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Should You Remove File Opener Pro?

File Opener Pro does offer some useful features such as enabling you to open Microsoft files easily and quickly. Malware experts, however, still have reasons to categorize it as a PUP (a potentially unwanted program).

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What Does File Opener Pro Do?

File Opener Pro is compatible with the most commonly used browsers – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It is a useful browser add-on allowing you to easily open the following files:internet-safety

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Adobe PDF documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Audio and music files
  • Video and picture files
  • Text and binary files

It claims to save you money as it is “100% free, well-known and quality software avoiding the cost of expensive software alternatives.

Why Is File Opener Pro Considered a PUP?

According to its Privacy Policy, however, by using File Opener Pro, you agree the following information to be gathered from you:

  • The type of browser you are using
  • Internet connection
  • Computer OS
  • IP Address
  • Browsing habits

Once installed, File Opener Pro may alter your browsing settings and default home page. In addition, it may sometimes redirect you to third-party sponsored webpages without your permission. These pages may be infected and this way you put your system at risk. Considering the above, the browser add-on is categorized as a PUP.

How Does File Opener Pro Enter Your PC?

You can manually download File Opener Pro from its official website. However, it is often bundled with freeware users download from the Web. The bundling method is completely legal, and it’s a popular way of distributing various PUPs and even malware. Therefore, it’s best to always disallow the bundling option during the installation process. Also, make sure to disable any options and features you know nothing about, and aim for custom installation instead. This way, you will protect your system from unwanted applications and even viruses.

What to Do If You Already Have File Opener Pro Installed?

Our experts consider some of File Opener Pro’s features a bit intrusive, although File Opener Pro is not malicious by its nature. If it does not annoy you, and if you find its features beneficial to you, then you can sure keep it.
We, however, recommend its removal. If you decide to remove it, however, make sure you either carefully follow the manual instructions below or use a legitimate anti-virus tool that would clean the system for you.

Spy Hunter FREE scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the malware tool.

1. Restore the settings in your browser
2. Remove File Opener Pro automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.
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