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Puma Source Code Stolen by Hackers in an Attempt to Extort the Company

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Puma, the sportswear manufacturer, has been compromised in a cyberattack.

Reports by The Record (by Recorded Future) reveal that some of Puma’s source code has been stolen by hackers, in an attempt to try and extort the company into paying a ransom demand. Hackers have threatened Puma to release their stolen files on a dark web leak portal, called Marketo, specialized in selling stolen data.

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Puma Source Code to Be Leaked Soon?

According to The Record, the entry advertising Puma’s data was added to the leak portal more than two weeks ago. Robert-Jan Bartunek, head for Puma’s corporate communications, has confirmed that Puma source code for an internal application was leaked.

Fortunately, no consumer or employee data has been affected by this incident, but hackers do claim that they have more than 1 GB Puma data. Little chunks of this data were leaked to prove the hackers’ claims, indicating that the threat actors might have obtained Puma’s data from a Git source code repository.

It appears that Puma haven’t contacted the administrators of Marketo, meaning that the rest of the data would be released soon, The Record added. Other companies currently listed on the forum include company names such as Siemens Gamesa, Kawasaki, Fujitsu, among others.

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