.ragnar_ Virus File (RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware) - Remove It

.ragnar_ Virus File (RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware) – Remove It

.ragnar_ file extension is placed on all of your files? .ragnar_ Virus File is also known as RAGNAR_LOCKER ransomware which locks files on a computer and demands money to be paid as a ransom for unlocking them.


RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware (.ragnar_ Virus File)

RAGNAR_LOCKER or otherwise known as .ragnar_ Virus File is a ransomware type virus. It encrypts files by appending the .ragnar_ extension to them, making them inaccessible. All encrypted files will receive the new extension as a secondary one. The RAGNAR_LOCKER ransomware drops a ransom note, which gives instructions to victims on how they can allegedly restore their data by paying a ransom fee.

RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware Virus

RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware will encrypt all types of files such as audio, video, pictures, backups, banking data and other personal user files found on a compromised computer system.

Threat Summary

File Extension.ragnar_
Type Ransomware, Cryptovirus
Short DescriptionThe ransomware encrypts files on your computer system and demands a ransom to be paid to allegedly recover them.
SymptomsThe RAGNAR_LOCKER ransomware will encrypt your files by appending the .ragnar_ extension to them, along with a unique identification number placing the new .ragnar_ extension as a secondary.
Ransom Demanding NoteRGNR_44027CDE.txt
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by RAGNAR_LOCKER


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss RAGNAR_LOCKER.

February 2020 Update — RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware Campaign Against Remote Desktop Tools in Enterprise

Ever since the first widespread attacks of the Ragnar Locker virus back in December 2019 computer hackers have used it against all kinds of users. A new campaign has been detected this month using a new strategy. At the moment it is not known whether or not the ransomware is being spread by the same hacking group. Before the actual campaign is launched the criminals will perform several reconnaissance operations in order to investigate how best to approach the targeted network.

According to the available information the main engine will first attempt to find a weakness in the network and/or the target computers. The task at this point is to steal a file and then upload it to the hacker-controlled servers. Then they will be blackmailed into paying a ransom sum in order not to release the file to the public. The next step will be to run the actual ransomware component against the rest of the accessible hard drives.

During RAGNAR_LOCKER Ransomware’s operation the security analysis reveals that the main engine will acquire the list of running processes stop some of the active programs and service according to a “string match” list. Here is the list of items that the engine will look for:

vss, sql, memtas, mepocs, sophos, veeam, backup, pulseway, logme, logmein, connectwise, splashtop and kaseya

These processes refer to several categories of software which are commonly installed on enterprise and business computers:

  • Servers — Some of the processes refer to database servers which host sensitive data used by the company and/or web applications.
  • Backup Software — Installed backup software solutions which are configured to perform daily activity can be blocked.
  • VPN and Remote Desktop Software — They are used to remote control the hosts.

It appears that the current version of the ransomware specifically targets remote management services which are used by managed service providers (MSPs). This means that the ongoing February 2020 attack is set against companies and larger networks. Before encryption the internal engine will perform a region check — if the Windows language preferences correspond to countries that are from the former USSR countries the virus will be terminated. During the actual encryption it will also skip files, folders and extensions that have these strings in their names:

Tor browser
Internet Explorer
Opera Software
Mozilla Firefox
All Users

A distinct personal ID will also be placed in the processed files before the end extension. This means that an algorithm will generate it by acquiring information about the installed hardware parts.

.ragnar_ Virus File – How Did It Infect My PC and What Happened?

.ragnar_ Virus File might spread its infection via a payload dropper, which initiates the malicious script for this ransomware. The virus might also distribute its payload file on social media and file-sharing services. Freeware which is found on the Web can be presented as helpful also be hiding the malicious script for the cryptovirus. Read the tips for ransomware prevention from our forum.

