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Bing vs Google 2016: Win10’s Search Engine Up with 21 percent

BingThe thought that Google is the one and only search engine leader is somehow scary. Even though people seem to get more alert on the topic of (data, online, personal) privacy, corporations such as Google are still going to rule our world. How should we react to the news that Microsoft’s Bing is pretty much the only competitor Google has? A rhetorical question nonetheless.

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Windows 10 the Biggest Contributor to Bing’s Rise in Popularity

So, latest statistical information reveals that Bing is getting much closer to Google with a quickly growing number of users. According to Redmond’s Q2 FY2016 financial report, Windows 10 is the major factor that has contributed to the increase of Bing. Bing search advertising revenues, traffic acquisition aside, advanced with 21%.

As you probably know, Bing is Win10 and Edge’s default search engine, being available on both PCs and smartphones.

What has Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, said about the report?

With search, the clearest indicator of our progress is US search share, where Bing now exceeds 21%. Nearly 30% of our search revenue in December came from Windows 10 devices, partly as a result of user engagement with Cortana. We are seeing increased search engagement and monetization on Windows 10 over previous versions.

2016 appears to be a winning one for Microsoft’s Bing. The growth in popularity is expected to grow steadily within the upcoming months. The search engine could easily reach a 30% share.

Will Bing overcome Google? Well, does it really matter?

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