Emotet Virus (Mac) – How to Remove It (Illustrated Steps)

Emotet Virus (Mac) – How to Remove It

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What exactly is the Emotet virus? How Emotet virus enters your Mac? What to do if your Mac is infected with Emotet malware?

Emotet virus is the name of a Mac malware infection that is particularly dangerous and affects computers in multiple different ways. The malware aims to devastate sensitive information on your Mac and stop your activity, but the most harm it can do is steal your financial data and saved passwrods. It has also been the reason of many different reports over the web. Read this article to understand more about how Emotet malware works and what are the consequences of it.

Threat Summary

NameEmotet virus
TypeMalware for Mac OS
Short DescriptionAdvanced malware infection with Trojan and infostealer components in it for Mac.
SymptomsLittle or no symptoms besides apps stopping all of a sudden.
Distribution MethodVia malspam of virus documents or by having the virus file downloaded from the web.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Emotet virus


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Emotet Virus on Mac – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

Just like its Windows counterpart, the Emotet malware can be spread on Macs via its main method of distribution. This method is sending victims e-mails that contain the Emotet infection file added as an e-mail attachment. One e-mail used to infect with Emotet has been detected carrying a malicious .doc file that infects victims via Macros:

Once the user downloads and runs the .doc file, a pop-up asking to enable content shows up on the top bar. Once the user clicks on it, infection with Emotet is inevitable:

Once the content is enabled, Emoted downloads the malware files themselves and creates objects that auto start and inject the virus on the infected Macintosh. From there, the virus begins to connect to a control server, that begins to send instructions to the virus. Then, the virus may use differet types of methdos to propagate onto different areas of the infected Mac, such as:

  • Web Browsers.
  • Credential enumerators via SMB exploits.
  • E-Mail software, like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

The main consequences of having Emotet malware on your Mac are the following:

  • Emotet can permenantly delete files and important information from your Mac.
  • Emotet can stop operations that are active on your Mac.
  • The virus can steal financial data and destroy such, resulting in huge financial loss.
  • Emotet can bring harm to your company reputation.

Remove Emotet Malware from Your Mac

In order to delete Emotet malware effectively from your Mac, we strongly urge you to follow the removal instructions below. They contain the necessary steps that are needed to fully erase this nasty malware from your Mac. Not only this, but if you want a full and permanent removal of Emotet virus files and objects, the use of an advanced Mac malware cleaner is strongly reccomended. Such software will run a scan of your Mac and detect and remove all Emotet virus files and objects.


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