Remove Your Norton security software expired Pop-Up (March 2020)

Remove “OSX Security Notification” (Your Norton security software expired)

Did you suddenly start seeing a pop-up in your Safari browser claiming that “Your Norton security software expired today”? The whole message would say something like:

OSX Security Notification: Your Norton security software expired today. Renew now to protect your computer from malwares, viruses, and computer hackers.

“OSX Security Notification” Scam Pop-Up in Safari

The issue is that users like you who have been seeing this message don’t have any Norton software installed on their Mac machines. This is e clear indication of a tech-support scam. More specifically, this behavior is typical for tech support scams which attempt to trick the user into performing certain actions in order to solve an issue. In this case, the action is to renew an alleged security Norton software.

If you are tricked by the pop-up message and you click on its button, you would most certainly download a suspicious program, such as MacKeeper and CleanUp My Mac.

Threat Summary

Name"OSX Security Notification"
TypePUP/Rogue Application
Short DescriptionA scam message claiming that a non-existing software should be update for the system to stay protected.
SymptomsA nagging pop-up that says “OSX Security Notification: Your Norton security software expired today. Renew now to protect your computer from malwares, viruses, and computer hackers.”
Distribution MethodFreeware Installers, Suspicious Sites
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by "OSX Security Notification"


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss "OSX Security Notification".

Why Do I see the “Your Norton security software expired” Scam Message in Safari?

In most cases, tech support scams such as “OSX Security Notification” stem from various suspicious domains. Such a domain could be We can’t say for sure what domain is spreading the “OSX Security Notification” scam, as there could be a number of such domains rotating the scam. It is also possible that the pop-up message is triggered by a potentially unwanted program (PUA), or a suspivious website you have recently visited.

It should be noted that even legitimate websites can be compromised to contain malicious code that cause redirects and triggers tech support scam messages and fake virus alerts.

NOTE. Did you know that pop-alerts such as “OSX Security Notification” are often promoting rogue security and system optimization programs? To make things more complicated, rogue programs may be triggering the pop-ups as well, meaning that another distribution channel spreading the scam is a rogue program.

If you have such a rogue product silently installed on your Mac, you have become a “victim” of the so-called bundling method. This method means that legitimate software is installed together with third-party utilities, usually classified as PUAs. The bundling of software is done for monetization purposes, and is mostly popular among developers of adware (ad-supported software).

In this relation, the PUA that may be causing the “OSX Security Notification” pop-up in Safari is most likely ad-supported as well. Adware, which can be anything from a browser add-on or extension to a PUA, compromises commonly used web browsers by tweaking their settings to display plenty of advertisements and collect user data.

To determine the cause of the “OSX Security Notification“, check out the last paragraph of this article for instructions and a possible solution.

Remove “OSX Security Notification” Scam Pop-Up

In order to remove “OSX Security Notification” a.k.a. “Your Norton security software expired” scam message and all files that are causing it to appear in your Safari browser, it is advisable to complete the steps described in the guide below the article. These steps provide both manual and automatic removal instructions that should be able to fix the issue for you.

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