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Most Secure VPN for Turkey

DNS Leak Protection
Hotspot Shield
See Review
AES 256-bit, IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 2500 across 25 countries Visit Site
AES 256-bit, ChaCha20Poly1305, Camellia 256-bit, OpenVPN No Logging 400 across 70 locations Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, PPTP, IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 2000 across 62 countries Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 5000 across 62 countries Visit Site
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AES 256-bit, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec No Logging 1155 in 60+ countries Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, Stealth No Logging 2200 in 140 countries Visit Site
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AES 256-bit, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, Chameleon No Logging 700 in 70+ countries Visit Site
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SLL to AES-256, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2 No Logging 220+ servers in 50+ countries Visit Site
PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, AES-256 No Logging 3,250 servers in 25 countries Visit Site

Why The Need for VPN?

Probably the most important reason why the mass of people do need a secure and private VPN is the fact that they come extremely handy when it comes down to accessing websites that are not available in your country. The technology itself acts as if it is a tunnel between the user and the web and more to it than that, it can also make it seem as if the user is browsing from the country from which they want to access a site. For example if a site is restricted to you in the USA, you simply switch the VPN server to the USA one and you have access to this website. And not just any access that is detectable, but a fully private and encrypted one, which also ensures that your security from viruses is also significantly improved.

VPN services have been created with the main idea of ensuring that they serve not only as a Proxy between your computer and the internet, but their goal is to secure your internet connection. Their main idea is to encrypt the communication and anable it to be similar to what many of us know as peer-to-peer connecton. This is very suitable for company use as a company may set up an internal VPN network which is encrypted and nobody can intercept the communication within this network. The main idea behind this is to increase the privacy from “prying eye” entities, like government, conglomerates and hackers.

VPN software has numerous benefits and to summarize them, the biggest reasons for using a VPN are the following:

  • You can access websites that are not available in your area or country.
  • VPN can increase virus protection.
  • VPN can repel websites that track you.
  • Private networks increase privacy via an extremely strong encryption being used.
  • Very suitable for private communication between companies or individuals.

Why You Need To Use VPN Services in Turkey?

One of the reasons why users may want to use a VPN service in Turkey is due to the widespread Internet restrictions that are part of the country’s laws. Turkey has very strong penal code for offenses related to defamation and negative speech against the institutions of the country. This in turn leads to a severe direct violation of free speech. The country has implemented state-controlled control of some of the media and censorship for others. Consequently there are topics which are very sensitive to the government officials.

Over time the company’s Internet censorship has changed its status from “moderate” to “severe” (or “critical”) based on numerous studies and reports by international institutions. Depending on the conditions regional Internet blackouts may be present. Examples of restrictions and specific cases include the following:

  • Many web pages may become inaccessible, certain key words may altogether be filtered from search engine results.
  • When active Internet censorship is in effect bandwidth throttling cn occur which can make files transfer and regular Internet browsing very difficult.
  • At any given time overall Internet access can be shut down with technical means.
  • Surveillance and profiling of all Internet users is being done. Many users may resort to self-censorship in order to protect themselves from possible accusations of criminal activity.

While the government has imposed a ban of the TOR network and most VPN services it is by no means all-encompassing. The way VPN services work is by “tunelling” the Internet traffic through an encrypted network via servers located in different countries. The protected content cannot be scanned by the government’s algorithms and can pass through without problems. The only possible way that the Internet censorship can occur is when the regulators known the VPN service endpoints and can block these connections. Because the VPN services use an constantly expanding number of IP addresses all around the world this measure is not effective against them.

How We Ranked This List?

Since there is already a bunch of VPN software specifically used in Turkey, we have decided to show you the best programs of this bunch. The main idea behind this is that not each VPN service can fully be trusted. The main idea behind this is that the VPN services themselves may have suspicious privacy policies and tracking practices. This is why we have decided to rank the best VPN software in Turkey, based on the following criteria:

  • The security of the VPN in question.
  • The VPN’s privacy protection.
  • The speed of the connection and it’s uptime.
  • The condition of the servers of the VPN.
  • Which Geo-Restriction sites, you can access in Turkey.

Based on these criteria, we have managed to summon and rank the top 10 VPN services and programs to use if you are in Turkey. Let’s begin!

