Is utcservice.exe Process Dangerous? utcservice.exe Errors

Is utcservice.exe Process Dangerous? utcservice.exe Errors

Several users have reported that utcservice.exe is running in their task managers. The users’ concerns are rooted back to the fact that the process appears unknown and unrelated to any applications they have installed. utcservice.exe is described as an essential composition file of TouchUtility. However, it is quite possible that a type of malicious software has targeted and altered the executable file.

Download a System Scanner, to See If Your System Has Been Affected By utcservice.exe Error.

N.B. Malware may typically target .exe files associated with the present anti-malware solutions so that they are blocked. PC risk

utcservice.exe File Specifications

As already mentioned, utcservice.exe belongs to TouchUtility Manual Right Click and is developed by the TouchUtility company. If, however, the computer has been compromised by a type of malware, the executable file may have been damaged. As a result, the user may start witnessing pop-up windows informing him that TouchUtility Manual Right Click has a failure in operation. A damaged utcservice.exe may also be caused by too many accumulated junk files or a huge amount of cache files.

Here is a short list of possible errors related to the malfunction of utcservice.exe, as reported by researchers at FixFilesNow:

  • Problem in loading utcservice.exe.
  • Unable to launch the software located at path: utcservice.exe.
  • utcservice.exe cannot be located.
  • Access Violation File utcservice.exe.
  • X program cannot start because utcservice.exe is missing from the system.
  • Runtime Error.

How Can I Be Certain utcservice.exe Is Not Malware-Related?

One way to make sure that the executable file is clean and is not accumulated by malicious software is to check its size. The original file size for utcservice.exe should be 53 KB. If the file size is different, it is quite likely the system has been compromised by malware that has employed the executable file. Other .exe files may also be endangered by cyber threats.

To be completely sure that the system is malware-free, running a full system scan is advisory.

Similar .exe files: Uninstall.exe and Rcpnet.exe.

NOTE! Substantial notification about the utcservice.exe Errorthreat: Manual removal of utcservice.exe Error requires interference with system files and registries. Thus, it can cause damage to your PC. Even if your computer skills are not at a professional level, don’t worry. You can do the removal yourself just in 5 minutes, using a malware removal tool.

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  1. Nicklas

    Jeg har en utcsvc i min task manager, går jeg til filplacering kommer jeg til filplacering kommer jeg til en fil der hedder svchost i windows -> system32.
    Den fylder 38 Kb, er der grund til bekymring ?

    1. Nicklas

      I have utcsvs running in my taskmanager. When I go to the file destination, I get to a file called svchost, in the windows -> system32 folder.
      It is 38 KB, is that any reason to worry ?

      1. armn

        same here.

  2. Someone someone

    No, Nicklas, you’re fine if svchost, is in system32 folder. That’
    where the real, Microsoft one should be located. Fake ones, with the
    exact same name, will likely be located in Windows folder.


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