DriverUpdate Unwanted Program – How to Remove It from Windows

DriverUpdate Unwanted Program – How to Remove It from Windows

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This article has been created in order to help you by showing you what is DriverUpdate unwanted program and how you can remove it from your computer effectively.

DriverUpdate seems to be a useful tool that claims it can help you find the latest updates for your drivers and download and install them automatically. But in reality, this software does more than that. It is believed to be one of those rogue programs that nog only asks you to purchase it’s full version, but also it may download more utilities and other tools plus it may fill up your PC with various advertisements and undesired scans with detections. If you have DriverUpdate and want to remove it from your computer, we suggest that you read this article thoroughly.

Image Source: PCMag

Threat Summary

TypeRogue Software / PUP
Short DescriptionDisplays automated scans for drivers and pretends that your drivers are outdated so that you can buy it’s full version.
SymptomsYour computer may start to experience slowdowns in performance and you may begin to see different ads on your web browsers.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by DriverUpdate


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss DriverUpdate.

DriverUpdate – How Did I Get It

Similar to other suspicious programs of it’s type, Driver Update may be slithered onto your computer as a result of being bundled to the installer of a third-party app. Some websites who offer free software often change the setups of those programs as a form of aggressively pushing apps, like Driver Update on victim computers. The setups may include an installation step to add Driver Update as a free extra to your current installation but often these steps tend to be well-hidden within the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation options. The installation step may appear like the image underneath shows:

DriverUpdate – More Information

As soon as the DriverUpdate software is installed on your PC, the program may run an automated scan and display results, stating that your drivers are outdated:

Image Source: PCMag

According to reputable sources, the DriverUpdate program is not a virus and is definitely not dangerous for your computer. The software is capable of detecting outdated drivers and even color codes them in order to show you which drivers are essential for installation. The bad news here is that DriverUpdate wants you to pay to update the drivers automatically. And while PCMag(,2817,2390852,00.asp) and other reputable sources claim this program is useful, some users have detected misleading practices in it’s activity:

Thomas Westfall • 6 months ago
I got involved with Slimware Utilities update almost exclusively because it was reviewed well by PC Mag. It was a bad experience. You pay for the product and they load it with the warnings that they may have to access a lot of information. However, once you are loading a tech begins to tell you that you once they locate issues they may have to have a “tech” work on the problem, which means you are buying a program that will locate issues so that you can pay more to solve the issues. I was just looking for driver updates on Windows 7. When it became clear that this was not what it purported to be, I told the tech I was not going further and was not going to provide the kind of personal information they were asking and wanted to stop the sale. Well, I got a nice note saying sorry we will miss you, but they charged my Paypal account anyhow. So I paid $30 to have a short conversation with someone who wanted to sell me more products. We all know when to stop and back away from something and I did, but nevertheless I have nothing and was charged for full amount for a 12 month subscription which they collect immediately even though you are charged by the month. Since they were telling me good bye, sorry you are leaving in the half hour once would think that 12 months did not expire. If you advertise a product, by the month, then collect the whole year’s amount and keep it when the customer cancels it while it is in progress of loading. Slimware has some issues with being honest with the people who tries to use them. I am disappointed and disappointed that they have the endorsement of PC mag.

From what we see here from one unsatisfied user is that instead of helping him update his drivers, the program asked him to pay $30 to contact a tech support team that advertised more products from the same publisher – Slimware Utilities.

Another user was extremely frustrated that a pop-up on his compter asking to download a driver update, because his Windows drivers are outdated appeared on his browser. Technically it is impossible for a browser pop-up to advertise this software and this is why the user has written the following comment:

Ever met an SP? • a year ago
I found this review after seeing this software advertised via a pop-up that said, complete with generated alert box that required my action to cancel it, “Warning, driver update required! Click here to download.” Now I know my way around a computer, so I could immediately tell that this advert was a lie. It’s technically impossible for a web advert to tell whether my computer actually does have any out-of-date drivers on it, so by asserting that it knew my computer did, the ad was lying.

But I found this review and read that this is nevertheless apparently a legitimate piece of software. That’s all well and good, but if the software really is legitimate and useful, why can’t it convince its potential customers to buy it without lying to them?

More importantly for our current purposes, though, why is this website handing out recommendations to pieces of software that are advertised by means of lies, without even mentioning that in the review? I’m sorry to say that this severely undermines the credibility of this website.

In addition to this, users have also reported multiple different types of advertisements that were related to this program, such as:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Browser redirects.
  • Online search results that were ad-supported.
  • Changed home pages and new tab pages.
  • Taken over banner spaces on the websites you visit.

So the bottom line is that it is not strongly recommended to use DriverUpdate, partially because the program comes standard with a lot of hidden “features” that may make your computer more sluggish than updated and more to it than that, it is always recommended to update your drivers manually, mainly because these types of programs may sometimes install drivers that may make your PC more unstable than before. And not only this, but DriverUpdate is also the type of software that displays third-party ads to websites which you cannot possible know if they are risky for you or legitimate. This is the main reason why it is strongly recommended to remove this potentially unwanted program from your computer.

Remove DriverUpdate Completely

If you feel convinced that you should remove the DriverUpdate program from your system, it is strongly reccomended to follow the removal instructions underneath this article. If the manual removal instructions do not work for the DriverUpdate PUP, we would suggest that you remove this rogue sofware automtaically. According to security experts, the best way of doing that is by using a powerful anti-malware software, that is capable of removing those PUPs and rogue programs, like DriverUpdate.


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