Hotspot Shield VPN for Turkey – Review

Hotspot Shield is a service with long-standing history with VPNs. They are created by AnchorFree and they have servers all around the world with an aready established good reputation for having strong and stable connection. They have advanced in a way that enables them to even block connections from sites which are malicious. Moreso, Hotspot shield lets you register in an anonymous way for the paid service with nothing but an e-mail address. The only downside in terms of privacy is that you have to pay by credit card, as they do not accept BitCoins and cryptocurrencies just yet.


When it comes to Privacy, Hotspot Shield are the type of company which is extremely obsessed with privacy. Their Premium service is a perfect privacy solution if you are located in Turkey with the only downside of it being the fact that VPNs should be used with care in the country’s borders. Other countries where you can use Hotspot Shield VPN are:

  • China.
  • Iran.
  • Oman.
  • Russia.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Belarus.
  • Iraq.
  • North Korea.
  • Turkmenistan.

The program has been created to work within the borders of any country, but in some countries, it is illegal to use VPN to some or all extent.


Hotspot Shield VPN takes security to extremes. The service uses 256-bit AES encryption algorithm that ciphers the data and makes it completely unreadable in a matter of seconds. The main idea is that even if you have connected to a public Wi-Fi, your connection cannot be tracked via network sniffing and other network spyware. The AES-256 bit is an encryption algorithm that is classified as a Suite.B cipher and is also used by the NSA to secure top secret eyes only type of files, so if the VPN server securing the connection is not compromised, which is not likely to happen, then you can rest assured that the security of Hotspot Shield is among the best.


Since VPN services encrypt your data, they ask that your connection passes through a VPN server before accessing the internet. This is where Hotspot Shield separates itself from low-quality servers as the program is very well suitable for providing a drastic difference by having VPN servers that are among the fastest in the whole industry and the company works hard to keep them fast and constantly invests in more advanced technologies that ensure privacy without sacrificing much of the speed.


Hotspot Shield VPN currently has 2,500 VPN specialized high-speed VPN servers located in 25 countries across the globe.

What We Like
Very strong encryption.
Has an extensive server database.
Concentrated on no-logging policy.
What is Missing
Could include more extra features.
Could have a better live support.

Keep Solid VPN for Turkey – Review

Keep Solid VPN is a company which has created with the mission to make their product in the Japanese product creation methodology – to maximize benefits at minimal costs. This makes them a modern organization for which the opiion of the customer is very important and essential, since they are all about maximizing the good feeling and satisfaction while their product is being used. They excel at creating a business-type of VPN service, whose main goal is to. The service offers access to AES encrypted technology and the best part is that it does not allow limits on the bandwidth as well as the connection speed.


Keep Solid VPN Unlimited offers anonymity at a very high level as they are able to change your physical location and IP address, and in addition to this, the service offers various different types of protection protocols against hackers, advertisers and big websites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


When it comes to security, the VPN Unlimited service uses strong encryption, which ensures protection of all the personal passwords, protecting the user from prying eyes, like third-party websites and hackers as well. And they even offer 7 day trial as a test to see If the service is suitable enough.

When it comes to encryption, Keep Solid uses the following protocols:

  • AES-256-bit and 128-bit.
  • IKEv2 connection.
  • Camellia 256-bit.
  • ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption.
  • OpenVPN protocol on Android.


When it comes to the speed, Keep Solid is very well focused on allowing the user to choose the preferred location from their servers which are high-speed type of machines, specifically designed to provide encrypted high-speed access. The servers can be chosen to your approximate location, so if you are located in Turkey, you can choose the closest server in Europe, based on your location.


KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has more than 400 servers with high-speed connection and they are spread across more than 70 locations globally and they support fast connection in Turkey.

What We Like
Offers unique Camellia and ChaCha encryption modes.
Very well laid out server locations.
Optimized and speedy servers.
What is Missing
Could include web protection against phishing and several other extra tools for the price it’s offered at.

ExpressVPN for Turkey – Review

Being located in the British Virgin Ilands, the ExpressVPN service first started locally and have come to the point that they are now a global company which is known for it’s fast speed, orientation towards mobile devices and also very strong protection. Not only this, but they also offer extensive support and encryption over a wide range of devices – smartphones, PCs, and Macs. ExpressVPN also offers services that correspond to other, more advanced devices, like routers, and Linux OS.


