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MyRadioAccess Toolbar Description and Removal

MyRadioAccess Toolbar is a legitimate browser extension that helps users listen to radio via their web browser, using Flash Player. However, it has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, famous for making useless PUPs that they disregard as insecure. Mindspark is also notorious for their usage of cookies and close collaboration with third party advertisers.

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MyRadioAccess – How Does It Work?


MyRadioAccess can be downloaded from their website However, most users may install this toolbar unknowingly by installing other free programs, it is combined with. Usually, it is included in one of the installation steps with text, similar to ‘Include MyRadioAccess as a free extra!’ or a separate installation step with a button ‘I Agree’.


When attempted to install MyRadioAccess toolbar, we noticed unusual permission requests regarding the extensions. Some of those were the managing of user downloads, apps, extensions and themes and also reading and changing user browsing history. Also, we saw similar Privacy Policy, connected with possible information aggregation and sharing. There is also a ‘Security’ paragraph, where Mindspark claims their product is insecure.


Once on the computer, MyRadioAccess changed our homepage with custom search engine. It is famous for its use of tracking cookies, which may collect different user information, such as IP Address, Location, user search history. The toolbar worked. However, it had to open three pop-up windows to get us to actual live radio stations. Those were based on our location, and we managed to be able to listen to some radio stations. However, all the other buttons on the toolbar had third-party links to other websites.

MyRadioAccess may not be directly dangerous to the computer, however while using it we noticed some advertisements on the radio pop-ups that redirected to third-party sites. Third-parties for such PUP applications may be dangerous to the computer in several ways, main of which are:

→-Download malware on the PC.
-Prompt the user to enter different information. (Surveys, Registration for a prize, etc.)
-Display fake PC problems with tech support numbers.
-Prompt for financial info.

These may be the main dangers in regards to suspicious third-party sites. However, cyber-criminals are continuously working on creating new methods to obtain information from the users.

MyRadioAccess Toolbar Removal Manual

In case you want to Uninstall MyRadioAccess from your computer, you should follow the removal manual that is provided below. In some instances, after removal some programs may leave traces or files on the machine. This is why a good recommendation is to install an anti-malware program on your machine and scan it with it to detect and remove any PUPs and intrusions. Also, this software should remain on your computer to automatically protect yours from future threats.

Spy Hunter scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the anti-malware tool.Find Out More About SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool / How to Uninstall SpyHunter

1. Restore the settings in your browser
2. Remove MyRadioAccess Toolbar automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

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Berta is a dedicated malware researcher, dreaming for a more secure cyber space. Her fascination with IT security began a few years ago when a malware locked her out of her own computer.

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