Also known as the .ragnar_ Virus File is ransomware that encrypts your files and shows ransomware instructions inside a ransom note called RGNR_44027CDE.txt (where the symbols depend on the compromised machine):


Beside the instructions you can see in the above image, there is a note that states the following:

lf you reading this message, then your network was PENETRATED and all of your files and data has been ENCRYPTED
**********What happens with your system ?**********
Your network was penetrated, all your files and backups was locked! So from now there is NO ONE CAN HELP YOU to get your files back, EXCEPT US,
You can google it, there is no CHANCES to decrypt data without our SECRET KEY.
But don’t worry ! Your files are NOT DAMAGED or LOST, they are just MODIFIED, You can get it BACK as soon as you PAY,
We are looking only for MONEY, so there is no interest for us to steel or delete your information, it’s just a BUSINESS $-)
HOWEVER you can damage your DATA by yourself if you try to DECRYPT by any other software, without OUR SPECIFIC ENCRYPTION KEY !!!
Also, all of your sensitive and private information were gathered and if you decide NOT to pay,
we will upload it for public view !
**********How to get back your files ?**********
To decrypt all your files and data you have to pay for the encryption KEY :
BTC wallet for payment: 1EGEjJTQYPHLjluovPKKRXzMpPCcpAcVuiUl
Amount to pay (in Bitcoin): 60
**********How much time you have to pay?**********
+ You should get in contact with us within 2 days after you noticed the encryption to get a better price,
+ The price would be increased by 100% (double price) after 14 Days if there is no contact made.
+ The key would be completely erased in 21 day if there is no contact made or no deal made,
Some sensetive information stolen from the file servers would be uploaded in public or to re-seller,
********** What if files can’t be restored ?**********
To prove that we really can decrypt your data, we will decrypt one of your locked files !
Just send it to us and you will get it back FOR FREE,
The price for the decryptor is based on the network size, number of employees, annual revenue,
Please feel free to contact us for amount of BTC that should be paid,
IF you don’t know how to get bitcoins, we will give you advise how to exchange the money,
1) Go to the official website of TOX messenger ( https://tox.chat/download.html }
2) Download and install qgTOX on your PC, choose the platform ( Windows, OS X, Linux, etc, )
3) Open messenger, click “New Profile” and create profile.
4) Click “Add friends” button and search our contact 7D509C5BB14B1B8CBOA3338EEA9707AD31075868CB9515B17C 4COECGA0CCCA750CA81606900D
5) For identification, send to our support data from —RAGNAR SECRET—
IMPORTANT ! IF for some reasons you CAN’T CONTACT us in qTOX, here is our reserve mailbox ( hello_psecu@protonmail.com ) send a message with a data from —RAGNAR SECRET—
-Do not try to decrypt files with any third-party software (it will be damaged permanently)
-Do not reinstall your OS, this can lead to complete data loss and files cannot be decrypted, NEVER!
-Your SECRET KEY for decryption is on our server, but it will not be stored forever, DO NOT WASTE TIME !



You should NOT under any circumstances pay any ransom sum.

The extortionists want you to pay a ransom for the alleged restoration of your files, same as with a lot of ransomware viruses. .ragnar_ Virus File ransomware could make entries in the Windows Registry to achieve persistence, and could launch or repress processes in a Windows system. All encrypted will receive the .ragnar_44027CDE extension while the symbols after the lower dash are randomly generated ones. That extension will be placed as a secondary one to each file and look something like .ragnar_. Audio, video, image files as well as documents, backups and banking data can be encrypted by the ransomware.

The .ragnar_ Virus File could be set to erase all the Shadow Volume Copies from the Windows operating system with the help of the following command:

→vssadmin.exe delete shadows /all /Quiet

If your computer device was infected with this ransomware and your files are locked, read on through to find out how you could potentially restore your files back to normal.

Remove .ragnar_ Virus File

If your computer got infected with the .ragnar_ Virus File, you should have a bit of experience in removing malware. You should get rid of this ransomware as quickly as possible before it can have the chance to spread further and infect other computers. You should remove the ransomware and follow the step-by-step instructions guide provided below.

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