The ExpressVPN services are among the most secure VPN services and they have retained this reputation. They have embedded protection against DNS leakage and also have the proprietary security protocols, like IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC and other well-known protocols in the trade. They also update their protocols to make sure that data cannot be sniffed and obtained by third-party prying eyes.


To ensure that you stay private while browsing and your connection cannot be checked on, ExpressVPN applies AES-256 encryption, which gives the ability to conceal any internet data, as if your computer, smartphone, tablet or router is not there. And if the communication is somehow compromised, the service has a kill switch that immediately shuts it down.


The speed of ExpressVPN is known to be much faster than competition services, like NordVPN. In fact, it is one of the strongest core competences of the company, allowing it to be among the fastest competitors when it comes down to VPN.


The primary servers of the company are approximately 2000 in count and they are spread across 94 countries. The company gives the ability to connect up to three devices at the same time.

What We Like
Wide coverage of nearly 100 different countries.
The speed is arguably the fastest among the competitors.
Policy to not log any traffic and data is strictly kept.
What is Missing
The price is a bit higher than most of the competition.
The company could have more servers.
No support via phone.

NordVPN for Turkey – Review

NordVPN is the company which does have a lot of VPN built-in features working with a very good quality. They provide perfect protection against information leaking and also have IPv4 and IPv6 protection as well as WebRTC addresses and not only this, but the company also offers various different types of protection services that are constantly updated. NordVPN, also shows their extensive experience in the double-layer encryption which they employ in the private tunnels hosted b them. These are nearly impossible to reveal any information, even if the most advanced computers are used to decipher sniffed data.


Being one of the best In the business, NordVPN have embedded DNS leak protection, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. They also ensure that WebRTC protols are constantly ip to date and they also have mobile protocols, like IKEv2 added.


When it comes to privacy, NordVPN does stand out from the crown in their Onion Over VPN feature, which uses nodes from the TOR network to further increase privacy and security. In addition to this, their double encryption also forbids any sniffer to see what information is transferred through the VPN in rea time. If there is any intrusion detected in the tunnel, the VPN uses it’s Kill-Switch to automatically disable itself and then restart automatically in a secure manner.This makes NordVPN very privacy-rugged and user-friendly in the same time.


When it comes to speed, NordVPN is not the type of company to restrict users when it comes to speed. They have taken down any limitations to provide constant speed, but since this is a VPN, you should always be ready for a connection lag here and there for a brief moment. They have their UDP that ensures that the closest server that is up is connected to your device, even though some users have reported that in some occasions, speed is slower than competition.


NordVPN is the type of company which has quite the power in this sector with over 5000 live servers in over 62 countries.

What We Like
Decent license price.
Unlimited traffic.
A single license covers more than 6 devices.
What is Missing
Multiple devices cannot be connected with NordVPN at the same time.
Complicated evaluation period.
Slower speed compared to competitors.

IPVanish VPN for Turkey – Review

IPVanish is continuously emerging in different reviews, charts and news traveling from mouth to mouth. IPVanish is located in the United States and its Chief Technology Officer is Josh Gagliardi, who works at Highwinds, which is a subsidiary of the cybersecurity giant StackPath. IPVanish provides speeds almost as close as a person’s original Internet connection speed.

IPVanish’s Security

It is questionable questionable whether IPVanish provides a full DNS Leak Protection and if all the problematic IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC protocols are covered. IPVanish utilizes OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols. No-logging of data is utilized. IPVanish also uses 256-bit AES encryption. All of the above listed features ensure a secure browsing experience for users.

IPVanish’s Privacy

In terms of privacy, IPVanish is a good choice, due to the fact that it does exactly what is stated on its website. It uses multiple protocols to hide your IP address and adheres to its no-logging information policy, so it is definitely better than a free VPN service.

IPVanish’s Speedy

IPVanish slows down Internet speed, but only by a very little margin. It claims to be the World’s fastest VPN, but that is arguable. It offers unlimited bandwidth. However, if you are looking for a quick support, note that IPVanish does not provide such. On the support page there is a note that states that a backlog of up to a day and a half might occur. If you are a business that relies heavily on Internet, that is a downside to be considered.

IPVanish’s Servers

The servers of IPVanish are located in more than 60 countries, with around 1155 servers located in all seven continents across the globe. However, there is not much transparency about them other than that. Still, servers are plenty and provide a decent availability and network coverage.

