OSX/Linker Virus on Mac (Malware) – How to Remove It

OSX/Linker Virus on Mac (Malware) – How to Remove It

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What is OSX/Linker Mac malware? How to remove OSX/Linker Mac virus from your computer? How to try and fix your Mac after OSX/Linker virus infection?

OSX/Linker Virus is a Mac infection, that is classified as malware in general, meaning that it could perform a wide range of malicious activities from all types of viruses on your Mac. OSX/Linker Virus is also dangerous because it can install other viruses on your Mac as well, making it even more compromised. It can steal files, tap onto your Mac and even steal your passwords and login names. Read this article to understand more about how OSX/Linker Virus works and how you can remove it effectively from your Mac.

Threat Summary

NameOSX/Linker Virus
TypeMalware for Mac OS
Short Description OSX/Linker Virus is malware in the wild that can perform a wide range of malicious activities once on your computer.
SymptomsDisk image files dropped in different Mac directories of .dmg, .iso or .cdr file extension.
Distribution MethodLikely spread by being automatically added to the computers of victims as a result of opening a virus link or downloading the image file. Uses a vulnerability to infect Macs.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by OSX/Linker Virus


Combo Cleaner

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OSX/Linker Virus – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

OSX/Linker malware aims to use a recently disclosed vulnerability of a ‘zero-day’ type for MacS devices. The vulnerability can be used to exploit Gatekeeper protection and bypass it. This weakness in GateKeeper was revealed back in May and it takes advantage of the protection and app-checking technology to creaft a fake signature so that the virus won’t be blocked.

OSX/Linker is not a virus that is often met. It can however be used in a massive campaign and if so, it can become a big threrat to MacOS devices. If you have started seeing OSX/Linker on your computer, then be advised that this threat is still a mystery and researchers believe that its attackers use it to test if they can succeed infecting Macs by dropping it in the wild. This makes OSX/Linker a threat that should be taken very seriously. Usually most of the samples that were uploaded in VirusTotal were brought there from both Israel (3 samples) and USA(1 sample) in a very short time, which could suggest that they were uploaded by the same person. As researchers believe, this person or group could be the same people behind the OSX/Surfbuyer aware.

Whatever the case of how OSX/Linker originate, it could perform the following unwanted activities once infected your computer:

  • Change the settings of your web browser.
  • Drop files.
  • Obtain permissions to freely access all aspects of your Mac.
  • Log the keystrokes you type.
  • Slow down your Mac with a lot of different advertisements.
  • Obtain your Mac’s System Information.
  • Change your browser settings to cause a lot of different types of advertisements and redirects on it.
  • Steal your saved passwords and login IDs.
  • Take control over your camera or microphone.

Either way, having this dangerous malware is a red flag, and you should focus on removing it as fast as possible from your Mac.

Remove OSX/Linker Virus from Your Mac

In order to remove OSX/Linker from your Mac, you should focus on following the steps blow to get rid of all the adware apps it may have installed on your Mac and remove its image files as well. If you are not confident in doing that, we strongly recommend that you use a professional cleaner software to take care of this virus for you. Such advanced malware cleanup tool is created specifically to detect threats like OSX/Linker virus and make sure that they are permanently gone and your Mac is virus-free in minutes time, so be sure to check it out.


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