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Personal Details of Tokyo Olympics Ticket Purchasers Leaked Online


Olympic Games Tokyo Data Leak Reported

According to a government official, an online data leak affecting the personal information of Tokyo Olympics ticket purchasers has happened, Kyodo News recently reported. The same details of Paralympic ticket owners and individuals who had used a volunteer portal for the Summer Games were leaked as well.

The government official spoke anonymously, clarifying that the organizer of the Games has already initiated an investigation related to the incidents.

Apparently, the data leak is small-scale, with measures already in motion to prevent further spread of personal information of ticket buyers.

What personal details of Tokyo Olympics ticket purchasers were affected?

According to the anonymous report, usernames and passwords which were used to log in to websites for volunteers and ticket purchasers were harvested by an unauthorized access to computers or smartphones, Kyodo News said. The stolen details were then posted on a website exposing the personal information of the affected individuals.

In case of stolen login IDs and passwords, it may be possible for intruders to access even more personal data, such as name, address, and registered bank account, the news outlet warned.

Other recent data leaks

In the past few years, we have reported several record-breaking password data collections, pointing at large-scale data breaches. It seems that one of the largest such collections, dubbed RockYou2021, was recently posted on a popular hacker forum. Allegedly, the collection is made of 8.4 billion passwords collected in a 100GB text file. The most likely scenario is that the collection is compiled of previous data breaches.

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