What We Like
All VPN features included with every plan.
No traffic logs.
Unlimited bandwidth.
What is Missing
Slow Support response.
More expensive than ExpressVPN.
Some geo-restricted content remains inaccessible.

PureVPN for Turkey – Review

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based company which is spread all across the globe. This allows them to create a lot of promotional offers towards users and they use these offers to attract more and more customers lately. They offer high-end encryption, leak protection and a lot of optional extras to their services.


When we talk about security, PureVPN is not the type of company that will take this lightly. They use not only standard protocols and AES-256 encryption, but they also apply PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and other encryption protocols allowing them to perform multiple different types of extras. The main one of the offered tech by PureVPN are the virtual routing and the split tunneling options, which they proudly advertise. And for good reason too, since these technologies also allow them to give you high-end protection for routers as well as encrypt only important data bits. In addition to this, you also remain protected, while in the same time your connection stays at a decent high-speed, level, allowing you to play online games and conduct calls without lagging.


PureVPN cares about users’ privacy and they are definitey aware of the strong competition in the segment. Not only PureVPN does offer high-end encryption modes, but they also have a policy that forbids logging. Furhtermore, they also have DNS leak protection mechanisms and rapid KillSwitch functions that automatically detect compromised connections.


When it comes to perfoemance, the servers of PureVPN for Turkey do show little lagging and they have very good uptimes. If you are using PureVPN, rest assured that you will not experience any problems often.

PureVPN currently has over 2200 servers set in more than 140 countries globally. The number of servers could be less than what it is in other companies bu given the higher density and the servers clustering, they should provide a very reliable connection.

What We Like
No traffic logs are kept.
Wide, dense network coverage and stable connection.
Virtual router technology.
What is Missing
No free evaluation period provided.
Reported to have had DNS leaks in the past.
Slower than other VPNs in this price range.

VyprVPN for Turkey – Review

As with the previously mentioned VPN services on this list, VyprVPN also provides an extensive DNS Leak Protection (Including IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC protocols), which is tested by clients. VyprVPN includes support for a L2TP/IPSec protocols as well as OpenVPN. VyprVPN has a no-logging policy. VyprVPN also enforces all IPv6 traffic to be via its network and avoid any IPv6 leaks. Overall, that is a pretty solid VPN in security-wise.

VyprVPN’s Privacy

VyprVPN values privacy, due to the fact that there is no logging of Web traffic and data over its secure tunnels. With encryption and having the latest and up-to-date security protocols enabled, you can be sure that no middle-man attacks can follow.

VyprVPN’s Speed

VyprVPN offers an okay speed, despite being rather slow compared to all previously discussed VPNs in this article. Torrenting is technically possible but VyprVPN is not built for that. If you break any copyright laws via downloading torrents for say a movie that is still sold in cinemas, your VyprVPN account will get suspended with no refund eligibility. Support is via a ticket system that is somewhat slow, especially around holidays. Most businesses will have to keep that in mind.

VyprVPN’s Servers

VyprVPN has more than 700 servers Worldwide, and although that seems to be enough for providing a decent service, its speed is lacking as said above. With a spread of little over 70 countries, VyprVPN provides an okay alternative for people who need access to geo-restricted sites.

What We Like
Piece of cake to set up and use.
Decent pricing plans.
What is Missing
Carefree torrenting made virtually impossible.
Support has a slow response time.
Slow speed compared to competitors in the same price range.

IvacyVPN for Turkey – Review

IvacyVPN or for short Ivacy is based in Singapore and has servers that are located across 50 countries. The service uses a new revolutionary “Stealth” technology in combination with a 256 bit encryption and thus they manage to assure that both privacy and protection for their users is kept at a top-notch level, while maintaining good connection quality at a competitive price in the sector.


IvacyVPN is the type of service, which has an obsession with privacy. While standard VPN will block out any penetration of their VPN, they go as far as to stop Internet Service Providers from directly tracking users. This is done by simply not keeping any type of logs on the user’s activity in the World Wide Web. And not only this, but the Stealth protocol, used by this VPN service, also ensures anonymity while using IvacyVPN.


IvacyVPN is the type of company, which has extensive support of all encryption levels, varying from SLL to AES-256 bit encryption. They also use PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2. They also have enforcing of IPv6 traffic to their network in order to avoid any IPv6 leaks. In addition to this, they can also allow users to switch among encryption levels in order to protect their identity.

