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CryptoWall and Fake Tech Support Scams Hit UK, USA

ransomware-file-encryptionIf you haven’t heard – we’re in the midst of a ransomware tsunami. However, disasters often come in pairs. The vicious ransomware attacks are triggered by a strong current of fake tech-support scams. The double threat is currently sweeping away victims in North America and the United Kingdom.

A Scam Website Redirects to the Nuclear EK

Symantec researchers have detected a generic tech support scam mostly affecting users in the US, UK and Canada. As expected, the scam triggers the display of intrusive pop-up windows falsely alarming users about viruses in their systems. The pop-ups redirect to scamming pages containing toll-free numbers.

One particular scam page includes an iframe which will redirect the victim to a server hosting the Nuclear exploit kit. We’ve recently reported that CryptoWall 4.0 is currently spread via Nuclear EK. This is what Symantec experts say:

We’ve recently seen many instances where attackers serve tech support scams and the Nuclear exploit kit almost simultaneously.

CVE-2015-7645 Exploited

If the target is misfortunate enough to be using outdated software prone to exploits, they are in deep trouble. Either CryptoWall (Trojan.CryptoWall) or an information-stealing Trojan (Trojan.Miuref.B) will enter their system.

The vulnerability mostly exploited in the attack scenario is identified to be CVE-2015-7645, or Adobe Flash Player Unspecified Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. However, other security flaws are also leveraged.

Learn More about Exploitation of Software Vulnerabilities:
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Researchers warn that if the attack scenario proves successful, we’re going to witness another strong current of ransomware and scareware working together.

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