Which Are The Most Secure Smartphones in 2018

Which Are The Most Secure Smartphones in 2018

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Blackphone 2
See Review
PrivatOSAES-256 Visit Site
2 $399
DTEK OSAES-256 Visit Site
Samsung S9
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Android 8.0AES-256 Visit Site
Sirin Solarin
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Android 5.1 (Custom)AES-256 Visit Site
Google Pixel 2
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Android 8.0AES-256 Visit Site
K iPhone
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iOSAES-256 Visit Site
Turing Phone
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Sailfish OSAES-256 Visit Site
Boeing Black
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Android (custom)AES-256 Visit Site
UnaPhone Zenith
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UnaOS™AES-256 Visit Site
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Android (Custom)AES-256 Visit Site

Which Is the Most Secure Smartphone You Can Buy?

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The smartphone has become so important for our daily lives that we cannot imagine our life without it. When we talk about secure and private smartphones, the subject always depends. This is primarily because of the changes in 21st century regarding the Internet’s freedom and privacy. Ever since the introduction of the Rule 41 has been passed by the US congress, the smartphone security has become a very interesting subject to discuss. And in the same time, we have malware which is also quite the subject to mess with, because of the variety of malware that Is out there. So when we begin to discuss smartphones, we should point out several areas that you will need to focus on when trying to use a smartphone for security purposes:

  • What are you going to use the smartphone for?
  • Are you going to use a SIM card or are you only going to use the smartphone for internet connections?
  • Are the services that you will be using going to request information from you?
  • Do you believe in biometric security and is It important for you?
  • Is your smartphone usage going to focus on privacy or malware security more?

And when it comes to the changing and volatile times that we live in, secure behaviour is not restricted to one device only, but comes down to what type of security system are you focused on building for yourself or your enterprise. If you are aiming at a security system that is solely focused on protecting your computer against data thiefs and hackers, then a you should focus more on the entire network that you are running to be developed in a secure manner.

What Types of Malware and Privacy Threats Exist?

In these troubled times, each segment of our data is saved online and most of all our personal information, financial data as well as other important information, including paying with our smartphone has become a target for the cyber-criminals. This has created a whole new type of cyber-threats that are related to this. The malware and privacy dangers that exist out there vary from financial theft viruses to spyware that can even enable your microphone to listen in. In addition to this, ransomware viruses are still continuing to spread with even more alarming rates in 2018, and they hve begun to shift to Android devices. Financial theft malware has also evolved and can now steal your cryptocurrency wallet if it’s stored on your PC. In addition to this, there are the ever-existing types of dangers, like the scammers and the phishing attacks which are conducted by the millions each day and can quickly steal your data if you are not careful.

How to Choose a Secure Smartphone for Your Situation?

There are different smartphones that are secured in a different manner. Some smarthones are more privacy-oriented, while there are other devices that rely more on using encryption and secure boot to secure you against prying eyesand malware. There are also different devices that offer various features for the prices they are offered on, but keep in mind that good prices do not always mean that the device is as secure as the ones that are more expensive. At the end it all leads to you – the user of the phone and your security requirements. So, let’s begin with our countdown of the top 10 most secure phones that you can buy.

To see a review of the phone you are interested in, click or tap on its name underneath.
Blackphone 2 by SilentCircle
BlackBerry DTEK60
Samsung Galaxy S9
Sirin Labs' Sirin Solaring Smartphone
Google Pixel 2
iPhone 8 And The K iPhone
Turing Phone
Boeing Black
UnaOS UnaPhone Zenith
HTC A9 by D4

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  1. Avatartom Slick

    Is Blackphone still in business?
    Amazon – sells them – a customer comment claims it is no longer in business. Can’t verify it on Google.

    1. AvatarVencislav Krustev (Post author)

      The company is called Silent Circle. You can find their site here, Tom Slick:


  2. AvatarAJ

    Did the UnaOs phone ever actually become available?

    1. AvatarVencislav Krustev

      Hello Aj.

      More information about the Unaphone Zenith and UnaOS can be found in:


      As far as I know, i cannot find it anywhere for sale.

      1. AvatarAJ

        Thanks! Yeah, I had found the site… but no ways to purchase.

  3. AvatarVencislav Krustev (Post author)

    Yeah, I checked up on that thoroughly and it seems that the UnaOS phone is still a crowdfunding project. You can back it here:


  4. AvatarKim Domino Evers

    Hvor er Sailfish henne af i testen? Et styresystem bygget på Debian Linux…

    Har selv kørt Sailfish siden den allerførste Jolla, der ramte markedet i 2013.

    Jeg vil til hver en tid påstå at den er mere sikker endnu nogen af de telefoner på den liste, samtidigt skruer de snart endnu mere op for sikkerheden med den nye Sailfish OS 3


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