To summarize the servers IvacyVPN offers, they have servers located across 50 countries:

  • Over 80 servers in Europe.
  • Over 70 servers in North America including servers in Canada and US.
  • Over 50 servers in Asia.
  • Over 12 servers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Over 6 servers in South America.
  • Over 6 servers in Africa.

This allows Ivacy to spread diverse and easily accessible connection on a global level.


IvacyVPN has a good constant speed and with it’s 80 servers, located across Europe, using it in Turkey should not be a problem, as long as your internet connection is fast. In addition to this, IvacyVPN aims to provide an efficient connection which is sometimes cluttered and can represent problems for mobile users. But if you are not a mobile user, IvacyVPN is the type of VPN you should go for.

What We Like
Good performance.
IPv6 Leak Protection.

What’s Missing
Refund on limited conditions.
Mobile support could be better.

PIA VPN for Turkey – Review

“Private Internet Access” or PIA for short is another VPN that you can consider if you need a high quality service for a cheaper price compared to the competition of this ranking. Located in the United States, PIA uses a state of the art, tier-1 multi-gigabit private network and allows you to run five different devices simultaneously with it.


In terms of privacy, Private Internet Access is a good choice, due to the fact that it does exactly what is stated on its website. It uses a SOCKS5 proxy, plus multiple protocols to hide your IP address and keeps no logging information anywhere, so you can’t be identified by anyone.


Private Internet Access has built-in system for malware and advertisement blocking along with the security protocols PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. When you add the proxy it uses, this makes for a very secure VPN service that puts its users inside a private, encrypted network (which includes Wi-Fi) with unique ports. All of the above listed features ensure an anonymous and safe browsing experience for users.


The servers of Private Internet Access are more in number than most VPNs, especially in that price range. To be more specific, PIA has more than 3,250 servers at their disposal, scattered across 25 countries, while these numbers are slowly, but steadily growing. That big range of availability in terms of servers offers ease of access for users, which makes some websites and services to block you from using them, such as Netflix for instance.

Unfortunately, the speed of the Private Internet Access can sometimes be slower than advertised. Even if you get a higher range of servers and availability, when downloading files the speed might be a bit slower than other VPN services of that range. Still, the service remains fairly fast and easy to set up.

What We Like
Cheap prices.
No traffic logs.
Unlimited bandwidth.

What’s Missing
Some websites block it.
Occasional slower speed downloads.

Ventsislav Krastev

Ventsislav is a cybersecurity expert at SensorsTechForum since 2015. He has been researching, covering, helping victims with the latest malware infections plus testing and reviewing software and the newest tech developments. Having graduated Marketing as well, Ventsislav also has passion for learning new shifts and innovations in cybersecurity that become game changers. After studying Value Chain Management, Network Administration and Computer Administration of System Applications, he found his true calling within the cybersecrurity industry and is a strong believer in the education of every user towards online safety and security.

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  1. Dana

    Lovely article Ventsislav, it seems like you covered all of the top VPN providers in the market. I’m using nordvpn and didn’t notice any major speed drop as yous state. It probably just depends on what server you are connected and the ISP provider.

    1. Ventsislav Krastev

      It also heavily depends on what is your internet connection as well. For a test, try comparing on Speedtest.net without a VPN and with a VPN to see the difference. It is almost minimal in the Upload, but with the download, the connection may be a bit slower. For faster results, i always recommend to use a direct cable connection instead of wi-fi, where possible.

  2. Jane

    When I went on my business trip to Turkey, the company insisted on installing a VPN on every device I had, especially on my laptop. So, I got a NordVPNs app. At first, I was skeptical about all geo-restrictions part but tried accessing some pages with and without a VPN. The results were surprising to me. I could access my regular content without a VPN.

  3. Basile

    je suis un grand voyageur donc j’ai toujours opté pour NordVPN pour mes voyages courts et lents. J’ai testé se service pour 2 ans et je peux dire que c’est le meilleur que je connaisse pour le moment…

  4. Aleesha

    Oui, c’est ca. Nordvpn un vpn avec une bonne vitesse, sans limitation et qui ne pompe pas tes données… parfait!

  5. Fabien

    Ventislav, y’a un bon article sur la vitesse de NordVPN, ça peut être intéressant pour vous: techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/internet/how-speed-up-nordvpn-3691036


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