Remove SectopRAT Trojan From Your Computer

Remove SectopRAT Trojan From Your Computer

SectopRAT Trojan imageWhat is SectopRAT? How to remove SectopRAT Trojan from your PC or Mac?

The SectopRAT Trojan is a dangerous malware threat for Microsoft Windows computers. It can be acquired from various sources, every attack campaign can focus on one specific tactic. What we know for sure is that the current attack campaigns focus on using distinct infection techniques depending on the target operating system.

This particular threat is known for being spread using a multitude of weaknesses. It is set against both end users and servers. After the infection has been made the SectopRAT Trojan can download other threats, launch multiple dangerous modules and install a cryptocurrency miner which will run a sequence of performance-demanding tasks.

Threat Summary

NameSectopRAT Trojan
TypeMalware, Trojan, Miner
Short DescriptionA dangerous malware which can launch a miner and start a Trojan module.
SymptomsThe victims may notice performance issues and can get infected with other malware.
Distribution MethodCommon distribution tactics and direct web attacks.
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SectopRAT Trojan — How Did I Get It

The SectopRAT Trojan is a malware which was first detected in November this year targeting end users around the world. This particular threat is probably being created by an experienced hacking group as the captured samples are signed by the Sectigo Certificate Authority. The files are displayed with an Adobe Flash icon which shows that the criminals have probably used advanced social engineering tactics in order to manipulate the victims into executing them.

Popular methods on which the hackers rely on include the creation of malware-infected documents that can be of all popular formats: spreadsheets, presentations, databases and text files. As soon as they are opened by the victims a window pop-up will be shown to the victims asking to enable the built-in code. When this is done the infection will commence.

Another popular method is to host hacker-made sites that aim to impersonate download portals, landing pages, web services and other common Internet pages. The hacking group can impersonate well-known sites and use stolen contents to manipulate the users into believing that they are accessing a safe and trustworthy domain.

These files can be distributed on file-sharing networks and socal networks as well. The criminals can use fake or hacked accounts and post the relevant files ether publicly or in private chats and messages. Larger infections can be caused by being carried by other malware — usually ransomware or dangerous browser extensions.

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SectopRAT Trojan — Capabilities

The security report giving details about the SectopRAT Trojan shows that a very complex behavior pattern is started following the infection. The Trojan files which are placed on the relevant computers will have random names in order not to provoke any suspicion. The virus files have both read and write attributes and use a special algorithm in order to hide themselves from any security software.

Most of the popular Trojan files will search for processes and files related to programs and services that may interrupt the normal execution of the malware. This includes the likes of anti-virus programs, firewalls, sandbox environments and etc.

The standard Trojan operations will begin by launching a connection to a hacker-controlled server allowing the criminal controllers to take over control of the devices. This is also used to spy on the victim users and steal their files.

The analysis shows that the Trojan is able to interact with both the system and the installed programs. A list of the common modules are the following:

  • Applications Interaction — The Trojan has been found to interact with web browsers including the popular ones including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. They can be launched and reconfigured.
  • Machine Information — The main engine is capable of harvesting data that can be used to identify the users. Personal information can be used for other crimes such as identity theft and financial abuse.
  • System Configuration Changes — Apart from the reconfiguration of the web browsers the Trojan can also be programmed to commit dangerous actions against the system as well. This will depend on the individual hacker instructions or local conditions.

How to Remove SectopRAT Trojan

In order to fully remove SectopRAT from your computer system, we recommend that you follow the removal instructions underneath this article. If the first two manual removal steps do not seem to work and you still see SectopRAT or programs, related to it, we suggest what most security experts advise – to download and run a scan of your computer with a reputable anti-malware program. Downloading this software will not only save you some time, but will remove all of SectopRAT files and programs related to it and will protect your computer against such intrusive apps and malware in the future.


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