How to Remove DataQuest Adware (Mac Virus Removal)

How to Remove DataQuest Adware (Mac Virus Removal)

DataQuest adware mac removal guide

An app called DataQuest is a potentially unwanted program that gets installed on Mac operating systems without users’ knowledge. This issue occurs with the help of shady methods that trick users into installing it unwittingly on their Macs.


DataQuest is a potentially unwanted program that acts like an adware. Undesired programs like DataQuest are famous for their ability to alter browser settings, push annoying ads and harvest data. So, as long as this program has access to your installed browsers, it will be presenting annoying ads on almost all websites you visit. It is recommendable that you avoid visiting sponsored results generated by DataQuest adware. Since the main goal of this app is to trick you to click ads, it can be delivering various misleading ads related to hacked websites. Some of the promoted websites may attempt to lure users into installing additional undesired/rogue/harmful apps.

Keep up with our DataQuest adware removal guide and find out how to get rid of all potentially harmful files. The steps in this guide are applicable to all Mac operating system versions.

Threat Summary

NameDataQuest adware
TypeAdware, PUP
Short DescriptionA questionable application that hijacks web browsers installed on Mac. The app applies modifications without your knowledge.
SymptomsMain browser preferences may be altered. Browser slowdowns may occur due to increased number of online ads.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by DataQuest adware


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss DataQuest adware.

DataQuest Adware – Spreading Techniques and Impact

DataQuest is an adware designed for Mac OS. Like many other nasty adware apps that target Mac operating system (Search Pulse, Receiver Helper, and Navlibx, DataQuest gets installed with the help of various shady spread techniques like software bundles, software packages, scam websites, misleading ads, and so on. That’s why the app gets installed on Macs without the knowledge of their users.

One of the most common techniques used for the spread of DataQuest is the Fake Flash Player Update Pop-up. This scam pop-up has been pushed on various suspicious websites on the web.


The main purpose of this potentially unwanted program is to alter some main browser settings in order to become able to spy on your online activities and deliver ads related to your interests. All popular browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera may be compromised by the undesired app.

The program can also be set to modify your homepage, new tab page and default search engine by setting a Yahoo redirect virus or Bing redirect virus to appear, just like a browser hijacker. After the changes, the app becomes able to spy on all search queries, visited websites and clicks on ads.

By activating additional tracking technologies, the DataQuest may also collect:

  • Type of used browser
  • Operating system type
  • Internet protocol (IP) address
  • Geographic location
  • The domain name of current Internet service provider (ISP)

Once DataQuest collects the details, it connects to a remote server to transfer the data. Then the owners of this app become able to deliver sponsored content that matches your online interests. As a result, your affected web browser may be inundated with many annoying online ads. These ads may appear on almost all websites you visit. Beware that website owners do not know that sponsored content by DataQuest appears on their websites. Eventually, there is no guarantee that the promoted content is reliable and secure. For the sake of your online security, it is good to refrain from visiting promoted pages.

Why do some users call DataQuest a virus? Is it really dangerous for systems it affects? One thing that explains the origin of the term DataQuest virus is its unexpected appearance in Mac Applications lists. Since users have no memories of the installation process of this program they consider it a virus. The good news is that DataQuest is not a program that will damage personal files or essential system components. However, it still poses a certain danger to the overall security of the affected system. Its presence on your Mac may lead to serious issues that affect both system and personal data security. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, navigate to the removal instructions below and get rid of this undesired program.

How to Remove DataQuest Adware from Affected Browser and macOS

In order to remove DataQuest along with all entries it created on the system, you should complete several removal steps in a precise order. The guide below presents you manual and automatic removal approach. In order to fully get rid of files installed by undesired programs and strengthen macOS security, we recommend that you combine the steps. The manual DataQuest adware removal might be quite a complicated process that requires advanced computer skills. If you don’t feel comfortable with the manual steps, navigate to the automatic part of the guide.

In case you have further questions or need additional help with the removal process, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

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