP may be detected as general threats like adware, browser hijacker, rogue program, deceptive app, etc.


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