Remove "Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple" Scam - Update March 2020

“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” (Mac) – How to Remove It

Are you trying to remove “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”? What you are dealing with is an intrusive redirect virus, and we will provide the necessary information to get rid of it in this article.

“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”

“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” is a redirect screen that blocks you out of your Mac and claims that your computer and data have been compromised. “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” can also infect iPhones. Its main goal is to call a fake tech support number. There, you will likely encounter scammers disguised as Apple support, whose main goal is to ask you to pay a lot of money just to fix your Mac. If you have fallen victim to “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”, be warned that it is a scam, in fact. However, you should also know that it could bring viruses to your Mac or it could be appearing on your browser because of the presence of such on your Mac. Read this article to learn more about “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” plus see steps on how to remove it entirely.

Threat Summary

NamePornographic Virus Alert from Apple
TypeTech Support Scam / PUP for MacOS and iOS
Short Description“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” is a tech support scam likely introduced on your browser because of an unwanted program installed on your Mac/iPhone.
SymptomsA redirect to an annoying web page that locks your browser and keeps downloading a file, called “This is VIRUS. Your computer is blocked”.
Distribution MethodLikely spread by being automatically added to the computers of victims as a result of opening a virus link or downloading the image file. Uses a vulnerability to infect Macs.
Removal Guide for iPhoneiPhone Virus – How to Remove It
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple.

“Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” – How Did I Get It? What Is Its Impact?

The main method via which the “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” could infect your computer is likely that you may have received it via adware or browser hijacker that Is currently installed on your Mac. Such potentially unwanted applications or PUA may be spread onto your Mac via a variety of methods. One of those methods is likely to add them by thinking they are legitimate apps aiming to help with your browser or something else with your Mac. Another way that such PUAs end up on your computer is likely via being added as extras or optional offers to the installers of other free apps you may have recently downloaded on your Mac. They are not easily detected since they often hide themselves in the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation modes of the free app you are trying to install.

Either way, when the “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” – causing program is on your computer it may begin to perform the following actions:

  • Change the settings of your web browser.
  • Drop files.
  • Obtain permissions to freely access all aspects of your Mac.
  • Slow down your Mac with a lot of different advertisements.
  • Obtain your Mac’s System Information.
  • Change your browser settings to cause a lot of different types of advertisements and redirects on it.

One of the redirects to which this app leads you to is “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple”, that looks like the following:

The page also displays a pop-up that contains the following text:

This computer is BLOCKED
Do not close this window and restart your computer
Your computer’s registration key is Blocked.
Why we blocked your computer?
The mac’s registration key is illegal.
This mac is using pirated software.
This mac is sending virus over the internet.
This mac is hacked or used from undefined location.
We block this computer for your security.
Contact apple helpline to reactivate your computer.

Apple Support Alert
Your System Detected Some unusual Activity
It might harm your computer data and track your financial activities.
Please report this activity to +86672265620

According to recent reports, this page keeps downloading the same file over and over again. It is a “TextEdit” file that is called “This is a VIRUS.Your computer is blocked“. It looks like the following on your Mac:

This endless download seems to block you out of your Mac calling the tech support numbers provided in it seems to be your only option. Do not do that, because you are calling scammers and their main goal is to ask you to pay them hundreds of dollars to fix your problem. The main angle the scammers use against users is the possible idea that the scam could be to falsely accuse users and hopefully scare them off into calling the tech support number. The scam may be associated with many different numbers as it is part of a large-scale tech support scheme. Among the fake tech support numbers associated with this Mac/iPhone scam are +1-855-550-6155 and +8667265620. And bear in mind that there are a lot of scams, just like it out there with the only difference being that they tend to spread via multiple different types of ways, like via e-mail, unwanted software that shows ads on your computer, but pretends to be a legitimate program or a browser extension.

Protection Tip! Always look at the domains that are associated with alert messages that appear in your browser to tell you that you need to contact Apple support. The official Apple Support domain is Any other variants different than this should be treated with caution. If you happen to see a suspicious browser notification again, please feel free to visit SensorsTechForum and use our online chat form to tell us more about the problem. We will send you a reply with all the precaution measures you should take to protect your Mac.

Not only this, but the simple call to them could cost you a lot of money since these numbers are generally not toll-free as they claim. Instead, we recommend that you read the steps below to get rid of this annoying Mac adware and stop the “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” once and for all.

Remove “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” from Your Mac

The “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” can be removed if you shut down the currently open browser causing your downloads from its hotkeys. Then, to completely remove it, we strongly recommend that you follow the step-by-step removal guide below, if you know the app that is causing these redirections and ads. If you struggle to find this app and want a full and effective removal, then the fastest method to go for according to experts is to use an advanced malware removal program. Such professional cleaner software is designed to quickly detect and remove all viruses and unwanted files from your Mac to clean it from them safely and permanently. After doing the removal, you can reset your web browser and you should have removed “Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple” completely.


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